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Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book !

At The Feather Place NYC we recently worked with the stylists at CR Fashion Book to help create this fashionable and artful editorial.  Venery Pheasant Tails, Silver Pheasant Tails, Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers and Goose Biots were used to create this artistic interpretation of the modern day woman who does it all!

Part Work by Day Mom, part Contemporary Snow White, she makes for a magical and magnetic vision of motherhood. – The Seven | CR Fashion Book

Make sure to check out the full spread at CR Fashion Book - The Seven.

Feathers by The Feather Place

tumblr_n7dpcaFbxb1rf4nooo5_1280 Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book

DIY Feather Ear Cuff

by Becca on August 15, 2014


flared-feather-ear-cuff-cover (1)


As summers rolls to an end, we hope you are spending plenty of time out enjoying the beautiful weather. Whether you’re rocking out at an outdoor concert or strolling through a festival or street market, today’s DIY Feather Ear Cuff project will add the right amount of  flare to your look. With these powerful natural feathers, the cuff is earthy, but still dramatic. Let’s get started!


Feather Materials 

Feather Green Circle  Ear Cuff Pattern (Download Here)

Feather Green Circle  Metal Ear Cuff Finding (we found ours HERE)

Feather Green Circle   Feathers (some good options would be PHEASANT, ROOSTER, and DUCK)

Feather Green Circle  Fabric Glue 

Feather Green Circle  Felt 

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue 

Feather Directions 

Step 1.  Print out the ear cuff pattern and cut it out from felt. Pick a felt color that will match your chosen feathers. On this cuff we have used a variety of natural-colored feathers. You can find links to the feathers we used in the Products Used section below. Any type or color of feather will work.

felt-cuff-3 (1)


Step 2. Begin to arrange the feathers along the edge of the felt piece. Leave about an inch of felt at the bottom for securing onto the metal finding. You could mark a line onto the felt to remind yourself or simply eyeball it.

felt-cuff-1 (2)


Step 3. Once your cuff is fully feathered, it can be attached to the metal finding. Wrap the excess felt around the finding and up and over to the feather bottoms. Hot glue the felt into place.


felt-cuff-2 (1)


Step 4.  Hook the cuff onto your ear! Wouldn’t this be the perfect accessory for an end summer music festival? This dramatic cuff will make a statement wherever you choose to rock it! 



For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog The Feather Girl! 

Burning Man MOOP ; Feathers Yay or Nay?

Dancer at Sunrise, 2013. Photo by Paulius Musteikis. So…What the heck is MOOP and how does it pertain to feathers at Burning Man?  

“MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally OF the land on which our event (Burning Man) takes place. So everything that wasn’t originally ON or OF the Black Rock Desert, no matter how small, is considered MOOP, and is to be removed as part of our Leave No Trace efforts.”

Year after year The Feather Place gets many requests for feathers that will be worn by revelers attending Burning Man. We usually tell our clients that feathers are not Burning Man friendly and explain the “Leave no Trace” efforts at Burning Man. This year has been no different except that we recently came across the Burning Man Official Blog  Feathers are MOOP, Right? Well, That Depends on YOU...  It was brought to our attention that feathers might be making a comeback at Burning Man keeping in mind that…

“…if you want to wear feathers, that’s fine … but make sure they’re attached in ways that won’t fail, and if you can’t then don’t wear them, because it’s on YOU if they become MOOP. (And that goes for anything you bring to Black Rock City.)”

So there you have it. Exciting feathered news! Be smart when it comes to your feathered frocks and make sure to keep them well maintained! The ban on feathers had been intended to address poorly made costumes that leave trails of feathers behind. Use good judgment and be careful about what you wear on the playa. Remember that certain Feather Boas are still a BIG FAT No No!  If you are planning to attend Burning Man we recommend checking out the websites  Survival Guide  for more information and to see a full list of do’s and don’ts .

Burning Man is from August 25 - September 1 … Burn responsibly :)

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack kicked off its 75th season this week in California with it’s 20th Annual Hat Contest! The contest featured categories like:

Best Racing Theme, Funniest/Most Outrageous, Most Glamorous, Best Flowers/All Others, and Best Fascinator — a wool, lace or feather alternative to a hat.

And the winners are :

Hat Contest Winner D Grand Prize 360

The Funniest/Most Outrageous category went to Belinda Berry. Berry wore an oversize wide-brimmed navy blue polka dot hat trimmed with ostrich feathers and matching dress themed “GO Navy”!

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Most Glamorous catagory went to Natalie Spaans with a stunning off-white hat dramatically trimmed with feathers and flowers trailing down her shoulders and back. Her dress featured a beaded bodice.

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

The Best Flowers category was won by fan favorite Lori Shelton. Lori Shelton’s large red feathered and flowered hat featured photos of the 18 hats she had entered in previous years.

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Best Fascinator went to Melissa Cheng who won first prize with a dramatic feathered fascinator she purchased in New York.

First place winner in each category received $300 and a $100 certificate to Studio Savvy in Rancho Santa Fe. Second-place winners receive $200 and third-place winners receive $100.


Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Check out some of our favorite Feather Fashions from the Ulyana Sergeenko Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Haute Couture Show is Paris this week. We especially love all of the subtle romantic touches of Ostrich Feather Trims and Boas.

Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Beautiful Neutral Grey tones and ombre’s with pops of Lemon Yellow feather details throughout the whole collection.

Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Get these collared looks for less with our Stenciled or Solid Black Ostrich Feather Shawl! Revamp your winter coat or just wrap it around your shoulders and your ready for a night out! We also have it in White for all of those blushing brides!!!

Feather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko CoutureFeather Trends : Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

Feather Centerpiece DIY for The Fourth of July!

by The Feather Place NYC on June 25, 2014


Fourth of July celebrations are great for bringing the family together; what better way to set the summer mood than with patriotic centerpieces?
We are excited to show you an easy feather centerpiece DIY that incorporates mason jars, flowers and feathers. This fun project is sure to brighten up your holiday festivities!

  • 3 Mason Jars
  • Spray Paint (red, white & blue)
  • Masking Tape
  • Star Shaped Stickers
  • Fresh Flowers (white)
  • Peacock Swords (red, white & blue)


flag-step-1STEP 1. Spray paint all three mason jars with an even coat of white paint.

flag-step-2STEP 2. Arrange star stickers onto one of the white jars. On the other two jars, add horizontal stripes of masking tape.

flag-step-3STEP 3. Spray paint the two striped jars red.

flag-step-4STEP 4. Spray paint the star jar blue. Allow paint to dry and then carefully remove stickers and masking tape.

flag-step-5STEP 5. Fill the jars with water and arrange big bunches of white flowers of your choice in each. Add some beautiful curled Peacock Swords for the perfect finishing touch. See Tips & Techniques on our website for feather-curling instructions.

flag-step-6STEP 6. Place the finished jars onto a picnic table; sit back, relax and soak up summer!

feather-birdcage-cover 2

Chantilly lace, a pretty face and a feather veil in her hair! Yes, bridal season is upon us and we can hardly think of a more beautiful wedding accessory than a few flowing feathers. The wispy & delicate nature of feathers set the tone for a perfectly pure, fresh bridal ensemble. Brides of all tastes, from modern fashionistas to classic connoisseurs, will find that today’s Feather Birdcage Veil is just the thing to top off their big day look.


French netting (about 25 inches) 

Needle & thread

Feathers, feather clips, silk flowers, other embellishments 

Hair comb

Here are a few


STEP 1.  Cut approximately 25 inches of french netting.


STEP 2. From the 25 inch length of netting, cut off the top corners.


STEP 3.  Sew all sides of the netting except the front, which will hang over the face.


STEP 4.  Cinch up the seam, tie off, and trim your thread.


STEP 5.  Using a whip stitch, attach the bunched netting to a hair comb.


STEP 6.  Add some feather embellishment to the comb of the veil. You can make your own and sew it on, or for an easy and interchangeable option, consider a feather clip like any of our already made feather accents and feather flowers.


Now all you need is a blushing bride! For the bride’s veil we’ve used light airy feathers in ivory or gentle pastel colors, but you could also use vibrant colors and more bold feathers for the bridesmaids

backgroundcoverbirdcage (1)

For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog! 

Carnaval San Francisco 2014

by Cristina on May 30, 2014


Carnaval San Francisco 2014

Photographer- Alex Mizuno

Carnaval San Francisco 2014-Photo by Claire Weissbluth 1

Carnaval San Francisco 2014 was just last weekend and let us tell you…It’s a feathery hit year after year! Hundreds of thousands of residents, tourist and revelers hit the streets of San Francisco Memorial Day weekend to help celebrate it’s 36th anniversary!

Johana-SambaConmigo KIDS

Carnaval San Francisco is a beloved two-day event featuring a GRAND PARADE and a 2 day outdoor Festival in San Francisco Mission District, celebrating music and cultural elements from all of Latin & Carribbean American culture & traditions.

Sistas-Wit-Style Caribbean Dance Company- SAN FRANCISCO CARNAVAL 2014 — with Roberto Hernandez.2

What we love the most about this event is the variety of cultures represented in the parades contingent! Included are feathered representatives from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad, Cuba and islands throughout the Caribbean !


Two Aztec Dancers by George Lipp

Needless to say… “WE LOVE FEATHERS!”. Ostrich Feathers, Rooster Feathers, Pheasant Feathers and Turkey Feathers are among the plumage used in these traditional and artful costumes!

SAN FRANCISCO CARNAVAL 2014 — with Roberto Hernandez.

Photographer- Oliver Klink





Fogo Na Roupa Carnaval SF 2014

Fogo Na Roupa CARNAVAL SF 2014Follow Carnaval San Francisco on Twitter & Instagram: @CarnavalSF #CarnavalSF #RumbaCopa2014

You can also stay in touch with The Feather Place for all of your carnaval feathered needs : @thefeatherplace #thefeatherplace

Rainbow Feather Boas NYC

Color the world with PRIDE this summer!

The 2014 summer of  PRIDE kicks of this weekend in Long Beach California and will continue on into June with events nationwide celebrating diversity and equality for all! 

We cant wait to see the abundance of color and flair reveling down the parade lines like in the above photo from the NYC PrideFest! Don’t you just love her assortment of vibrant Chandelle feather boas!?

Here is a list of some upcoming PRIDE events nationwide.

Long Beach May 17 & 18
Join us for the next Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride celebration from 11am – 11pm along Shoreline Drive. Click here  for Directions
Los Angeles June 6-8
Join 50,000 of your closest friends at this year’s LA PRIDE Festival June 6th – 8th at the West Hollywood Park. Click here for full lineup, schedules, and tickets.
New Orleans June 20-22
New Orleans Pride is used to create unity in the communities, bringing together the straight and homosexual communities and to create events that are family friendly and acceptable to all. Click Here for more info. 
N.Y.C  June 27-29
Click here for an in depth look at this year’s Pride Week line up. 
San Francisco  June 27-29
Theme: Color Our World with Pride 
The Parade kicks off at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 29 at Market & Beale and ends at Market & 8th Street in downtown San Francisco [MAP]

Planning on attending any of these events…!? In no time at all, The Feather Place can have you covered with bright rainbow feathered boas  and/or a pair of multi-colored rainbow feather angel wings!  Count on The Feather Place to help you get parade ready!

HappyMothersDayFeathers_LRWith Mother’s Day quickly approaching many may be wondering, what do you get for Mom last minute? We have it all for Mother’s Day Feather Gift Ideas! Flowers are  everyone’s go-to gift but this year why not try an arrangement with feathers? Use our Feather Picks and Stems with wire for an easy addition to any arrangement, or forgo the flowers and create a fully feathered bouquet.

Mini Feather Picks

mothers day blog 1Feather Picks and Stems 

floral stems blogFor all the fashionable moms out there we recommend our Feather Pins & Clips, which can be added to the hair, headbands, even gift wrapping… the possibilities are endless! Or show her you care with a unique piece such as a feather shawl or collar for special events, or even just for a fun day of dress up.

Feather Pins and Clips

mothers day blog 3

 Shawls, Shrugs and Collars

mothers day blog 4

Is your Mom into home decor and interior design? A colorful feather wreath or garland is perfect for springtime and brightens any home.

Feather Garlands and Wreaths

mothers day blog 5Don’t forget to visit for great gift ideas and more!


Top image via PebbleandBee