Janaïna Milheiro Feather Textile Arts

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 2, 2016


Artisan Janaïna Milheiros feather textile arts and designs are truly one of a kind!  From the large scale feather art installations and window dressing to delicate couture feather floral crowns, Janaïna Milheiros work could be seen dressing the windows of Cartier or at the Hermès boutique in Miami to the runways of the Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2016 and Valentino pre-Collection Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 shows.

Janaïna Milheiro Feather Textile Arts Collage

“She does not consider feather as an ornament, as a feather worker would, but she treats it as a weaver, an embroiderer or even a sewer would, by cutting the edges, assembling them as if they were beads or ribbons…”- www.tissusetartisansdumonde.fr

Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 30, 2016


Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions from her S/S 2017 runway are among our favorite feather trends this year. Ostrich feathers and fringe always seems to be the most popular of feathers among fashion designers! Luxurious white, black and olive ostrich fringe, sheer fabrics and sparkling embellishments dominate this party-ready collection.

“As always, LaPointe delivered it all with a dose of sex appeal, from feather-embroidered bustiers to a body-hugging pink cashmere dress. On the more casual side, her black and white high-waisted denim styles, which laced all the way up the front of the leg, will be a surefire hit.”- wwd.com

Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather FashionsSally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions

Fly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 25, 2016


There’s two less fish the sea this fall and these fly fishing feather boutonnieres and details are perfect for your fishing enthusiast groom and groomsmen! What groom would want a pair of his very own Fly Fishing Feather Boutonniere and Cufflinks!? We love how there’s not limit to what you can do with feathers and a little bit of creativity! Fly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres e37fca7eeaaefa220eca21736e95c53cFly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres You can even personalize your very own fly fishing feathered lure inspired party favors and keepsakes to keep within your theme wedding! Couples who are planning their weddings and want to add some personal outdoorsman flair would love these fishing inspired details. Check out how this couple even incorporated fishing into their wedding decor and wedding engagement photography!

Fly Fishing CollagePicMonkey Collage

A look at Prada’s S/S 2017 Feather Details

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 18, 2016


Here’s an upclose look at Prada’s S/S 2017 Feather Details with almost every single piece having a delicate trail of Ostrich Feather trim or boas. Creamy Ivory, Mint, Blue Jean, Lemon, Dusty Rose and Cinnamon feather fringe adorn a patchwork of elegantly tailored fabrics. Miuccia Prada said backstage …

“I decided I wanted to…do something much more simple [than the recent past collections], and kind of trying to find a new way of elegance,” she said backstage. “Elegance sounds [like] an old-fashioned word, but also [stands] for something meaningful, cultivated….We need at this moment something personal, intimate, real, more sensitive somehow.” – wwd.com

A look at Prada's S/S 2017 Feather Detailsprada-ss2017-collage2prada-ss2017-collage3prada-ss2017-collage4

DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Décor

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 11, 2016


DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror

DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Décor. In no time at all your space can go from drab to fab; revamping your mantle and giving it new life this fall. Decorating with pheasant feathers never looked so good!

Step 1:  First trace the round mirrors with your Dressmakers White Chalk Pencil and cut the shape out with your scissors. You will want to make two of these round cut mats; one for each of the Pheasant Feather styles.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 1

Step 2: Select your first set of feathers and organize them to your liking around the first piece of felt. Begin to glue them down one by one until finished. Continue and go on to the next feather mat.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 2

Step 3: Stack the two feather mats on top of one another and glue them together in the center. Next, generously glue the round mirror to the center of the two feather mats.

Allow to dry overnight.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 3

Step 4: Grab your Natural Twine or Cording of choice and braid enough to go round the circumference of mirror.  Continue and glue the braided cord around the mirror. Once done, cut the excess cord and glue.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 4

Step 5: Cut a small 2×1” piece of felt and center the large paperclip at the top, back of the mirror. Glue the felt over ½ of the paperclip leaving the other half exposed to be used as a hanger.

Allow to dry overnight before hanging up.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 5

S/S 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 8, 2016


Here are our favorite S/S 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends straight from the Fall’s runway shows. Proenza Schouler S/S 17 collection was reminiscent of one of the greatest painters and leading abstract artist of the 20th century Piet Mondrian. With bold geometric patterns woven from leather and lined with ostrich feather fringe, designers McCollough and Hernandez …

” said they went to Paris to visit “almost defunct” couture ateliers, and brought back some of the techniques they picked up there.” – vogue.com

Spring 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends

Paris up-and-comer Christelle Kocher also pulled inspiration from Maison Lemarié, the Chanel owned couture atelier specializing in feathers where she has been artistic director since 2010, and merged her streetwear styles with soft tresses of feathers.


No. 21 RTW Spring 2017 Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s lavishly layered creations with simple ostrich feather details.


Every once in awhile we get to help on uber creative events like the Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor made for Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte’s “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding!

Yes, that’s right we said… an “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding– and every single “AHS” inspired decor detail from the art deco venue, ostrich feather centerpieces to actor Naomi Grossman (from both Asylum & Freak Show) as the ring bearer, was on point!


“After Michael proposed to me and we started planning, we knew almost immediately we wanted a Halloween wedding,” Jordan said. “The ‘AHS’ thing came in once we chose our gorgeous Art Deco venue ― only to find out it was where they were filming ‘AHS: Hotel!’ That’s when we really went for it.”

Michael and Jordan who tied the knot last week on Oct. 29 at the historic Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown L.A  came to The Feather Place Los Angeles months in advance and with our help were able to make their wedding decor dreams come true! Using dark Teal Ostrich Plumes and Peacock Tails they created captivating feather centerpieces transforming their wedding venue into an art deco dreamland! We couldn’t be happier for these two! Thank you for counting on The Feather Place for all of your “feathered” needs!

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Unique Feather Inspired Makeup Trends

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 21, 2016


Perfect for the Halloween season, You’ll be a showstopper in any of these unique feather inspired makeup trends ! From incorporating ready made false feather lashes to painstakingly placing the feathers piece by piece, there’s no wrong way to add drama and recreate the look for Halloween.

Unique Feather Inspired Makeup Trends

For the DIY makeup artist, here are some tips that we find useful!

Unique Feather Inspired Makeup Trends Unique Feather Inspired Makeup Trends Unique Feather Inspired Makeup TrendsUnique Feather Inspired Makeup Trends

Spellbinding Feather Topped Hats

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 14, 2016


These spellbinding feather topped hats from The Blonde Swan are the perfect accessory for that out of the ordinary event or high-end fantasy costume.

Topped off with a color coordinated rooster, ostrich and peacock feather hat pin, these hats are handmade using rich suede & leather and are available in a variety of styles for both men and women.


It’s our 6th Year Anniversary

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 8, 2016


It’s our 6th Year Anniversary at The Feather Girl! Thank you for reading and following along with us… We look forward to continue to bring you fun and exciting news in feather fashion trends, décor, DIY projects and more!

anniversary-cThe Feather Girl was created to inspire, educate and showcase Everything Feathers…From Costume to Couture!

When it comes to feather trends, we at The Feather Girl have such an appreciation for the variety of ways feathers are given purpose.

Regardless of what century, decade, or year it is – from Shamans to showgirls, there’s just something captivating about feathers that always seems to inspire creativity and give flight to our imagination.
We understand how feathers not only make excellent embellishments for costumes, garments and accessories, but how they can also be incorporated into creative art projects, along with home, holiday & special event décor as well.

We invite you to to come with us as we delve into the fabulous world of feather expressions to explore style and color trends of the past, present and future.  The Feather Girl – October 2010

Take a stroll down memory lane with our first post “Wheat and Pheasant Feathers at McQueen” dated 10/8/2010.

It's our 6th Year Anniversary Wheat and Pheasant Feathers at McQueen