San Francisco Carnaval 2015 – Agua Sagrada which took place this past Memorial Day Weekend brought out hundreds of thousands of residents, tourist and revelers alike to help celebrate its 37th anniversary!


This year’s carnival theme Agua Sagrada is Spanish for “sacred water.  Agua Sagrada “symbolizes the universal reverence for the most basic element of life.” This issue hits close to the heart of California which was declared to be in a drought state of emergency with this year expecting to be the driest on record. “… all experts in the field agree that we all need to conserve and preserve our most precious resource. Agua Sagrada/Sacred Water: Every Drop Counts/Cada Gota Cuenta!”


What we love the most about this carnaval event is the variety of cultures represented in the parades contingent! Included are feathered representatives from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad, Cuba and islands throughout the Caribbean and many more!



We love helping our client realize their carnaval costumes with feathers and accessories from The Feather Place. You can either Shop Online at or Shop Wholesale by contacting our showrooms in Los Angeles or NYC. You can also stay in touch with The Feather Place on Facebook and Instagram @thefeatherplace for all of your carnaval feathered needs!


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This Memorial Day 2015 – In Honor of Abraham Lincoln, The Feather Place is proud to have helped in commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination and funeral with a historic reenactment of his final trip from Washington DC to Springfield IL.

In collaboration with the Tombstone Hearse & Trike LLC and The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition, The Feather Place was contracted to supply all of the ostrich feather products needed to decorate the full scale replica of Abraham Lincoln’s Hearse that was used for the 2015 Lincoln funeral re-enactment and procession to Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Memorial Day 2015 - In Honor of Abraham Lincoln

Heavy weight black ostrich boas from The Feather Place were used on the very large and decorative hearse that had been destroyed by fire in 1887. Below you see the unfinished coach built by the Tombstone Hearse & Trike LLC with the help of skilled craftsmen including Eric Hollenbeck and his students at the Blue Ox Mill School in California, a unique vocational school for combat veterans. This magnificent replica is now on display in Downtown Springfield Illinois.

Memorial Day 2015 - In Honor of Abraham Lincoln



Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on May 15, 2015


Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Aside from world class horse races, The Kentucky Derby is also known for world class feathered millinery. Celebrities and commoners alike, flock to the grounds at Churchill Downs going all out wearing the most fashionable attire paired with the best feathered hats and fascinators.  From wild and outrageous to flirty and feminine, Here are some of our favorite Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015 !

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Get inspired with these bold feathered beauties! We love the abundance of Rooster, Pheasant, Peacock and Ostrich feathers that is used to create these amazing hats!

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015Don’t worry if  you missed the Kentucky Derby this year…you still have the chance to strut your stuff at the races this summer in Del MarSanta Anita or at the Breeders Cup this October.

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Feather Accessories for Brides

by The Feather Place NYC on May 8, 2015


Feather Accessories for Brides

A recent visit to the New York International Bridal Week trade show 2015 has brought us to discover some beautiful, lavish and glamorous bridal trends. This season we found lots of crystal beading, delicate lace appliqués, fabulous rich brocades and of course BEAUTIFUL FEATHER accents.  Marie Antoinette is in the air… It’s all about sophistication, style and grace!

Here are a few highlights from some of our favorite designers at this season’s Bridal trade shows, starting with couture designs from Deborah Lindquist.

Feather Accessories for Brides

Deborah Lindquist showed us some stunning and exquisite feather head and neck pieces. She is one of L.A.’s most sought after environmentally-conscious designers.  Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Cristina Aguilera, Rhianna and many more. Her silhouettes are very much couture-inspired. Although she is well-known for her highly intricate bustiers, she also executes incredibly chic feather neck collars.

Visit for purchases!

Designer, Kim Lai took our breath away with her beautiful, whimsical fascinators made with ostrich, guinea, peacock and marabou feathers.

Feather Accessories for Brides

Kim Lai is the Head Designer at Blossom Bazaar. She is a young, up-and-coming accessory designer who graduated from FIT and has designed for many of the top fashion houses in New York. Today she carries her own line which is heavily influenced by vintage, avant-garde and high fashion.  Enjoy these gorgeous feather fascinators!

For purchases visit

Feather Accessories for Brides

J-Picone is also another one of our favorites! Jolene Picone is the head designer at J-Picone. She is known for her impeccable, beautiful and affordable bridal accessories.  Her line can be found in different retail stores around the US.  J-Picone specializes in stunning fascinators, headbands and bridal belts.

For purchases please visit

If you feel inspired and adventurous to make your own Bridal feather fascinator, visit The Feather Place!  You will be surprised to find a great variety of peacock feathers, rooster coque tails,  ostrich plumes, feather trims and hair accessories.

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Father’s day is just a little over a month away and we are always wondering what on earth is a good gift for dad?  Of course we had to think about how feathers fit into the equation, so naturally we went straight for the hat.  Even if you think your dad isn’t the type who wears hats, you may be surprised to learn just how much men actually love to wear this accessory!

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Throughout history, hats have been an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.  Worn not only for stylistic and practical purposes, hats were often indicators of social status depending on the various style, shape and even color.  And while there are many hat designs that are long out dated, there are particular styles of hats made from the 1800’s through the 1940’s that still have a place in fashion today. So think about what kind of hat would look best on your dad and what will it say about his character?

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

We think the Fedora is probably one of the most debonaire and timeless styles of all men’s hats.  Though the Fedora became widely associated with the gangster since it was most popular during the Prohibition and used in Hollywood films to fit this character throughout the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Regardless, just about every gentleman owned at least one of these hats as styles of dressing became more casual.  The Fedora’s low profile and compact size was better weathered and made traveling more comfortable.  Today the Fedora is still very stylish and looks great worn by both men and women no matter if you’re a hipster, Don Draper, or just aiming to make dad look good.

The Pork PieMen’s Hat Styles and Feather TrimsThe Bowler

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

“The bowler hat, also called derby in the United States, was designed in 1849. Like the top hat, it quickly became a classic wardrobe item and a quintessential badge of Englishness. Named after John and William Bowler, hatters from Stockport, an industrial city in the north of England, it was to become the first mass-produced hat in history.” We find the bowler fits very specific personalities, but definitely has a place in fashion today.

The Panama

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Of course all hats are “Better with a Feather”! Feathers always add color and a stylish flare to just about any hat.   Whether you’re sporting our favorite Fedora, the Pork Pie, Derby or Bowler, these hats are traditionally embellished with feather trims.  And we can tell you the best types of feathers to use for hat trims are usually combinations of plumage including Turkey flats or marabou, guinea, duck and varieties of pheasant or rooster.  You can get really nice feather hat trims at The Feather Place!


Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Here is a couple of websites we found that have a great selection of mens hats. Check out Goorin Bros or to find a hat that fits your dads sense of style.

Festival Fashion with Feathers

From Coachella to Burning Man, festival fashion just wouldn’t be the same without feathers adorning someone along the way.  Whether you’re tapping into your inner hippie, gypsy, or rocker, there really are endless ways to uniquely stand out and personalize your look with feather accessories.

Festival Fashion with FeathersDepending on the style, size, or level of drama you are willing to commit to, there are literally 100’s of feather combinations that can be used for adorning headdresses, mohawks, earrings, necklaces, wristbands, shoe clips, ear cuffs, hair extensions, epaulets, and belts just to name a few.  And though feather trends will come and go, they always seem to have a place in festival fashion., or Spirit Tribe on etsy for feather headbands, earrings or ear cuffs.  Or get inspired and DIY with the largest variety of feather quills, pheasant tails, peacock, and rooster feathers available at The Feather Place.

Festival Fashion with Feathers

Festival Fashion with FeathersFor the more adventurous and fearless, tap into your inner warrior with a feather headdress, mohawk or crown. This natural red chinchilla feather mohawk from Feathers by Phoneix can be made to order if you find yourself out of time, or just not the type to DIY.  Regardless, wearing crowns and headdresses makes a bold statement about your style.

Festival Fashion with FeathersNecklaces, purses and charms are among my personal favorite feather accessories. There’s just something casual, yet chic and eye catching if your looking to add a little drama to your style.  These feather accessories usually go with everything – no matter what outfit you end up wearing!

Festival Fashion with Feathers

Festival Fashion with Feathers

DIY Feather Ear Cuff with our tutorial this festival season. You can also checkout other fabulous feather DIY instructions on our FASHION & JEWELRY PROJECTS DIY Page.


The Art of Feather Quill Pens

by The Feather Place NYC on April 3, 2015


The Art of Feather Quill Pens

The Art of Feather Quill Pens

From Shakespeare (In Love), to the halls of Hogwart’s or even Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, feather quill pens have long been the tool of choice for the dutiful scribe looking for a more elegant take on penmanship. Feathers just somehow seem to add a bit of flair to the art of writing, or signing your signature.

The Art of Feather Quill Pens

And while that fancy pink poof pen from Clueless isn’t really the type of quill we’re talking about here, it does show the range of what one can do with a pen! You may be surprised to find out that the market for quill pens is a flourishing one, full of creative and inspired designers — have a look at the amazing work coming out of the deviant art community, etsy artists, and!  And of course, if you want to DIY your own feather quill pen, you know The Feather Place is your source for all varieties of feathers.

The Art of Feather Quill Pens

Indrasideas1-etsy 2

The Art of Feather Quill Pens

Traditionally, quill pens are made by using a penknife to clean and cut away the quill tip of the feather in order to fashion what’s know as a nib — follow the link here for a step-by-step picture guide to making a quill pen. The cutting of the nib allows for the ink to flow smoothly out of the quill when pressed down on a surface. And if you’re just in the market for a sharp-looking quill pen, but don’t want the hassle of fashioning one yourself, simply find the feather of your dreams, then purchase a metal nib (readily available online) to place on the end of the feather quill. Being shaped the same, the metal nib basically does the work of making the quill for you!

The Art of Feather Quill Pens

The Feather Place, being your favorite retailer of high-quality feather products, has a feather for every type of quill pen, from the standard Barred Turkey Feather quill, to the sleek and smart-looking Goose Pointer quill, and even the ultra-luxurious Ostrich Plume quill. So if you’re looking to fancify your handwriting, or if you’re just looking to try your hand at an age-old technique of crafting feathers into quill pens, look no further than The Feather Place to find the perfect fit!

A Feathered Houzz

by The Feather Place NYC on March 27, 2015


A Feathered Houzz

We at The Feather Place have recently discovered a fabulous new site called Houzz! is an online platform that brings together users, interior designers and retailers under one roof, and allows access to the designs featured on the site. Through browsing the seemingly infinite gorgeous images, stories, and tips we have found some incredible feathered designs, and designers we just had to share with you.

Gorgeous Feathered Bedrooms, A Feathered Houzz




Utilize this fab site to revamp your space with feathered decor! Whether it be a soft ostrich statement lamp, a hand made juju hat with coque feathers, or some natural quills and pheasant tails, adding touches of feathers will bring new life to your home.

Feather your Houzz this Spring with feathers from The Feather Place!


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 20, 2015


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Stars flocked to the Savage Beauty Gala opening at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last week, strutting their stuff in McQueens most iconic feathered couture . We love that FKA Twigs chose to wear the birds of Paradise McQueen couture gown , Naomi Campbell in black Ostrich Feathers and Annabelle Neilson in Black and White Lady Amherst Plumage Feathered couture gown!

McQueenA sort of homecoming for the late McQueen, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is a re-staging of his wildly popular 2011 NYC retrospective which showcases 244 designs created during his 18 year career.

This must see exhibition sold out it’s advance 30,000 tickets in record breaking time eventually releasing another 50,000 pre sale tickets with another 200 first come, first serve basis at the door! We wish we could jump on over the pond to see this spectacular show!

Savage Beauty at the V&A is the largest and most ambitious fashion exhibition the museum has ever staged,” said curator Claire Wilcox at a press preview.

alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (3)

“McQueen was an artist whose medium of expression was fashion.” – Kate Bethune, Victoria and Albert Museum


alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (2)

alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (1)

Alexander McQueen Savage BeautyAlexander McQueen: Savage Beauty runs from March 14 – August 2, 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. For more information, visit

London, Milan and Paris Runway Feather Trends 2015

Time and time again feathers have adorned the runways from New York to Milan. This year was no different with delicate ostrich feathers, unique pheasant feathers, and edgy stripped coque tails gracing the runways in London, Milan and Paris. Once again we were wowed by Alexander McQueen’s looks, not to mention Rodarte’s sultry feathered gowns. Our favorite? Celine’s turkey feather fringed dress was everything we love about feathered fashion- edgy, feminine, inventive and chic. Her casual styling is what’s now – casual and fun with a nod to elegance and high-fashion. Take a peek at some other noteworthy feather trends from the runways in London, Milan and Paris and find your favorite ❤

London Fashion Week - London, Milan and Paris Runway Feather Trends 2015

Milan Fashion Week - London, Milan and Paris Runway Feather Trends 2015

Paris Fashion Week - London, Milan and Paris Runway Feather Trends 2015

All the little details...London, Milan and Paris Runway Feather Trends 2015Shop The Feather Place for all of your feathered needs. Our goal is to stay on top of style and color trends for every season. We are the most fashion-forward and cutting-edge vendor within the feather supply industry.