October 2010

Sassy Halloween Costume with Peacock Feathers

by Zandrah on October 29, 2010


Sassy Peacock

Peacock feathers are all the rave this Halloween season!

In fact … how ironic is it that as I’m posting this picture  – someone just walked into our Los Angeles Feather Place Showroom with this very picture as inspiration for a Halloween costume …

LOVE IT!  I expect to see some good lookin’ ladies adorned with peacock this weekend!

Designers That Tickle Our Fancy: Borokeete

by Zandrah on October 25, 2010


WHY WE LOVE THEM: Founded in 1986 in Brooklyn, New York, this cultural organization is keeping Caribbean traditions and heritage alive.  The hand-beading and feather work is out of this world!  You can see their one-of-a-kind creations at Carnival parades and purchase them on-line for your very own.


Borokeete Feather Ensemble

For a complete list of Websites that Tickle our Fancy, Click here.

Feather Girl – Home Decor Tip

by Zandrah on October 20, 2010


House plants are beautiful, but what happens when they die?  You replace them…

Instead of swapping out my wilted orchid for another that would suffer the same eventual fate, I chose a feathered alternative:

Before with orchid

After with Pheasant Feathers

I chose Complete Tail Pheasant Feathers to add a bold and dramatic touch to this mantle.  The height and colors make a fashionable impact that will last forever.

Choose the appropriate feathers for your decor at www.featherplace.com.

Timeless beauty for any design aesthetic

Feather Girls at the LA Lakers Game!!

by Zandrah on October 18, 2010


The Feather Girls at the LA Lakers Game

Our first Lakers Game!  Thankfully we took extra Feathered Spirit Wigs because other fans wanted to join our Feather Fun.

Lakers fans lined up for photo ops and were desperate to find out where to get them.

Feather Spirit Wigs, Cuffs and Boas are always available at www.featherplace.com or in our LA and NYC showrooms.

Dedicated Laker Fans LOVE the Feather Girls

Burlesque fan dance

by Zandrah on October 14, 2010


Feathered fan dance with The Velvet Hammer Burlesque

Unknown photographer - Velvet Hammer Burlesque feathered fan dance

Velvet Hammer Burlesque feathered fan dance at the El Rey Theater, Los Angeles 2004