April 2011


Looks like milliner John Boyd may take the cake at William & Kate’s  Royal Wedding with his fabulous hat designs?

Emily Shearing of DemocratandChronical.com reported today that:

“Ostrich feathers, oversized bows and flowers are just a few of the adornments that will be seen on the heads of hundreds of guests at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The fancy fascinators are a staple accessory at British high society events. And with London’s unpredictable spring weather, hats will do double duty as shields from possible rain showers

But tomorrow’s would-be hat fashion show has ties to one Genesee County town.

Batavia resident Maureen Scoville’s uncle, John Boyd, is a hat designer living in England. Boyd has designed about a dozen hats for guests attending Friday’s royal wedding, including pieces for Prince William’s best friend’s wife, and for the former nanny of the groom and his brother, Prince Harry.”

The anticipation of what this event will bring has got millions watching!  I myself can’t wait to see if and how feathers will be used to fashion the wedding party and guests!  Stay tuned for photos as they surface……

Fowl Play : Bonnie Trivizas Feathered Swan Hats

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 21, 2011


Now that’s a HAT!!! Artisan Bonnie Trivizas, of  “Fowl Play” NYC ,  sells custom made “feathered” pins, fans, and of course, her notorious & infamous… “feathered” Swan Hats : If you’re interested you can IM Bonnie  at bonnie@fowl-play.biz.

Bonnie Trivizas : Peacock Hat Detail : embellished with feathers from The Feather Place NYC

Bonnie Trivizas : Peacock Hat embellished with feathers from The Feather Place NYC

Designer Coco Chanel used feathers and silk georgette to create this stylish evening cape in about 1925. It's shown in the 50-piece "Material World" exhibit opening Friday. / Photo provided by the Indianapolis Museum of Art

A cloak of feathers and fiber with matching headdress worn by the Wenilegei ("bird man") dancers is part of the "Material World" exhibit. Photo provided by the Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s newest exhibit, “Material World,” takes a deeper look at the fabrics of our lives. Silk and leather, lace and feathers, the 50-piece exhibit showcases pieces from the IMA’s permanent collection.

The exhibit, which opens Friday, shows “how people use exotic ornamentation, to flaunt their wealth and their social status in society.” MA Curator of Textile and Fashion Arts Niloo Paydar said.

The pieces show the differences and the similarities among cultures. For example, one feather ensemble from Africa is placed near a feather cape by Chanel and another feather cape from New Zealand. The pieces were created in about the same time periods.

“No matter where they were,” Paydar said, “the designers decorate themselves very similarly.” The display is about juxtaposition, Paydar said, which stands in contrast to the chronological or cultural displays people usually see. And, of course, “Material World” is a chance to see amazing clothes. “I want people to be wowed,” Paydar said. “They’re going to see a lot of extraordinary pieces.”

See the full story @ IMA’s ‘Material World’ looks at fabrics of our lives http://t.co/pjoJoYr

» Details: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday (various hours Tuesday through Sunday), Indianapolis Museum of Art Paul Textile Gallery & Fashion Arts Gallery, 4000 Michigan Road, free,www.imamuseum.org.


Must Watch Kanye West ~ Runaway

by Zandrah on April 20, 2011


Kayne West ~ WOW! Conceptually Bold, Honest, Chilling, Sad, Beautiful … This video is a little long, but worth it! One of the most beautiful Feather Bird Costumes I have ever seen! Kayne has redeemed himself to me as an artist with this work!! Watch til the end if you have the time

Feather Hair Extensions : Fashion Vs Fishing…Here’s why

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 18, 2011


SO, for those of you on the hunt for ” Feather Hair Extensions”, Here a little insite as to why it’s so hard to supply this extremly unique plume. You may want to think twice before going on the hunt for these prized beauties.

A fashion craze called “feather hair extensions” is causing a shortage of the specialized rooster feathers used by fly fishermen for tying dry flies. The premier supplier for fly fishing shops is Whiting Farms in Colorado, which produces its “genetic hackle” from specially- bred roosters, according to Bill Thompson, owner of North Country Angler in North Conway.
Buyer Nate Harris had his first inkling that something was up a few months back when a different sort of customer came in. “Gals started pouring into the shop here, a couple every day. At that rate, our supply on the wall just quickly dwindled.”
“Those roosters are absolutely gorgeous,” Thompson said. “They’re raised just for fly-tying. They’re not good for anything else.” He’s heard it will take a year to 18 months for suppliers such as Whiting to grow enough roosters to replenish stock. “So with that in mind, we did not want to have empty shelves when our customers come in to buy fly-tying materials.”
Harris sold his last two saddles last week to a woman from upstate New York. He can’t get any more from his suppliers. “Unfortunately, you can’t grow chickens fast enough and raise them to maturity to meet this sudden exploded demand,” he said.That’s why many won’t sell to salons.