January 2012


Proud and Distinctive; What we love most about Peacock Feathers and Swords are the vibrant jewel tones that are influencing the Fashion Industry, Bridal Themes and Decor!  These feathers with their bold markings, make an impressive addition to Costume, Crafts, Fashion Accessories, Floral Arrangements, Home Decor, Jewelry Making and much much more. The color and style combinations are endless!

Peacock Inspired Interior Design

Modern brides are making unique and bolder bridal choices, thus having more fun with their wedding themes and decor! No two peacock themed weddings are the same. Bold or Natural, adding a touch of decadence to your groomsmen boutineersbridal bouquets,  bridesmaids accessories and decor is a sure way to break the chain of formality!

Something Aqua : Peacock Inspired Decor and Accessories

Peacock Feathers and Peacock Swords are available in assortments of color palettes that can range from deep navy blues, iridescent emerald greens with hints of purple and even gold! . NaturalBleach & Dyed or Stem Dyed, It’s nice to see how these feathered beauties can generate so many ideas and continue to inspire the ongoing feather trend . No matter what your personal style, light and natural peacock hues OR bursts of bold jeweled toned Peacock Feathers and Swords are hot!


All Things Peacock Wedding Style

Say Hello to Yellow!

by The Feather Place NYC on January 27, 2012


Our days are getting brighter, our moods are lifting and coincidentally we are seeing that YELLOW is going to be huge for Spring!

Yellow is showing up in a multitude of shades, from canary to goldenrod and we are feeling the impact of this powerful color. The acid yellow colors from last fall have moved to a canary yellow and the strong mustards are moving to goldenrod and marigold.

Interior and furniture companies are using them for furniture and accessories, and Crate & Barrel has named Yellow the “it” color for Spring. Also, Pantone has predicted it’s yellow called Solar Power as a top color for Spring.


Check out our new color Marigold (Pantone 14-0951), available in many different sizes of Ostrich Feathers. You can’t go wrong with our tried and true Yellow or Gold colors available in Turkey, Goose, Rooster, Pheasant and Ostrich feathers!

Ostrich Feathers in Bridal Decor and Accessories

Fancy and Luxurious, Ostrich plumes are the ultimate in feather trimmings! You can change the entire look of anything with just one plume. From adorning flapper headbands or embellishing your bridal bouquet and accessories, the possibilities are endless. Very popular in the special event industry, large ostrich plumes are a staple item for making table centerpieces, opulent feather palm trees and adding romantic details to bridal decor. They are also spectacular when making showgirl headdresses, costumes and large feather fans. Available  by the dozen or by the pound in a variety of styles  (drabs, femina, spads, nandus and floss) and colors… And like our Feather Girls in New York City say’s nude colors like blush and ivory are in! You can use our handmade  Ostrich Fringe with bias tape sewn across the top which makes it easy to work with… our  1 ply ostrich fringe comes in some great new shades like Beige, Champagne, Oatmeal and Sand and our 2 ply ostrich boas come in Cinnamon, Ivory, Natural and many more colors.

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece


Use ostrich feathers for gift wrapping!

Burlesque Ostrich Feather Fans

Ostrich feather trimmed dress on the runway

Nudes: A Love Story

by The Feather Place NYC on January 19, 2012


Chado Ralph Rucci Uses Nude Ostrich Accents

Nude colors are romantic, pretty, and are being used just about everywhere these days! Colors such as blush and ivory are on the runways for spring, and will be evolving into fall. Not only do these great basic hues look great for everyday looks, but they play a major role in the bridal and accessory industry. The Golden Globes also showcased gorgeous actresses in this trend because, let’s face it, nudes can look sexy and sweet on everyone!

These beauties glow in pale pinks and off-whites.

Actresses stunned in flesh tones and champagne colors.

Ivory and Blush were seen all over the runways for S/S 2012.

Nude accessories can really make a statement!

A great way to add feathered nude tones to your look is with an ostrich boa or ostrich fringe. Our 1 ply ostrich fringe comes in some great new nudes like Beige, Champagne Oatmeal and Sand. Our 2 ply ostrich boas come in Cinnamon, Ivory, Natural and many more colors.


Feathered Gucci Gown Spotted on the Red Carpet!

by The Feather Place NYC on January 16, 2012


The Golden Globes Awards was full of hits and misses, but our personal favorite was Evan Rachel Wood! She took a risk with this custom feathered Gucci Premiere gown and she was simply glowing! Her hair and makeup complemented the natural iridescence of the bronze lady amhearst pheasant feathers and rooster coque tails perfectly. You can see a close-up of the feathered stunner below:

If you love this look as much as we do check out our website for ways to add feathers to your style! You can get our bronze lady amhearst pheasant fringe and rooster coque tails on www.featherplace.com.

SHOP : The Feather Place for Black Rooster Coque Tails

SHOP : The Feather Place for Black Rooster Coque Tails

HELLO 2012 and Happy Friday the 13th!  Welcome to our very 1st Friday’s Featured Feather, a weekly feather style and inspiration showcase.

First up are… Black Rooster Coque Tails!!! Bold and Fearless, Black Rooster Coque Tails are dyed over a half bronze feather, which gives a natural iridescent green to black shine!  Coque tail feathers are a must have item if you are using feathers on your creations.  We hope they inspire you to use Black Rooster Coque Tails in your craft projects, home décor, jewelry making, hair accessories, millinery and etc. Check out these feathered beauties.

Black Rooster Coque Tails are available in a variety of styles and sizes : By the Yard, 1/4 LB or pre-selected in 25 piece bundles.

Angelina in Rooster Coque Feathers

Angelina in Rooster Coque Feathers

Black Rooster Coque Tail embellished Runway Heels

Black Rooster Coque Tail embellished Runway Heels

Kourtney Kardashian in a Black Rooster Coque Collar with beau Scott Disick!

Pretty in Pastels for S/S 2012!

by The Feather Place NYC on January 12, 2012


The weather this time of year on the East Coast is not always fun… or predictable. After braving the cold yesterday to attend Indigo, a Premiere Vision Preview show, we definitely know one thing for sure- Pastels are in for Spring!!!

The new pastels are not your Easter Sunday types. These colors have a punch and are mixed with neons, burnt brights, and retro prints to make them feel fresh and fun. Sea foam green, a pale yellow-based white, and a sweet cool pink are major players this upcoming season.

We think this spread in Vogue Nippon for February 2012 below explains this color trend best! Feast your eyes on Spring/Summer 2012!

Don’t forget to check back for our exciting new Feather of the Week post!

The Feather Forecast begins in 2012!!!

by The Feather Place NYC on January 6, 2012


It’s a brand new year, and we here at The Feather Place are excited to see what 2012 will bring!

This year we will be bringing you weekly updates on colors and trends pertaining to the wonderful world of feathers. Looking ahead we want to keep you in the know about what is going on in fashion, interiors and every market where feathers are used.

This week we are feeling romantic…and want to share with you some colors that are trending for S/S 2012. We have so many great new colors in our feather products, and we were not surprised to see them in magazines and on the runway!

Here is some inspiration to tickle your fancy….

Feel ethereal with our new colors- shown here are Silver, Marigold, Champagne, and Ivory.

After all this snow we will need some heat… with Plum, Amethyst and Tango Red.

Deep yet vibrant hues will be staples for spring, shown here in Emerald and Teal.

Don’t forget to come back next week! Also, expect a Feather of the Week Report beginning soon by Cristina over in sunny LA!!!