February 2012

Pheasant Tails and Plumage - Left : Arturo Rios Designs

Distinctive and Sleek, Pheasant Feathers and Plumage are a sure way to showcase nature. They are used in a variety of applications including costume, headdresses, home decor and more recently in bridal accents, high fashion and accessories.

Pheasant Fashion & Accessory Trends

The smaller plumage and tail feathers come in a variety of shades including natural/irid, gold, red, brown and often have specks of white throughout. They are a popular addition to boutonnieres and bridal bouquettes, and are ideal when enhancing fedoras, floppy hats, beautiful jewelry and decorative hair clips. Save time while crafting and purchase pre-made Pheasant Feather Hat Bands, Pads and Accents from The Feather Place.

Pheasant Bridal Boutineer Bliss

Pheasant Bridal Bouquet Bliss

The larger Pheasant tail feathers dyed-over-natural make a stunning statement when constructing custom headdresses and costumes for Carnival, Mardi Gras and Halloween. Check out this design using Dyed-over Natural Silver Pheasant from this year Carnival in Brazil! Amazing custom dyed colors are available from The Feather Place; just make sure you give yourself enough time to order in advance…custom orders can take up to 3-4 weeks before shipment.

CARNIVAL ! Dyed-over Natural Silver Pheasant


NYC Fashion Week Feather Update

by The Feather Place NYC on February 20, 2012



The chaos of Fashion Week in NYC is over and we finally have some time to enjoy the beautiful new styles that this event brings about! We were mesmerized by the deep hues we spotted, such as plum, midnight and black, while we enjoyed fun pops of colors such as electric blue and shocking red. As we suspected, whites, off-whites and neutrals played a big part on this season’s runways.

As you can guess, we really had our sights on the latest feather fashions that are hitting the runways. We were not disappointed! Ostrich had been spotted all over the Spring runways, and this fall seems to show that these feathers are still hot. The picture above shows a few romantic feathered gowns by Marchesa, who never fails to impress us. Ethereal Ostrich is used as a a fringe on the hem and tufts are used as accents all over. Fluffy Goose is used underneath a silvery lace gown that we simply fell in love with!

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston (yes, we love her name) took an edgier route with her use of feathers. These party-going marabou and lurex feather jackets are going to be this fall’s go-to item!

Matthew Williamson and Oscar de la Renta

Matthew Williamson (left) and Oscar de la Renta (right) added Ostrich to their flirty, feminine frocks for a touch of youthful elegance.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren took fall’s feathers in a different direction- using a mixture of Pheasant tails for broches and boutonnieres. The designer also created a show-stopping bolero made of Rooster Coque and Ostrich.

Prabal Gurung

At the Prabal Gurung show we saw again the use of Ostrich feathers as a romantic detail. The designer included one of the hottest colors of the season- electric blue!

Prabal Gurung

Other looks by Prabal Gurung shone in stark white, showing that Ostrich looks just as great on the tail of a gown as it does as on a jacket cuff.

Naeem Khan

Last (but not least) we have Naeem Khan who seems to love Ostrich as much as everyone else these days! Naeem Khan is known for incorporating feathers into his looks every season, but we are really loving his Rooster Hackle and Ostrich skirts!

Check out Style.com for full coverage of the Fall/Winter 2012 shows. Don’t forget to visit Featherplace.com for all your feather needs for the upcoming season!


Fashion Week News: The Feather Place on MetroFocus!

by The Feather Place NYC on February 15, 2012


NYC is buzzing over Fashion Week- from designers to models and celebrities roaming the streets! Our showroom serves as an inspirational and brainstorming platform for many, and we are here to showcase our wide variety of feather products.

This week The Feather Place is featured on MetroFocus, a program that is aired through channel Thirteen. This column features weekly articles about interesting New Yorkers. We had the good fortune to meet CityScape interviewer George Bodarky who was very curious about what the feather business entails.

Check out the article and soundbite here!



Crafting with Feathers this Valentine’s Day !

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on February 14, 2012



CRAFTING WITH FEATHERS - Cupid Heart and Arrow : Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Sharing the love this Valentine’s Day with this Cupid Heart and Arrow Homemade Valentine from craft.kaboose.com! All you need are some Basic crating materials; Sticks,  Marabou Feathers, Craft Foam and Voila! I’m in love !

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY Love, The Feather Girls

Goose Nagorie, Biots and Pointer Feathers

Elegant & Unique, Goose “Nagoire” is the French name for a goose feather…these elegant feathers are usually 5-6” long and have a wide con caved shape that blossom out like flower petals.

Goose Nagoire feathers have also been referred to as goose feathers that have had their hair curled up at the ends using a technique where the feathers are scraped against a blunt surface like your butter knife or scissors.

Goose Coquille feathers are similar but smaller than Nagoire, approximately 3-5 inches in length and can be used in combination with Nagoire in a variety of applications ranging from bridal hair accessories and wedding décor to fashion design, jewelry and millinery works. Get your Goose Nagorie or Coquille from The Feather Place in great colors like Amethyst , Champagne, Copper and Mango!

Curled and Bent Goose Biots

Goose Biots on the other hand, don’t look or act much like feathers at all. Goose Biots are unique and special looking feathers! They more resemble a quill and are slim and stiff, measuring approximately 6-9 inches in length. The feathers fibers are more prominent when the feather is bent and parade themselves out like eyelashes. Goose Biots are readily available by the 1/4lb either Loose or Strung…. and they come in a variety of colors too! Check out the awesome tutorial below or simply bend your goose biot in half to make your very own Goose Biots Hoop Earrings! FEATHER EARRING TUTORIAL

Goose Pointer Feather Artist Brush

Used for centuries by artist worldwide, Goose Pointers measuring approximately at 10-13” have been used to create beautiful works of art. See this site to find a  GOOSE FEATHERS BRUSH – ARTIST PAINT BRUSH –  Where they say…

“Throughout history the professional faux finisher has created realistic marble, wood grains and dramatic fantasy effects”

…using goose pointers! Wow! Who knew there would be so many uses and applications for Goose Feathers!