March 2013

DIY: A Feather Nest Perfect for Easter!

by The Feather Place NYC on March 27, 2013



The wonderful people over at Confetti Sunshine sure know how to make a party go from blah to beautiful! We love their tips on how to create wonderful settings for your Easter party, and these feather nests are the perfect accent for your celebration!

You can use our turkey flat feathers that come in a myriad of colors or get creative and use other fun feathers such as rooster, guinea, or even ostrich feathers! Check out the full tutorial here, and see how beautiful these nests can look with anything from candy eggs to real eggs, or even your own special Easter filling!

DIY-easter-feather-nest-4And… Voila! The perfect table setting or decorative accent.


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Noteworthy Fall Plumage – Feather Fashions

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 22, 2013


There defiantly has been no shortage in amazing Feather Fashions on the runway for Fall 2013.

“ Although plumage is typically reserved for special occasions, we couldn’t help but notice that many of this season’s collections were filled with afternoon-appropriate quills. “ – .

Top designers are incorporating Ostrich Feather Trims, Rooster Saddle, Goose Nagorie, Peacock Feathers in their collections and so can you! Get the look by adding a beautiful Ostrich Boa or Rooster Coque Tail Fringe around the collar of your jacket. You can also add Ostrich Fringe accents to your heels and for men a feathered boutonnière or fedora!

Here are some noteworthy Fall Plumage from Style.Com


Here at The Feather Place we are always looking for fun, unique and easy DIY projects to share. Luckily and just in time for Spring and Easter Holiday, we found this Swedish Easter Tradition which involves decorating birch tree branches with of course our favorite crafting item… Feathers !

 “& the Swedes lay claim to the coolest Easter tradition of all: Påskris, better known as Easter feather trees. The custom goes back hundreds of years and involves tying colorful feathers to the ends of birch twigs as a way to encourage the branches to sprout green leaves…


All you need for this fun project are Pre-Packaged Turkey Flats from The Feather Place. These come in 3 different color assortments ; Carnival, Neon and Assorted Vibrant! You could even use Pre-Packaged Guinea Plumage available in an Vibrant Assortment! Birch branches are available at your local Flower Mart, but I can imagine that you could use what ever kind of tree branch that is available to you from your own back or front yard! Traditionally you would also decorate  the tree branches with colorful painted egg ornaments, paper roosters and chicks as well!  But don’t  stop there… Take this tradition to the outdoors and decorate the whole neighborhood! ~ I know what I will be doing this weekend… Decorating with Feathers!

Påskris ; Outdoors


Easy DIY Ostrich Feather Skirt!

by The Feather Place NYC on March 15, 2013


ps i made thisGet a flirty feather look with little effort by checking out this amazing DIY tutorial for a skirt fit for spring! The Ostrich feather trend shows no sign of slowing down and was spotted all over the runway for both Spring and Fall 2013. Check out the the instructions above from one of our favorite websites P.S.- I made this… for a simple way to DIY this look. You can use our one ply or two ply Ostrich Fringe depending on how full you want your creation to be. Get creative and add this fringe to collars, cuffs and so much more!

Check out our website for these fringes and all your feather needs! Don’t forget to visit P.S. I made this… for many more DIY ideas!

Want to bring some GOOD JUJU into your home?  Though there’s nothing like the real thing, shows us how easy it is to make an African Juju Hat for unique home decorating using feather headdress masks from The Feather Place.
Thank you Vintage Farm Furniture!



DIY African Juju HatTo learn more about the meaning and origin of African Juju Hats, we went to and found that:

“Home to a diversity of chiefdoms, kingdoms and villages are the grasslands of the beautifully forested volcanic mountains of Cameroon. Some of the most important tribes include the Bamoun in the East, the Bamileke in the South and the Tikar east of the Bamoun. During royal court affairs, the celebrants of these kingdoms wear a spectacular headdress known as the Tyn or Juju hat. The hat is worn by the chiefs, senior dignitaries, prominent officials and important dancers. This large bright hat consists of multi-colored bird feathers. The feathers range in a wide variety of colors including white. The feathers are carefully sewn onto a raffia fiber base, covered with material on the outside that splays out into a huge circle. When not in use between festivities, the Tyn hat can be neatly folded in on itself for easy storage. The feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty, as a symbol of prosperity and for the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds.”

In full regalia: this image found on BlacDotC0-Op, who sell original good juju “fairtrade” in UK only.

Juju Hat worn in ritual