April 2013

ArturoRios2013The Kentucky Derby is a sure place for spotting custom crafted feathered derby attire and accessories. You only have 10 more days left before the May 3rd and May 4th derby weekend, so if your lucky enough to attend this years 2013 derby, make sure to check out Los Angeles hat designer & The Feather Place regular Arturo Rios Designs for your derby hat or fascinator! These are our favorite feathered beauties from his new 2013 Spring Collection!

zahara_lrg arturoriosdesigns3 jade_lrg

Arturo’s New 2013 Spring and Bridal Collection can be seen here; Arturo Rios 2013 Collection . Be sure to also check back at www.feathergirl.com when we post our feathered favorites from his 2013 Bridal Collections!

arturoriosdesigns5 katie_lrg faith_lrg ara_lrg

You can see our favorites from his 2012 Spring collection on our blog;  Arturo Rios Designs : Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Style — Everything Feathers The Feather Girl.


Bridal Season 2013 is Here!!!

by The Feather Place NYC on April 18, 2013



Bridal Season is officially beginning! We rounded up a few of our favorite trends for this bridal season and hope to help you add that special touch… with feathers!

bridal glitz

1. Sophisticated Glitz – This season is seeing more black tie events, with glittery and glamorous touches like crystals and opulent feather plume centerpieces with just the right amount of shine! Brides and guests are sticking to floor length gowns perfect for accessorizing with feathers.

bridal natural

2. Indoors meet Outdoors – Outdoor elements such as trees and natural feathers meet indoor elegance to create an artistically eclectic wedding setting. Add some natural patterns and interest to your invitations with smaller peacock, ostrich and pheasant feathers. Try some of our most popular natural items like Pheasant, Turkey and Guinea feathers for just the right touch of pattern on your special day!

bridal fun

3. F-U-N – Weddings don’t have to be stuffy, try not taking yourself too seriously! Photo booths and party favors have become huge and we have plenty of feather boas, masks, wigs, garlands and more for you to ensure your guests have the time of their life.

Check back here next week for an exclusive sneak peek at our brand new bridal collection!


Featival Feathers : Up-Cycle your Tank with Feathers

The Spring and Summer Music Festivals are in full swing and year after year Feathers Trends and Feather Fashions reign at these events!  Festival goers frock to The Feather Place for all of their feathered needs, wither it be to simply put a small feather accent in your hair or to go all out and wear feather wings, boas and headdresses to the shows.

Festival Feathers : Up-Cycle your Tank with Feathers

There are so many ways you can wear your festival feathers, so with that in mind here is a great DIY project to get you in the feathered festive mood! Here’s what you will need:

  • Rooster Coque Tail Feathers.
  • Wooden or Plastic Beads
  • Glue Gun
  • Up-Cycle and old tank top or tee shirt (Luckily I had already had this fringed tank in my closet.)
    • You can easily convert a long sleeved shirt into an fringed tank like the one above by carefully cutting the long sleeves off making sure to leave about a 2″inch strip at the top near your shoulders that will be cut up into fringe.
  • Pair your new custom feathered tank with a pair of denim shorts, some sandals and your ready to party!

Festival Feathers : Up-Cycle your Tank with Feathers

Festival Feathers : Up-Cycle your Tank with Feathers



sf pillow fight 2013. jpgOn Saturday April 6th 2013, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!  Here in Los Angeles, this event usually takes place at Pershing Square in Downtown LA! Other cities participating in International Pillow Fight Day include  Amsterdam, Atlanta GA (Freedom Park), Barcelona, Chicago IL (has two events), New York City (Washington Square Park), St. Louis MO (Cricket Field in Forest Park) & Washington DC @ The Washington Monument (National Mall) …

International Pillow Fight Day: Photos - @aliciareinerphotography

Check out this site to see where your local Pillow Fight Day will be held and Make Sure it’s Not CANCELLED! Also and most importantly, Please help clean up what you can afterwards… And you may want to bring a face mask and safety glasses to prevent feather inhalation and irritation! BYOPillow (feather pillows preferred) and remember Do not swing at people without pillows or carrying cameras.

International Pillow Fight Day: Photos - @aliciareinerphotography

Need Feathers? Stop by at The Feather Place Los Angeles or New York and pick up a variety of  Chandelle Boas that you can pluck apart and stuff your pillows with bright and colorful feathers!

International Pillow Fight Day: Photos

 Let’s get this Fight on & Let Feathers Fly!!!!


Feather Fine Art Installations by French artist Isa Barbier. Goose, Guinea and Turkey Feathers (to name a few) are strung and suspended from vaulted ceilings to create abstract geometric volumes. Check out her website for the full story and to see more Extraordinary installations using feathers…!

Shop The Feather Place for feathers and make your very own Isa Barbier inspired feathered works of art and installations!

Images : Isa Barbier