May 2013

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

NYC is heating up and here at The Feather Place we are always looking for ways to incorporate feathers into our evolving seasonal style! We recently discovered designer Tess Johnson, who graduated from NYC’s Parson’s The New School of Design, and her stunning collection that features – you guessed it – feathers!!! She used some of the most unique feathers that we carry, Venery Pheasant Tails, in a variety of innovative ways. Check out her remarkable dresses, cuffs and jacket that feature these wonderful feathers. Don’t miss her sky high heels with Bleached and Dyed Rooster Coque Tails, or her Goose Biot Cuffs!

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Cuff

Tess Johnson Rooster Coque Tail Heels

Tess Johnson Rooster Coque Tail Heels & Goose Biot CuffsDo you love these looks? You can DIY and make some warm weather accessories featuring feathers, just visit for all your feather needs!

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Holly Hmielewski - Mermaid and Phoenix Morph Dress PhotoshootA congratulatory shout out goes to our friend and honorary feathergirl  Holly Hmielewski who recently “took two first-place awards and won the Musselman Fashion Design Award at the Fashion Group International of Dallas Career Day Awards…” one of which “comes with a $10‚000 prize and a chance to design a collection under the mentorship of Forty-Five Ten owner Brian

Holly Hmielewski Engineered Carousel Print Dress :  1st place Winner Fashion Group International of Dallas Career Day Awards

 We first meet Holly Marie when we put out a casting call for models for our 2013 Feather Product Catalog.

The Feather Place : Feather Wings - Holly Hmielewski

It was soon after this first photoshoot that she was inspired to create this beautiful dress using Rooster Saddle Feathers in Natural.

Holly Hmielewski - Mermaid and Phoenix Morph Dress Photoshoot

My inspiration was a mermaid and phoenix because I wanted to created a new mythological creature by ‘morphing’ them together. The dress is made out of faux leather and rooster feathers… I took the photos at the Devils icebox cave in Columbia. I was inspired to create this dress after I modeled for you the first time.- Holly Marie




Jennifer Lopez and PitBull have teamed up again in this summers dance hit “Live it Up”! Check out their new lively music video filled with Couture Fashions using Feathers from The Feather Place! From Black Rooster Coque Tail Collars to Red Ostrich Fringe Feathered Sleeves, this video tickles our fancy!!! 

Oh and wait…. a Special Shout Out goes out to our Honorary Feather Girl & Cousin Maria Luisa,  who appears in this music video sitting to the right of  PitBull during the opening Poolside scene! Kudos Maria Luisa!!!! 

Live It Up – Jennifer Lopez.

Met Gala- Sarah Jessica Parker in a Philip Treacy headdress

It seems like the whole city is buzzing with talk about the Met Gala event that opened the museum’s latest exhibit, “Punk: Chaos to Couture”! We love that feathers can be both rock n’ roll fierce and romantic, so we weren’t surprised to see some killer looks with feathers on the red carpet! Check out our round-up of stellar feathered looks, starting with the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker above who made a huge statement in a Burnt Peacock Flue headdress by Philip Treacy. Below is the talented Anne Hathaway in a  vintage Valentino dress with Ostrich Feather cuffs accompanied by the designer.

Met Gala- Anne Hathaway in vintage ValentinoBelow left is actress Kirsten Dunst wearing a dress with ombre Ostrich Feathers by Louis Vuitton that we covered when it was first going down the runway because it is just so stunning! On the right is the Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, in a luxurious dress with peek-a-boo Rooster Coque Feather detailing.

Met Gala- Kirsten Dunst and Franca SozzaniModel Carolyn Murphy (below left) channeled some fierceness in this Nina Ricci dress embellished with Ostrich Feathers. New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife Alexis Welch showed us their baby bump in a gorgeous ostrich feathered Giambattista Valli dress.

Met Gala- Carolyn Murphy and Amar'e Stoudemire with Alexis WelchLike the looks above? You too can add some feathers to your look by using our Burnt Peacock Flue, just like Sarah Jessica Parker, for a headdress or any creative idea you can come up with! An Ostrich Boa is a great way to add feathered cuffs to any outfit, or use our Ostrich Fringe as an embellishment. Rooster Coque Feathers add a luxurious touch to any outfit, try ours by the yard or on a fringe! Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest for tons of creative ideas and inspiration!

Bridal Season is Upon Us!

by The Feather Place NYC on May 3, 2013


Feather Floral Picks from The Feather Place

Looking for something to add an extra touch of excitement at your wedding? Look no further! We are excited to share our adorable new floral picks that are so versatile you could add them to almost any part of your wedding look! These new  picks can be used on hair and headband accessories, as gift packaging, or even on your favorite scarf or piece of jewelry!

Above left are our Goose Coquille with Biots floral picks in Amethyst, and on the right are our Ostrich Feathers with Pearls floral picks in Champagne. We love how these soft colors and textures can add romance to any arrangement!

Below left are our Goose Coquille with Biots floral picks in Champagne and on the right are our Peacock Eye floral picks with some extra Peacock Swords that we added to make this bouquet truly special for your special day!

Feather Floral Picks from The Feather Place

Feather Floral Picks from The Feather PlaceLast but not least, above left you can see our Ostrich, Guinea and Goose Biot feather floral pick which has wispy white ostrich and white goose biots mixed with the gorgeous natural black and white spots of guinea feathers. On the right is a wonderful creation we made with our Goose Coquille and Biot floral picks in white. The possibilities are endless with our new mini floral pick line!