April 2014

Rainbow Loom Feather Charms

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 25, 2014


All the cool kids know that Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage. But did you know that they could be even cooler? Feather charms add a lot of sass and movement to these popular bracelets. Up your Rainbow Loom game with today’s totally trendy project, Rainbow Loom Feather Charms!




Fold-over jewelry fastener

Jumper rings

Rainbow Loom bracelet 


STEP 1. Choose a handful (about 8-10) of small feathers. Strip the feathers of the fuzzier bottom part, leaving about an inch of stripped quill. There are many different kinds of feathers that will work well for this project, find the links below in Step 7.


STEP 2. Place the stripped quill in the center of the fold-over crimp piece. Gently push the folds down, securing the feather quill. Trim any left over quill.


STEP 3. Repeat step 2 on as many feathers as you’d like to adorn your bracelet.


STEP 4. Slip a jump ring around a loop on the bracelet, and then onto the feathered crimp piece. Squeeze the ring closed.


STEP 5. Continue attaching the charms until you have filled the bracelet to your liking.


STEP 6. Your bracelet is ready to wear!


STEP 7. There are so many feather options for this project! Try some small peacock eyes, goose satinettes, guinea, or pheasant plumage. With so many colors and shapes, you will never run out of beautiful bracelet options.


For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog! 

Derby Feathers – Couture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

140th Kentucky Derby 2014! What sets the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks apart from other sports and entertainment events? Is it the world-class horses? The Hollywood stars? The romantic Twin Spires? Well, first and foremost, it’s the hats!! Part Southern tradition, part spectacle, the Kentucky Derby hat parade is much of what makes “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” one of the greatest people-watching events in the world! From the fantastic to the sublime, there are no rules or limits when it comes to choosing your Derby hat. – www.kentuckyderby.com

Kentucky Derby Hats,  Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup, Dubai Cup, Tea Parties, Weddings & more, Arturo Rios is your go to milliner for Derby hats & facinators! Don’t wait till last minuet, the 140th Kentucky Derby is on May 3, 2014. Get your couture design from Arturo’s Etsy shop before it’s too late! Here are a few of our favorite Derby Feathers…! We love love love the Black & White feathered looks! SO Classic yet Modern, Perfect for today’s Derby attendee.

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo RiosCouture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios Couture Designer Hats by Arturo RiosCouture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo RiosCouture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo RiosCouture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo RiosCouture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

And one for our Spring and Summer Brides…! Arturo Rios has you covered in feathers on your special day! We adore this White Goose Feather and Ostrich Fringed Facinator! You could also DIY with our White Ostrich Fringe and Pearl Pick and your choice of either our White Coquille Feather Flower Corsage or White Marabou Feather & Pearl Corsage. 

Couture Designer Hats by Arturo Rios

Fowl Play Exhibit The Feather Place has proudly collaborated with FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, to bring a wonderful feathered exhibit created by Visual Presentation students. Named “Fowl Play”, the exhibition explores ornithology (the study of birds) and how nature inspires fashion. Students researched different species of birds including their behavior, habitat and diet. They then visited our showroom in the heart of NYC’s Garment District to learn about feathers and their use in the fashion industry.

The students were instructed to transform the mannequin into a bird by considering the design and pose of the mannequin, and the variety of feathers provided by The Feather Place.  Each student emphasized one specific appearance or behavioral trait and was to include references of fashion designs inspired by their particular bird.  We absolutely love these student’s creations and hope you get inspired and are able to stop by!

“Fowl Play” exhibit at FIT, 27th street and 7th avenue NYC, until the end of April.

Blue Guinea Fowl A Blue Guinea Fowl makes a statement in spots

Pohnpei Lorikeet A Pohnpei Lorikeet stuns in vivid pinks and yellows

Snow OwlThis fluffy Snow Owl strikes a fierce pose

Rockhopper Penguin and Great CurassowA child mannequin perfectly embodies the Rockhopper Penguin joined by a yellow beaked Great Curassow

AlbatrossThis high flying Albatross has a massive wing span!

Bald Eagle and Bearded VultureA Bald Eagle and Bearded Vulture perched on high

FlamingoAn elegantly statuesque Flamingo

Victoria Crowned PigeonThis Victoria Crowned Pigeon is known for its’ intricate crestBlue JayA beautifully layered and detailed Bluejay

ParakeetA colorful Parakeet playfully swings

RavenA Raven peeking through the shrubbery

Hummingbird and Wood StorkA puffed chest Hummingbird and a Wood Stork celebrates its’ prey

BlackbirdA Blackbird with intricate wings

Red Crowned CranesA pair of Red Crowned Cranes performing a mating dance

All of the feathers used in this exhibit were supplied by The Feather Place and can all be purchased right here at Featherplace.com!