October 2015

The vibrant and symbolic traditions behind traditional Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations (November 1st) are becoming more mainstream with each passing year, spreading from Mexico through the US and beyond.  Among the most popular Day of the Dead icons are skulls and skeletons, which pop up everywhere on the days and weeks leading up to Dia de los Muertos. With that in mind here’s our whimsical Felt and Feather Dia de los Muertos Skull Broach project that you can DIY and wear to your local Day of the Dead cultural events.

Felt & Feathers Dia de los Muertos Broach


  • Black Felt
  • White Foam Sheet
  • Black and White Netting or Tulle
  • Assorted Feather Packages and Trims from The Feather Place
  • Scissors
  • Broach Pin
  • Glue
  • Decorative Accents (Sequins, Glitter Paints, Buttons, Rhinestones, Foam Shapes , Small Silk Flowers..)
  • Printable Skull Pattern to use as a general reference. We used the Printable Skull Pattern below and shrunk it down to print at a 5×7″ photo . 💀

Cut out your white skull template so you can trace around for shape. Don’t worry, It does not need to be perfect. Continue and cut your skulls shapes out of the White Foam Sheet with an additional slightly larger piece out of the Black Felt Fabric.

Felt & Feathers Dia de los Muertos Broach - 2

Glue on the White Foam Skull Shape over the Larger Black Felt Skull Shape.

Felt & Feathers Dia de los Muertos Broach - 5

Arrange and glue your Feathers, Trims, Rhinestones and Decorative Accents onto the skulls. Have fun with this, There is no wrong way to do this. We encourage you to search Google images for inspiration!

Felt & Feathers Dia de los Muertos Broach - 4

Glue the broach pin onto the back of the Black Felt and your done! Wear your Felt and Feather Dia de los Muertos Skull Broach to your local Day of the Dead cultural events.

Felt and Feather Dia de los Muertos Skull Broach 6

Felt and Feather Dia de los Muertos Skull Broach 7


Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 21, 2015


DIY a pair of Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes with Feathers from The Feather Place. Super easy to make, Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes are the perfect accessory for this year’s fall gatherings…it even lends itself for a quick Halloween costume accent! Feathers, Fabric, Glue and your favorite appliques are all you need…MrKate_Blog_FeatherShoulders_HighRes-35-of-46-682x1024

Use an assortment of creamy colored feathers for feminine flair like these DIY Feather Shoulder Accessory found on www.mrkate.com ! We also love how www.nzgirl.co.nz incorporates tulle, sequin appliques and turkey feathers into her design!

DIY Feather and Sequin Epaulettes

Need something a bit more dark? Here are some ideas using Rooster Coque Feathers, Goose Satinettes, Marabou and more.

“For a chic alternative to a full-on costume, clip these fanciful accessories onto almost any outfit…”

Buy It or DIY It: Chic Feather Epaulets for Halloween



Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes

Fashion Week SS16 Feather Round Up

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 9, 2015


Fashion Week SS16 Feather Round Up

Fashion Week SS16 feather round up was difficult for me to pick my favorite designers.  There was a mixture of unique feathered garments to admire… But if we have to pick a favorite collection I would have to go with Sophie Theallett.  She mixed sexy silhouette with a powerful slim fit golden suit embellished with bleached rooster coque tails that add a little drama. Sophie Theallet also uses goose biots in her collection, it adds little edge to a cocktail dress. You can clearly  see her love for Africa in this fun and energetic spring line up.

Comme Des Garcons, YDE, Givenchy and Nina Ricci favored ostrich in their spring lineup. Ostrich feathers always adds a feminine touch with a glamorous flow to a dress or gown. YDE mini dress is sassy with an elegant flow using ostrich fringe. Comme Des Garcons is very advant garde with ostrich feathers you see the influence of Bjorks Biophila tour, in my option which I love! Valentino used peacock flue in their African inspired collection of dresses crafted with color bands of raffia or the pleated goddess gowns, with peacock collars inspired by modern day Nubian queen. It just goes to show that you can always use feathers in any season for in any collection or influences.







Elegant Gothic Inspired Feather Costumes

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 5, 2015


blackCollageStep into the dark side this Halloween season with these Elegant Gothic Inspired Feather Costumes and headdresses. You can easily DIY these costumes this Halloween with the help of The Feather Place. Our feather products are sure to bring out your inner Gothic Vamp.

thumb2-warliz-teron-charlize-theron-koroleva-ravenna-filmy-belosnezhka-i-ohotnikElegant Gothic Inspired Feather CostumesFrom already made Black Feather Chokers, Black Raven, Crow, Mocking Bird and Maleficent inspired Feather Wings to Black Rooster Coque Tails, Peacock feathers, Pheasant tails and more! The Feather Place is your go to shop for Everything Feathers this Halloween!Elegant Gothic Inspired Feather CostumesChannel your inner Katniss with these Mocking Jay inspired Feather Wings available in Black and Natural. These wings are handmade and easily fold forward or back, creating different and unique looks when worn.

Make sure to get them soon… We are certain they will SELL OUT!!!!

the-mockingjay-dressElegant Gothic Inspired Feather CostumesThe perfect accessory for that out of the ordinary costume or event. Complete your fantasy costume with these fabulous feather wings and products.Elegant Gothic Inspired Feather CostumesAlready made Feather Collars and Chokers from The Feather Place are perfect for your frightful costumes. We even have a Maleficent Cursed Collar DIY tutorial, for those of you that want to get crafty this halloween. Pair it with our Small Maleficent Inspired Feather Wings for the complete look.maleficent-collar-cover