June 2017

The Hollywood Carnival and Cultural Festival 2017 was an amazing, world class experience. Los Angeles is truly a melting pot of “vibrant multicultural & diverse communities of people” from all over the world. Several countries presented; from Guatemala to Trinidad, Brazil, Mexico and so many more. It was great to see all the different cultural representations and carnival costumes in one parade. Here are some of the images we captured while at the parade.We know it takes months of planning and preparation to put these costumes together. Fortunately feather supplies are easy to come by at The Feather Place, located downtown Los Angeles. Wholesale is available to all carnival and cultural dance customers! We loved all of the amazing feathered costumes made with unique color combinations incorporating ostrich plumes, rooster coque tails, goose palettes, pheasant tails, and peacock feathers. Embellished with flashy sequence appliques, beads and trims to catch your eye, each reveler brings individual style and artistry within their groups theme.We’d like to give a shout out to our friends Extacy Mas, Jam Design Concepts, Bamboo Mas, Sistas wit Style, Caribbean Zone Productions, People of the Sun, The Mirage, Abraham Gonzales-Pollick from A Royal Piece and ALL of our carnival clients for counting on The Feather Place this year. And a SPECIAL Thank you to Extacy Mas … Parading with you was the time of my life-xo!

“The Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival, are proud to present the annual Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival Parade – a world culture festival – expressing the colors of culture and freedom of the world as one people. This is a celebration of our cultures and traditions, featuring colorful costumes, dances, food, arts & crafts, and music from around the world.”

Marching with PRIDE and Feathers

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on June 12, 2017


We are marching with PRIDE and Feathers this summer as PRIDE and LGBTQ celebrations roll out <3 . This past weekend marked the first of this summers celebrations starting in Los Angeles and across to Boston where Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the crowd in our bright Rainbow feather boa. We LOVE it!

Don’t miss out on the festivities… Join in the fun the weekend of June 23-25th 🏳️‍🌈

Details:  San Francisco Pride and Parade are the largest gathering of the LGBT community in the nation, featuring eclectic music that spans across several genres. Tickets are available here

Details: NYC Pride takes place at various venues throughout the city, but the music portion takes place on Friday and Saturday night at Pride Island. Tickets are available here.

Marching with PRIDE and Feathers

Even man’s best friend knows that Love trumps Hate!

“Sister Sera Nade” with the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, sings on the National Mall with the Capitol in the background during the Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington, Sunday, June 11, 2017. Carolyn Kaster AP Photo Marching with PRIDE and Feathers To everyone marching & dancing at #BostonPride & celebrations across the country: Happy Pride — Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) June 10, 2017 Marching with PRIDE and Feathers And I’m #wickedproud to march once again with @Baglyinc, a terrific group that empowers Boston LGBTQ youth. #BostonPride — Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) June 10, 2017 Marching with PRIDE and Feathers I am #wickedproud to be from MA, the state that leads the way for LGBTQ equality. #BostonPride — Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) June 10, 2017

Marching with PRIDE and Feathers Marching with PRIDE and Feathers

Marching with PRIDE and Feathers (Boston, Ma 061017) Donna Soltura (R) and other members of the Moving Violations Motorocycle Club Cheer as the Pride Parade begins. June 10, 2017 Staff photo Chris Christo

Marching with PRIDE and Feathers

I’m in this fight all the way so that equal means equal & everyone is treated with dignity & respect. #BostonPride — Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) June 10, 2017