It’s our 6th Year Anniversary

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 8, 2016


It’s our 6th Year Anniversary at The Feather Girl! Thank you for reading and following along with us… We look forward to continue to bring you fun and exciting news in feather fashion trends, décor, DIY projects and more!

anniversary-cThe Feather Girl was created to inspire, educate and showcase Everything Feathers…From Costume to Couture!

When it comes to feather trends, we at The Feather Girl have such an appreciation for the variety of ways feathers are given purpose.

Regardless of what century, decade, or year it is – from Shamans to showgirls, there’s just something captivating about feathers that always seems to inspire creativity and give flight to our imagination.
We understand how feathers not only make excellent embellishments for costumes, garments and accessories, but how they can also be incorporated into creative art projects, along with home, holiday & special event décor as well.

We invite you to to come with us as we delve into the fabulous world of feather expressions to explore style and color trends of the past, present and future.  The Feather Girl – October 2010

Take a stroll down memory lane with our first post “Wheat and Pheasant Feathers at McQueen” dated 10/8/2010.

It's our 6th Year Anniversary Wheat and Pheasant Feathers at McQueen

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