Carnival and Mardi Gras 2015

by The Feather Place NYC on February 20, 2015


Carnival and Mardi Gras 2015

Drum queen Juliana Alves from the Unidos da Tijuca samba school - Carnival and Mardi Gras 2015

Carnival & Mardi Gras is one of the few times during the year where the upper, middle and lower class come together in one place to splurge on themselves with marvelous feather costumes making their fantasies come true. They personify themselves as kings, queens and “Bahianas” to obtain hope and the pursuit of happiness for that one day. A variety of Carnival Designers, seamstresses, mechanical engineers, theater producers, artists, choreographers, samba communities, musicians and TV celebrities all engage and exchange ideas to turn each of their own school into the most spectacular popular street opera show of the year.


Carnival and Mardi Gras 2015 as come and gone… Alas, here are some of our favorite feather costumes worn by joyful revelers across the globe!

Golden Blades Mardi Gras Indians Joseph Boudreaux, 2nd Chief of the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians Big Chief Byron Thomas of the Black Mohawk Mardi Gras Indians and his Queen

 The abundance of feathers on some of these Mardi Gras Indian costumes in New Orleans are so over the top, we can’t help but to applaud such artistry! There are truly some amazing costume designers out there!

Andrew Sanchez Jr. King of Zulu Mangueira samba school performers

Lights, camera and action. The popular street opera from Rio de Janeiro begins!  The drums, the samba, the poetry and gorgeous feathers agitated Sapucai Avenue.

Despite all of the recent economical and political crisis the country has been going through, the samba schools stepped out of their comfort zones .  They were able to utilize limited resources to deliver some of the most amazing richly designed and highly crafted feather costumes created by the samba communities and designers from around the globe.

Peformer_Academicos do Grande Rio_Photograph_LeoCorrea_link_httpwww.theguardian.combusinessgallery2015feb17rio-de-janeiro-carnival-highlights-in-pictures#img-3

BRAZIL CARNIVAL Performers from the Uniao da Ilha do Governador samba schooL

Ostrich Feathers, Rooster Feathers, Pheasant Feathers OH MY…!

A performer from the Uniao da Ilha do Governador samba school


 We hope you had a wonderful and festive carnival season! Remember to shop The Feather Place for all of your feathered needs. We are the most fashion-forward and cutting-edge vendor within the feather supply industry. Wholesale buyers welcomed!


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