Fly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 25, 2016


There’s two less fish the sea this fall and these fly fishing feather boutonnieres and details are perfect for your fishing enthusiast groom and groomsmen! What groom would want a pair of his very own Fly Fishing Feather Boutonniere and Cufflinks!? We love how there’s not limit to what you can do with feathers and a little bit of creativity! Fly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres e37fca7eeaaefa220eca21736e95c53cFly Fishing Feather Boutonnieres You can even personalize your very own fly fishing feathered lure inspired party favors and keepsakes to keep within your theme wedding! Couples who are planning their weddings and want to add some personal outdoorsman flair would love these fishing inspired details. Check out how this couple even incorporated fishing into their wedding decor and wedding engagement photography!

Fly Fishing CollagePicMonkey Collage

Every once in awhile we get to help on uber creative events like the Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor made for Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte’s “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding!

Yes, that’s right we said… an “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding– and every single “AHS” inspired decor detail from the art deco venue, ostrich feather centerpieces to actor Naomi Grossman (from both Asylum & Freak Show) as the ring bearer, was on point!


“After Michael proposed to me and we started planning, we knew almost immediately we wanted a Halloween wedding,” Jordan said. “The ‘AHS’ thing came in once we chose our gorgeous Art Deco venue ― only to find out it was where they were filming ‘AHS: Hotel!’ That’s when we really went for it.”

Michael and Jordan who tied the knot last week on Oct. 29 at the historic Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown L.A  came to The Feather Place Los Angeles months in advance and with our help were able to make their wedding decor dreams come true! Using dark Teal Ostrich Plumes and Peacock Tails they created captivating feather centerpieces transforming their wedding venue into an art deco dreamland! We couldn’t be happier for these two! Thank you for counting on The Feather Place for all of your “feathered” needs!

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Feathered Nest Bridal Shower

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on July 1, 2016


Today we are sharing these eco-chic Feathered Nest Bridal Shower decorations. My childhood friend created these for her sister’s bridal shower this summer using an assortment of feathers from The Feather Place! How sweet are these!? Don’t you just love how she incorporated real feathers into the centerpieces, banner and pens… it’s all in the details right! Below you will find her step by step instructions so you can DIY your own Feathered Nest theme party and gathering!



Feathers (4 types) Guinea, Duck, Goose and Pheasant Feathers
SNÄRTIG vase from IKEA (or any vase with a small diameter opening)
Acrylic Paint
Sponge paint brush
Suede cord (approx 8.5in). Any length by preference
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Fresh cut lavender

1. Paint vase with 1 coat and then again with a 2nd coat

2. Cut several (approx 3 stems) of freshly grown lavender

3. Gather feathers together with the largest feather set St the back of the bunch. Dollap glue at the stems of the feathers to hold the bunch together

4. Place lavender stems in vase

5. Place glued feather bundle in vase

6. Thread beads through Suede string and tie knots at each end to hold beads in place.

7. Tie beaded string around the neck of the vase.



Feathers (4 types) Guinea, Duck, Goose and Pheasant Feathers
Card stock
Scrapbook straight edge cutter (optional)
Hemp string
Leather bunting string
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Sticker letters

1. From a 12×12 cardstock cut 8 banner flags. Each approx 2 3/4in W x 6in L.

2. Place sticker letters on each flag making sure enough space is left for cutting triangle slit from the bottom of each flag.

3. Measure 1 1/2in up from the bottom of each flag and gauge where the centre is to cut the triangle slit.

4. Punch 2 holes at top of each flag to thread Hemp string through.

4. Add beads to the Hemp string.

5. Gather one of each feather type and bundle together using Hemp string.

6. Flip banner to have the back facing you. Then glue the feather bundle to the Hemp string in between each flag.

7. Glue the leather bunting string to both ends of the banner for that finishing touch.


Feather Accessories for Brides

by The Feather Place NYC on May 8, 2015


Feather Accessories for Brides

A recent visit to the New York International Bridal Week trade show 2015 has brought us to discover some beautiful, lavish and glamorous bridal trends. This season we found lots of crystal beading, delicate lace appliqués, fabulous rich brocades and of course BEAUTIFUL FEATHER accents.  Marie Antoinette is in the air… It’s all about sophistication, style and grace!

Here are a few highlights from some of our favorite designers at this season’s Bridal trade shows, starting with couture designs from Deborah Lindquist.

Feather Accessories for Brides

Deborah Lindquist showed us some stunning and exquisite feather head and neck pieces. She is one of L.A.’s most sought after environmentally-conscious designers.  Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Cristina Aguilera, Rhianna and many more. Her silhouettes are very much couture-inspired. Although she is well-known for her highly intricate bustiers, she also executes incredibly chic feather neck collars.

Visit for purchases!

Designer, Kim Lai took our breath away with her beautiful, whimsical fascinators made with ostrich, guinea, peacock and marabou feathers.

Feather Accessories for Brides

Kim Lai is the Head Designer at Blossom Bazaar. She is a young, up-and-coming accessory designer who graduated from FIT and has designed for many of the top fashion houses in New York. Today she carries her own line which is heavily influenced by vintage, avant-garde and high fashion.  Enjoy these gorgeous feather fascinators!

For purchases visit

Feather Accessories for Brides

J-Picone is also another one of our favorites! Jolene Picone is the head designer at J-Picone. She is known for her impeccable, beautiful and affordable bridal accessories.  Her line can be found in different retail stores around the US.  J-Picone specializes in stunning fascinators, headbands and bridal belts.

For purchases please visit

If you feel inspired and adventurous to make your own Bridal feather fascinator, visit The Feather Place!  You will be surprised to find a great variety of peacock feathers, rooster coque tails,  ostrich plumes, feather trims and hair accessories.

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on February 13, 2015


Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015 collection was feminine and romantic. We can easily see Hollywood starlets wearing his beautiful pieces on the red carpet as the models walk down through the garden-decorated venue.

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015

The Lebanese designer produced a number of elegantly beaded gowns with blooming flora motifs accompanying Ostrich feather fringe. Saab called this collection “Beirut, Chasing a Dream”. He wanted to capture a nostalgic time in his youth of his mother dressed up in gowns enveloped in flowers.

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015

The collection is nostalgic glamour with girlish charm. You can easily combine Ostrich feather boas to glam up an outfit for a special occasion this spring or summer. Do you have a wedding to attend or are you getting married? You can add feathers to you bridal décor or bouquet. We have a beautiful assortment of Peacock, Ostrich and Goose feathers that would compliment any bridal detail.

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Couture 2015