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Last Minute Feathered Halloween Decor

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 21, 2013


Whoa… Is Halloween really next week! Here are some last minute feathered Halloween decor ideas for your weekend parties. These easy ideas are a sure way to add that spooktacular touch you’re looking for!

Feather Pom Poms from The Feather Place

These Feathered Pom Poms from The Feather Place are the perfect addition to any Halloween Party Decor and are available in 3 sizes!


Hanging Black Turkey Quills is a simple yet effective way to dress up your Halloween decor. Hang them at your doorway entry or from your ceiling throughout the house !


Feather Boas and Garlands are a must and super easy way to decorate your mantel! You could even customize them with googly eyes like madeinaday.com did in the image below!



Here’s an oldie but a goody from our blog last year. Follow these simple steps to make your own Maraboo Feathered Bats!

DIY Feather Crafts for Halloween


Brooklyn Carnival 2013

The Labor Day Parade has come and gone, but we couldn’t help but share with you some of our favorite pictures of the festivities! The Parade celebrations were in Brooklyn this past Monday and it looked like almost everyone was wearing feathers and having a great time! The Miami Carnival is coming up quickly on the weekend of October 12th, so if you haven’t already gotten your costume ready don’t forget to stop by our NYC showroom or to visit Featherplace.com for all your Carnival feather needs!

Brooklyn Carnival 2013


carnival 2013-9

Brooklyn Carnival 2013

Brooklyn Carnival 2013






Burning Man Begins Next Week!

by The Feather Place NYC on August 22, 2013


burning man feather costume

Festival goers are getting all fired up for Burning Man next week, which goes from August 26th – September 2nd and is located in Black Rock City Nevada! Customers have been pouring in to our NYC & LA showrooms in preparation for one-of-a-kind feather costumes. But if you don’t have time to DIY check out some of our fun products below at Featherplace.com


Please remember that when choosing your feathers for Burning Man, using all NATURAL, non-dyed Rooster Coque Tails, Pheasant Tails, and Peacock Feathers are always best for leaving “no trace behind” in The Black Rock Desert environment.  Avoid using feather products that have the tendency to shed.  Be sure that your feathers are securely attached when you DIY,  or if even if you plan to wear any finished feather products you may have purchased.

These over the shoulder Natural Pheasant Wings-are perfect for the person who wants a comfortable pair of wings that won’t get in the way!


This Natural Rooster Coque Feather Headdress can be worn as is, or without the removable gold mask! This item is also great to be used as a base if you’re constructing something with your personal creative touch!

Natural Coque Tail Headdress





















Ombre Story

The summer may be winding down but things are just starting to heat up in the NYC area! We love our Carnival customers and are excited as usual to see what amazing costumes will be part of this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival held in Brooklyn, NY. Feathers are a huge part of all Carnival costumes and they keep getting more and more creative! We put together mood boards of our top 3 trends we expect to see in the next year and beyond. Above is our “Ombré” board, which creates a stunning look on longer feathers when either tip dyed or dyed in 3 or more fading colors. Check out our Tip Dyed Pheasant Tails to achieve that vibrant look!

Below are our other two stories, “All White Everything” and “Birds of Paradise”. White is a luxurious shade in any category and it does not disappoint for Carnival. Silver Pheasant Tails are a great way to add white to any look!

All White Everything Story“Birds of Paradise” invokes a feeling of a rare jeweled bird wearing a myriad of colors on its feathers. Try our Bleached & Dyed Pheasant Tails or Peacock Feathers to take part in this trend. Stop by The Feather Place NYC for all your feather needs and hope to see you all this Labor Day for the festivities!

Birds of Paradise Story

Rihanna sure knows how to Shakes her little Tail Feathers. Here are some fun Carnival pic’s from her recent trip to her homeland of Barbados. Just look at the bedazzled white Ostrich Feather costume she parties in during Barbados’ Kadooment Day Parade. We spy some white Parried Goose Fringe in there as well … Of course, We LOVE it!!!!

rihanna2 rihanna3 rihanna4 rihanna5 rihanna6


NYC Gay Pride Parade 2013!

by The Feather Place NYC on July 3, 2013


Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013Last weekend’s Gay Pride Parade was full of floats, fun and feathers! We love helping clients with their costumes and wanted to share some of our favorite feathered looks from over the weekend. Enjoy and don’t forget to stop by The Feather Place showrooms or shop at featherplace.com for all your costume needs!

Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013Gay Pride Parade NYC 2013



FEATHER CROWN1Music festivals have been growing larger every year and there is no denying that these concerts have had a major impact on fashion trends. There are tons of feathers EVERYWHERE from  feather earrings, headbands, headdresses – you name it-  can be seen across the country! We found great DIY instructions via TheWonderForest.com that we wanted to share with you guys so you can look the part of a festival girl. These crafty gals used a mixture of shorter turkey, rooster and pheasant but these instructions work on any and all types of feathers. We recommend our mixed packaged feathers, rooster tails,  or even our items by the yard! Mix and match different kinds of feathers for added dimensions and textures!

Check out the directions below for a simple yet stunning feather crown!

FEATHER CROWN2Directions via TheWonderForest.com :

1. Cut strips of fabric or lace about 1 inch or thinner in width and about 30 inches long. I chose to cut up an old brown t-shirt (pull on the strips to make them roll up and stretch), an old vintage multicolored upholstery fabric, and a nice white lace. I used four strips and combines one brown strip with the white lace.

2. Starting at about 8-10 inches down, braid your strips together! You’ll want to leave those loose ends long so you can tie it together when you’re done.

3. When you reach the end, wrap one of your strips around the ends and hot glue it in place. Do this to both ends.

4. This is what it should look like after wrapping and gluing a strip around the loose ends.

5. Start hot gluing your feathers onto the back of your braid! Start with the shortest feathers and then add the taller ones on top.

6. Add a piece of fabric or felt to the backing of the feathers to finish it off. Hot glue it on.  Now you’re ready to tie it around your head and rock it!

All images and directions via TheWonderForest.com

Carnival Feathers 2013 Round-Up…  Best in Show! Here are our favorite feathered costumes from the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools that we found on the BrazilCarnival community Facebook page! Look at the variety of long Pheasant and Rooster Coque Tails!  Pheasant and Rooster Tail  feathers dyed-over-natural make a stunning statement when constructing custom headdresses and costumes for Carnival.  Amazing custom dyed colors are available from The Feather Place and Zucker Feather Products ! Contact us  for custom inquiries; and make sure you give yourself enough time to order in advance… Custom orders take up to 4 weeks before shipment. Also make sure to check out BrazilCarnivalShop , your one stop shop for Brazilian Carnival Costumes and accessories 100% Hand Made.


Tis’ The Season for Feathers!

by The Feather Place NYC on November 27, 2012


This dreary NYC weather is a reminder that the Holidays are near! One of the our favorite things to see around this time of year, besides for the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree of course, are the retail store’s holiday windows!!! We are especially impressed by Bergdorf Goodman’s windows, which we are excited to say included tons of feathers that The Feather Place NYC supplied!

The store’s 5 holiday windows are fantastical and draw inspiration from the Art Deco style and our feathers fit in just perfectly! The windows represent 5 Acts which can be traced back to famous entertainers, such as Marilyn Monroe and Sally Rand. You can find all these feathers and more at featherplace.com!

Don’t forget to check out the windows for yourself at Bergdorf Goodman on 58th street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Watch the video below to see how the windows came together with inside look at the design team.

Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman and Ricky Zehavi

Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show was this week here in NYC and we can’t wait to show you the spectacular feather creations from this year’s event! The VS Angels looked stunning (just check out the gorgeous Miranda Kerr above) and we think that Victoria’s Secret really outdid themselves this year!!!

Towering creations made of ostrich plumes, ostrich spads, rooster coque, goose feathers and so much more graced the runway while performers like Rihanna and Justin Bieber entertained the audience. Check out our photo gallery of the hottest feather looks in town and video highlights below!