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Tis’ The Season for Feathers!

by The Feather Place NYC on November 27, 2012


This dreary NYC weather is a reminder that the Holidays are near! One of the our favorite things to see around this time of year, besides for the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree of course, are the retail store’s holiday windows!!! We are especially impressed by Bergdorf Goodman’s windows, which we are excited to say included tons of feathers that The Feather Place NYC supplied!

The store’s 5 holiday windows are fantastical and draw inspiration from the Art Deco style and our feathers fit in just perfectly! The windows represent 5 Acts which can be traced back to famous entertainers, such as Marilyn Monroe and Sally Rand. You can find all these feathers and more at featherplace.com!

Don’t forget to check out the windows for yourself at Bergdorf Goodman on 58th street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Watch the video below to see how the windows came together with inside look at the design team.

Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman and Ricky Zehavi

Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show was this week here in NYC and we can’t wait to show you the spectacular feather creations from this year’s event! The VS Angels looked stunning (just check out the gorgeous Miranda Kerr above) and we think that Victoria’s Secret really outdid themselves this year!!!

Towering creations made of ostrich plumes, ostrich spads, rooster coque, goose feathers and so much more graced the runway while performers like Rihanna and Justin Bieber entertained the audience. Check out our photo gallery of the hottest feather looks in town and video highlights below!



We are so excited to finally see the restoration work done on the iconic  Scarlett O’Hara dresses from the classic film “Gone with the Wind”! Especially since The Feather Place Los Angeles had the unique task of supplying and custom dying Natural Ostrich Plumes in Burgundy for the Scarlett O’Hara’s Ball Gown restoration!

“Cara Varnell works on the burgundy ball gown from “Gone With The Wind.” Varnell determined that some feathers were original and some were replacements. The ball gown as well as the iconic green curtain dress from the 1939 film were saved from deterioration by a $30,000 conservation effort by the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, and are on display for the first time in nearly 30 years at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum as part of a Hollywood costume exhibit.”

 “The dresses were made of heavy fabric and were not built to last. Weakened stitching and sagging waistlines had to be repaired and conservators also had to remove some previous alternation work and additions, such as feathers placed on the burgundy gown.”

Check out the full AP story at : Iconic Scarlett OHara dresses restored, displayed.


The 1920s Flapper has always been a popular Halloween costume, but this year we are seeing a resurgence in this style from movies, fashion and even hot off the runways!

The HBO show Boardwalk Empire brought the Golden Age back into the spotlight with its fantastic costume and set design. Feathers adorn headdresses, clothing, fans and even party decor. This December stay tuned for the new release of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan who take this classic story to the next level.

The flapper style is one of our favorites since we can DIY with, of course, feathers! You can get inspiration from popular culture, runway shows or even going to Featherplace.com and using your imagination! We recommend using peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, and a variety of fringes and boas to create the perfect look.

Below, we leave you with a couple of styles from Ralph Lauren’s collection that we previously wrote about- the designer’s uncanny ability to channel the Flapper style is truly inspiring!

Anna Dello Russo: Feather Girl Extraordinaire!

by The Feather Place NYC on August 16, 2012


The ultimate trend setter, Anna Dello Russo, is not known to be shy with her style. A self-professed lover of feathers and fur the Vogue Japan fashion editor can be seen with up to 5 outfit changes per day, many including feathered dresses and fascinators! She has been described by the legendary photographer Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac”, and we simply love her style! It’s whimsical, luxurious, and best of all- full of feathers!

Check out some of Anna Dello Russo’s signature feather looks below:

Love Anna’s style? DIY with help from featherplace.com or get her look with by adding her favorite feathers, Ostrich, to any outfit!

It’s getting hot in here! With summer in full swing, Nicki Minaj made her way back to her birth land of Trinidad to shoot her new music video POUND THE ALARM.  Wearing a festive bright red feathered costume, Nicki shakes her tail feathers down the streets of Trinidad as many fans look on and cheer. What’s special about this costume is that The Feather Place Los Angeles provided the majority of these fabulous feathers to the Maggie Barry Company for it’s construction! From long Rooster Coque Tails, Extra Wide Ostrich Plumes, and two pairs of our Large Half Bronze Tail Feather Wings Dyed in Red, this costume has it all!

“I never thought in a million years that I would ever do this,”  say’s Nicki Minaj in this feathered up Behind the Scenes video!

Minaj also tweeted, “Just wrapped an amazing video on an amazing island. #Trinidad #poundthealarm…The heat in Trinidad is on another level. O-o The girls in the vid aredrop dead gorgeous & I’m not just saying it cuz I’m from here!…Always bitter sweet when I have to leave my country. Had the best time of my life shooting this video.”


 In the photo above, the superstar looks statuesque while taking zen moment backstage at her concert before taking the stage. Donning a Zuhair Murad Couture ensemble a crystal-adorned jude bodysuit and a full skirt and matching headpiece made of fluffy marabou feathers, the ageless star accessorizes her dazzling look with diamond bracelets and rings. via Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Behind-the-Scenes Concert Pic – Yahoo! omg!.

This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Behind-the-Scenes Concert Pic

Found on Etsy.com, The Plumed Serpant has amazing one-of-a-kind feather headwear that is just stunning!  It’s costuming for a new era – very ethereal and mystical! Makes me want to get dressed up and find an event to attend!





Weekend Picks : Snow White and the Huntsman

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on June 1, 2012


Haute-Couture Queen For costuming, SWATH employed one of the best in the business, three-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood.

“Snow White and the Huntsman” : There’s something dark and mysterious that we love about this modern take of Grimm fairytale  Snow White.  Without a doubt, what catches our eye the most are the luxurious costumes that were made by Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood! Just by looking at these movie stills and trailer, I imagine that many women will be inspired to make their very own Queen Ravenna  Halloween costumes. Luckily for you, we can get you started with a pair of Black Iridescent Rooster Coque Wings  and Black Rooster Coque tails by the yard, just like the one’s used by Colleen Atwood!

Haute-Couture Queen
For costuming, SWATH employed one of the best in the business, three-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (“Alice in Wonderland” 2010, ”Memoirs of a Geisha” 2005, “Chicago” 2002). Hundreds of costumes were required for the film, including 12 major costumes just for Theron’s Queen Ravenna, all of which required hundreds of hours of labor. “There’s a collar made of Stag Beetle horns. There’s actually a dress made of beetle wings in her wardrobe. There’s a wedding dress for her, which is at the beginning of the movie, that has a huge collar made out of really fine, almost skeletal type bones. She also has a cape made of cock feathers that have been carved and sculpted into a shape on a cape. I call it her transforming cape because she becomes birds when she wears it. So all in all she’s quite the haute-couture sort of queen, but with an aged, rotting edge to her,” says Atwood.

Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood
"Snow White and the Huntsman" Sneak Peek

A Very Feathery Beyonce via iam.beyonce.com

We love Beyoncé’s style and attitude, and when we heard she was going to perform at Revel in Atlantic City we couldn’t have been more excited! The pop star diva was just spotted on the red carpet in a feathered gown by Givenchy couture, and now we are so excited to see that she performed with OUR beautiful Ostrich Feather fans and a feather headdress! She is mixing some burlesque and carnival inspirations into her shows and we can’t get enough! Some high profile celebrities attended this epic show, including Michelle Obama and her daughters. Check out more pictures from the unbelievable concert below, as well as a “behind-the-scenes” video featuring our white feathered fans!

If you would like to have your very own ostrich feathered fan like Beyoncé’s, check out our OFAN here. If you like these dramatic fans, check out all the different sizes and options of our feather fans here. For a fun DIY project, use our staves and ostrich feathers for your own individualized fan!

Burlesque Inspired Feather Performance via iam.beyonce.com

Beyonce and Dancers via iam.beyonce.com

Beyonce Shows Off Her Feathered Headdress via iam.beyonce.com