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Feather Costume Inspirations

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 27, 2014


Feather Costume Inspirations

From Baby Chick Costumes, Raven‘s and Peacock Costumes, The Feather Place is your go to shop for all things feathers! Every year we are inspired by all of the creative things you can do with Feathers for Halloween! Let us help you create a one of a kind costume like the ones pictured below.

Feather Costume Inspirations #feathers #thefeatherplace

All you need are a couple of Chandelle Boa‘s to complete this adorable Chicklet look!

Feather Costume Inspirations #feathers #thefeatherplace

Don’t bother making the feather choker when we have one already made and ready to wear! Check out our Black Feather Choker  OR our Black Feather Collar . We even have small packages of Black Rooster Feathers for all of the details!

Feather Costume Inspirations #feathers #thefeatherplace

Sitting pretty in their Pink Flamingo and Blue Peacock feathered bird costumes! These are so creative and over the top! We love them! An assortment of feather styles were used to make these costumes including Feather Boas, Ostrich Feathers, Peacock Tails and Rooster Tails!

Feather Costume Inspirations #feathers #thefeatherplace

Keep it simple and sparkly with an ostrich feather Flapper Headband and chandelle with lurex Feather Boa!

You simply cant go wrong with any of these feathered costume inspirations!

We hope you Have a Spooktacular Halloween Holiday! 

A Maleficent Inspired DIY: Cursed Collar

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 3, 2014


Maleficent Inspired DIY: Cursed CollarAre you looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Something a little scary and sassy? Today’s DIY will transform just a few items into a show-stopping costume! This Maleficent Inspired DIY Collar would pair perfectly with our new Maleficent inspired Wings to create a full costume. If you’re not feeling crafty, you can purchase this very same collar with no hassle–HERE!

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Strung Feathers (Black Hackle works nicely!)

Feather Green Circle  Lace

Feather Green Circle   Fabric

Feather Green Circle  Needle & Thread

Feather Green Circle  Gromments

Feather Green Circle  Ribbon or Cording

Feather Directions

STEP 1. Cut two rows of feathers about one inch smaller than the circumference of your neck.


STEP 2. Glue the two strips of feathers together using fabric glue.


STEP 3. Cut two strips of fabric slightly longer (about an 1.5 inches) than the feather strips and about 1.5 inches wide.


STEP 4. Fold over the edges on both fabric strips at about a quarter inch and iron down.


STEP 5. Place a strip of fabric on either side of the feather strip, sandwiching it in-between. Pin everything together and sew each side together. Finish the ends by turning the fabric in ¼ inch and sewing down.


STEP 6. Insert grommets in the ends of the fabric strip.


STEP 7. Embellish the collar with interesting ribbon, trim, jewels, or buttons. Or, if you’d rather, leave it as is.


Love our Maleficent Inspired DIY: Cursed Collar? For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog The Feather Girl!

Nifty Balloons is making a statement with Feathers

The Feather Place is pleased to announce our Featured Artists and Designers program; Showcasing the highest quality artistry and designs created with our feather products. Up first are our friends over at Nifty Balloons! From bracelets to tiaras, jet packs and motorcycles, David and Shayna have a knack for bringing a fresh new style to the world of balloon art and often use our ostrich feathers for their designs.Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers

Nifty Balloons is redefining children’s event entertainment! Husband and wife duo David and Shayna Brenion fill celebrations with fancy, whimsical, wearable fun! Working at high-class events in Los Angeles, the couple wanted to bring an extra element of elegance to their work, and The Feather Place’s ostrich plumes have been an enormous hit, bringing their balloon fascinators to the next level! Party guests are amazed, and event pictures are filled with smiles and color. Live, interactive, customized and unique! This is world-class Balloon Art!

Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers

David and Shana Brenion live and work in the Los Angeles area. If you need entertainment, balloon twisting, or face painting for a party in LA, Ventura, Santa Monica, give Nifty Balloons a call! 805-665-7791

Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
Nifty Balloons making a statement with FeathersNifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
 Photo Credits : David Brenion

Become a Featured Artist/Designer with The Feather Place & Zucker Feather Products and show the world how you express yourself with feathers. We are committed to showcasing the highest quality designs that can be created with our feather products. If you are interested in being a Featured Artists/Designer, please contact us at tfpla@featherplace.com. 

The Seven - CR Fashion Book

Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book !

At The Feather Place NYC we recently worked with the stylists at CR Fashion Book to help create this fashionable and artful editorial.  Venery Pheasant Tails, Silver Pheasant Tails, Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers and Goose Biots were used to create this artistic interpretation of the modern day woman who does it all!

Part Work by Day Mom, part Contemporary Snow White, she makes for a magical and magnetic vision of motherhood. – The Seven | CR Fashion Book

Make sure to check out the full spread at CR Fashion Book – The Seven.

Feathers by The Feather Place

tumblr_n7dpcaFbxb1rf4nooo5_1280 Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book

Burning Man MOOP ; Feathers Yay or Nay?

Dancer at Sunrise, 2013. Photo by Paulius Musteikis. So…What the heck is MOOP and how does it pertain to feathers at Burning Man?  

“MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally OF the land on which our event (Burning Man) takes place. So everything that wasn’t originally ON or OF the Black Rock Desert, no matter how small, is considered MOOP, and is to be removed as part of our Leave No Trace efforts.”

Year after year The Feather Place gets many requests for feathers that will be worn by revelers attending Burning Man. We usually tell our clients that feathers are not Burning Man friendly and explain the “Leave no Trace” efforts at Burning Man. This year has been no different except that we recently came across the Burning Man Official Blog  Feathers are MOOP, Right? Well, That Depends on YOU...  It was brought to our attention that feathers might be making a comeback at Burning Man keeping in mind that…

“…if you want to wear feathers, that’s fine … but make sure they’re attached in ways that won’t fail, and if you can’t then don’t wear them, because it’s on YOU if they become MOOP. (And that goes for anything you bring to Black Rock City.)”

So there you have it. Exciting feathered news! Be smart when it comes to your feathered frocks and make sure to keep them well maintained! The ban on feathers had been intended to address poorly made costumes that leave trails of feathers behind. Use good judgment and be careful about what you wear on the playa. Remember that certain Feather Boas are still a BIG FAT No No!  If you are planning to attend Burning Man we recommend checking out the websites  Survival Guide  for more information and to see a full list of do’s and don’ts .

Burning Man is from August 25 – September 1 … Burn responsibly 🙂