Jazz Up your Space with Feathers

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 8, 2017


It’s Spring and the perfect time to jazz up your space with feathers! We love showcasing our favorite DIY feather projects like this amazing Pre-teen bedroom makeover by Candice Cowin of Texas Brocante Antiques & Interiors.

“About a year or so ago, I noticed that my eldest child wasn’t a little girl anymore. It was a great excuse to change things up in her bedroom. You know, to reflect her maturing tastes & needs” @texasbrocante

Using 5 Yards of our Metallic Rooster Coque Tail Fringe in Mauve; Cowin transformed her daughters “boring swing arm lamps” and jazzed them up with a bit of hot glue and some dyed feather trim from The Feather Place Los Angeles. This is definitely a bedroom makeover any pre-teen would love to have and one that she can grow into over the years! Take a look below! Don’t you love it!Jazz Up your Space with Feathers

With just these simple steps, you can DIY your own Feathered lamp shades and revamp your space from drab to fab!

Jazz Up your Space with Feathers

Feeling inspired like us and want to check out more projects from Texas Brocante Antiques & Interiors? Visit their Houzz page where you can find contact info, project photos and more!

Ostrich Feather Lamps by A Modern Grand Tour

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 23, 2016


We love showcasing and are always on the look-out for high end and avant garde feather home decor like these exquisite Ostrich Feather Lamps from our customer A Modern Grand Tour.  Is it too late to ask Santa for one of these…?featherlamppurplenew7_2048x2048


Ostrich Feather Lamps

Made with extra large Prime Ostrich Femina Plumes ; these lamps are available in 8 luxurious colors Natural, Coral, Dusk, Ochre, Black, Old Gold and Bottle Green ; these lamps can be ordered in a Classic Gold Leaf, Bronze Dipped, Brass Dipped and Silver Leaf finish.

DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Décor

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 11, 2016


DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror

DIY Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Décor. In no time at all your space can go from drab to fab; revamping your mantle and giving it new life this fall. Decorating with pheasant feathers never looked so good!

Step 1:  First trace the round mirrors with your Dressmakers White Chalk Pencil and cut the shape out with your scissors. You will want to make two of these round cut mats; one for each of the Pheasant Feather styles.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 1

Step 2: Select your first set of feathers and organize them to your liking around the first piece of felt. Begin to glue them down one by one until finished. Continue and go on to the next feather mat.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 2

Step 3: Stack the two feather mats on top of one another and glue them together in the center. Next, generously glue the round mirror to the center of the two feather mats.

Allow to dry overnight.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 3

Step 4: Grab your Natural Twine or Cording of choice and braid enough to go round the circumference of mirror.  Continue and glue the braided cord around the mirror. Once done, cut the excess cord and glue.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 4

Step 5: Cut a small 2×1” piece of felt and center the large paperclip at the top, back of the mirror. Glue the felt over ½ of the paperclip leaving the other half exposed to be used as a hanger.

Allow to dry overnight before hanging up.

Pheasant Feather Trimmed Mirror Step 5

Every once in awhile we get to help on uber creative events like the Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor made for Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte’s “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding!

Yes, that’s right we said… an “American Horror Story” Themed Wedding– and every single “AHS” inspired decor detail from the art deco venue, ostrich feather centerpieces to actor Naomi Grossman (from both Asylum & Freak Show) as the ring bearer, was on point!


“After Michael proposed to me and we started planning, we knew almost immediately we wanted a Halloween wedding,” Jordan said. “The ‘AHS’ thing came in once we chose our gorgeous Art Deco venue ― only to find out it was where they were filming ‘AHS: Hotel!’ That’s when we really went for it.”

Michael and Jordan who tied the knot last week on Oct. 29 at the historic Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown L.A  came to The Feather Place Los Angeles months in advance and with our help were able to make their wedding decor dreams come true! Using dark Teal Ostrich Plumes and Peacock Tails they created captivating feather centerpieces transforming their wedding venue into an art deco dreamland! We couldn’t be happier for these two! Thank you for counting on The Feather Place for all of your “feathered” needs!

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Hauntingly Beautiful Feather Wedding Decor

Our favorite presentation during NYFW was Cynthia Rowley’s West Village HQ Feather Fantasy.  White feathers fluttered as models frolicked about a stage piled with a plethora of plumage. Goes to show you that feather trends don’t always have to be worn. Transform a drab space with whimsical Feather decor trends like Cynthia Rowley.

Feeling inspired and want to have your very own “pillow fight” inspired photoshoot or event…? Shop The Feather Place for loose Turkey Plumage feathers in bulk.

Cynthia Rowley's Spring- Summer 2017 shot by Mark Elzey exclusively for F Word Magazine. Cynthia Rowley’s Spring- Summer 2017 shot by Mark Elzey exclusively for F Word Magazine. Cynthia Rowley's West Village HQ Feather Fantasy Cynthia Rowley’s West Village HQ Feather Fantasy

Quirky Cartridge Feather Trends

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on September 16, 2016


Unique and quirky cartridge feather trends are the perfect way to show individuality and express your inner country spirit. Handmade using spent cartridge shells and feathers, these one of a kind hat pins, lapel pins, earrings and decor trends are perfect whether you are looking to make affordable rustic decorations while also making great keepsakes and gifts. Quirky Cartridge Feather Trends Collage2We searched the handmade section of Etsy and found several shops where you can find these one of a kind handmade cartridge + feather trends … You can even purchase empty shells for your own DIY projects.

Quirky Cartridge Feather Trends Collage3Quirky Cartridge Feather Trends Collage

Shop for Natural and Dyed Rooster Feathers , Guinea Quills, Pheasant Tails Feathers and Plumage to make your very own feathered cartridge and spent shell inspired project … If you are inspired to make a Cartridge Pin or Broach these pre-made feather pins and feather trims are a great way to get started.Feather Pins and Trims Collage

DIY Monster Feather Wreath

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on September 9, 2016


Monster Feather Wreath

A Halloween checklist; Costume? Check. Candy? Check. Spooky decorations? Let’s check that one off the list right now. This Monster Feather Wreath is a not too scary and easy enough to enlist crafting help from little hands. So grab your little gremlins, a few supplies, and get crafty! You’ll have a fun Halloween decoration before you can say, “trick or treat!”

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Wreath Form

Feather Green Circle  Chandelle Feather Boas (2)

Feather Green Circle   Hot Glue

Feather Green Circle  Pipe Cleaners

Feather Green Circle   Googly Eyes

Feather Directions

STEP 1. Begin wrapping a chandelle feather boa around the wreath form. Attach with hot glue.

Monster Feather Wreath

STEP 2. Trim a 4 inch length of pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pencil to form a spring. Leave one end straight to stick into the wreath form.

Monster Feather Wreath

STEP 3. Glue a googly eye on the curly end of the pipe cleaner spring. Repeat this process until you have 15-20 eyes, or as many as you think will cover your wreath.

Monster Feather Wreath

STEP 4. Insert the eyes into the wreath form until the wreath has plenty of peepers. Hang on your door and let the scares begin!

Monster Feather WreathStay tuned and be on the lookout for more DIY feather crafts and children’s costume ideas using feather products from The Feather Place. You can also visit our Halloween Projects ideas!
Monster Feather Wreath


Feathered Nest Bridal Shower

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on July 1, 2016


Today we are sharing these eco-chic Feathered Nest Bridal Shower decorations. My childhood friend created these for her sister’s bridal shower this summer using an assortment of feathers from The Feather Place! How sweet are these!? Don’t you just love how she incorporated real feathers into the centerpieces, banner and pens… it’s all in the details right! Below you will find her step by step instructions so you can DIY your own Feathered Nest theme party and gathering!



Feathers (4 types) Guinea, Duck, Goose and Pheasant Feathers
SNÄRTIG vase from IKEA (or any vase with a small diameter opening)
Acrylic Paint
Sponge paint brush
Suede cord (approx 8.5in). Any length by preference
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Fresh cut lavender

1. Paint vase with 1 coat and then again with a 2nd coat

2. Cut several (approx 3 stems) of freshly grown lavender

3. Gather feathers together with the largest feather set St the back of the bunch. Dollap glue at the stems of the feathers to hold the bunch together

4. Place lavender stems in vase

5. Place glued feather bundle in vase

6. Thread beads through Suede string and tie knots at each end to hold beads in place.

7. Tie beaded string around the neck of the vase.



Feathers (4 types) Guinea, Duck, Goose and Pheasant Feathers
Card stock
Scrapbook straight edge cutter (optional)
Hemp string
Leather bunting string
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Sticker letters

1. From a 12×12 cardstock cut 8 banner flags. Each approx 2 3/4in W x 6in L.

2. Place sticker letters on each flag making sure enough space is left for cutting triangle slit from the bottom of each flag.

3. Measure 1 1/2in up from the bottom of each flag and gauge where the centre is to cut the triangle slit.

4. Punch 2 holes at top of each flag to thread Hemp string through.

4. Add beads to the Hemp string.

5. Gather one of each feather type and bundle together using Hemp string.

6. Flip banner to have the back facing you. Then glue the feather bundle to the Hemp string in between each flag.

7. Glue the leather bunting string to both ends of the banner for that finishing touch.


DIY Wild at Heart Feather Wreaths

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 15, 2016


DIY Wild at Heart Feather Wreath

Home is where this Heart is this Valentine’s Day. Express your love and fall head over heels with these handcrafted Wild at Heart Feather Wreaths. With several different ways to use feathers and feather products…the possibilities are endless! Be sure to also check out our past Valentine’s Day DIY tutorial here.

Feather Materials

  • Styrofoam Heart
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Push Pins

Wild at Heart Feather Wreath

Feather Directions


Begin wrapping the ribbon around the heart wreath. We used 3 yards total for the larger wreath. This will vary depending on the size of the wreath. When you get to the center of the heart cut the ribbon and glue the end onto the wreath. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the wreath until it’s completely wrapped.

wild-at-heart-feather-wreath-step1-collageSTEP 2.

Cut feathers to desired length. The length you trim off the feather may vary depending on the size and style of the wreath.

Wild at Heart Feather WreathSTEP 3.

There are several fun & different ways to arrange your feathers. On our larger wreath we glued the feathers down in a tight color coordinated pattern.

Wild at Heart Feather WreathSTEP 4.

On our second smaller wreath we chose to flip the feathers up and glue them down in a loose color coordinated pattern. Using push pins can be handy to help hold your feathers in place as you are assembling.

Wild at Heart Feather WreathSTEP 5.

As a finishing touch, you can glue a feather boa to the back of the wreath to add a little flare.

Wild at Heart Feather WreathSTEP 6.

Last use a push pin and some glue to attach a loop of ribbon to make a hanging tie at the center of the wreath.

Wild at Heart Collage

Festive Feather Holiday Decor

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 11, 2015


Festive Feather Holiday Decor

Holiday decor trends are evolving and there’s no better time to try something new! Dress up your mantel with feather garlands, your table setting with feather trees or place a feather wreath on your front door this holiday season. The Feather Place has so many Festive Feather Holiday Decor ideas and unique holiday feather products…these are among our favorites!

Festive Feather Holiday DecorFestive Feather Holiday Decor

This line of Feather Christmas trees are designed as slip covers lined with thick felt for easy shipping, set up and storage.

Festive Feather Holiday Decor

They even have an assortments of Feather Ornaments to add a unique touch to your Christmas Trees and arrangements!

Festive Feather Holiday Decor

It’s not too late to place your orders…Call The Feather Place at 1-800-291-6351 to place your orders!