Roger Vivier Feather Shoes and Accessories

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 24, 2017


First of all, these Roger Vivier Feather Shoes and Accessories are to die for! We absolutely love the Burnt Ostrich Feathers paired with sparkling rhinestone details. The Champagne and Pearl Grey shoes and clutch are perfect for Spring and Summer soirée’s, while the classic Black pair are perfect for Fall and Winter balls.

FEATHER SWIRL | Roger Vivier’s version of magic. Like a whirlwind of feathers dancing around the Buckle, a precious jewel adorns a pair of sandals, mules and Papillon de Nuit closed-back heels. Its tender shades – Première fois pink and pearl grey – caress the skin. This sensuality is taken to excess in a V-shape on the thigh-high boots, the quintessence of the House’s extravagant spirit. – Roger Vivier 

Roger Vivier Feather Shoes and AccessoriesRoger Vivier Feather Shoes and AccessoriesRoger Vivier Feather Shoes and AccessoriesIn addition, if you love these Roger Vivier Feather Shoes and Accessories as much as we do, why not try your hand at your very own Roger Vivier inspired feather shoe and clutch clips? Use our “Burnt” Ostrich Feather Fringe available by the Yard in Black and White at only $11.20! 
Burnt Ostrich Feather Fringe 1PLY Black

Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 10, 2017


There are so many noteworthy Fall 2017 Feather Trends hitting the Runway this month!

From Prada’s city chic sandals to McQueen’s modern medieval couture and a show-stopping BalenciagaOstrich Feathers reign this season! We have a feeling that ostrich feather trends are here to stay!

If you are feeling inspired and want to take your fashion designs to the next level, come visit us at one of our two showrooms so we can help you pick out the perfect Ostrich feather plume or fringe for your project!

Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the RunwayFall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway - Prada Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway - PradaFall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway - McQueen Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway - McQueen Fall 2017 Feather Trends from the Runway - McQueen

Oscar worthy Feather Fashions

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on February 24, 2017


Here is a roundup of all of the Oscar worthy Feather Fashions that are likely to make an appearance on the Red Carpet! First up is Ralph and Russo who used Burnt Ostrich fringe details in the gowns shown below!

Oscar worthy Feather Fashions

Next up is Elie Saab who took inspiration from ancient Egypt. We love the embroidery and ostrich feather embellishments in his new collection from 2017 Couture fashion week.

Oscar worthy Feather FashionsOscar worthy Feather Fashions

We’ve already seen one of these Armani Prive feathered beauty strut down the red carpet at the 2017 Brit Awards last weekend!

Oscar worthy Feather Fashions

And finally we can’t forget Chanel! This belted low cut ostrich feathered gown is among one of our favorites!

Oscar worthy Feather Fashions

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on February 5, 2017


Our favorite Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017 feathered looks! Of course we love the monochromatic grey Ostrich Feather Fringe details that were combined with touches of bright chartreuse throughout! Even more impressive is the use of an almost lost technique where you “curl” the feather Ostrich trim like in the images seen below! Makes us want to use one of our Silver or Twilight Two Ply Ostrich Boas to try to recreate the look! If you want to try this technique out yourself, make sure to check out our Tip and Techniques page for information on this technique and more!

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017 Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017 Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017 Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2017

Looks from Ralph & Russo’s Paris Haute Couture Show

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on February 1, 2017


These are by far our favorite feathered Looks from Ralph & Russo’s Paris Haute Couture Show last week! Founded in 2007 by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, it became the first British brand in over 100 years to be selected for Paris Haute Couture Week and we can see why. We especially love how Ralph & Russo use an abundance of Burnt Ostrich Fringe  culminating to the grand finally with Alessandra Ambrosio in a magical White Ostrich Feathered Cape! Ralph & Russo's Paris Haute Couture Show Ralph & Russo's Paris Haute Couture Show Ralph & Russo's Paris Haute Couture Show

C O U T U R E. P A R I S. Ralph & Russo #SS17 #bride

A photo posted by Alessandra Ambrosio (@alessandraambrosio) on

Peace Love Music Feathers ; Interview with London based artist, songstress and friend Vera Black – Fashion for the Free 🖤


Please tell us about the “First” feather accessory you made, where were you and where is that piece now?
I remember it was back in 2010 I just finished my first tour across the US, my husband Luke & I played 8 shows in 5 states. We started in New York and ended in LA, those 3 months on the road travelling through the states, really inspired me, it gave me a lot of ideas of how I wanted to visually look like on stage.
I couldn’t find what I was looking for to create that look, so I decided to have a go at making my own accessories and outfits….
I made a trip to the Feather Place in Downtown LA and met Cristina, it was her first day there and she is still there to this day.
She showed me through the whole range and I bought a load of feathers, at this stage not really knowing what I was going to do with them.
When I got back home to Sydney, I started to experiment. I discovered you could create incredible patterns by layering feathers on top of one another and I became obsessed..
The first thing I made was a beaded feather hair clip, they look very different to when I first started, they are a lot more detailed now.
I wore those same feathers everyday for about 4 years, until one day my Mum was helping organize my workshop and I walked in to see her taking apart my prized possession, the first feather clip I ever made. I was like “OMG! What are you doing??” She screamed and threw it in the air, “I thought this was just some old thing, it doesn’t look like anything you would have made.” I told her how it was sentimental and it was the first thing I made…She felt so bad…but it was actually the best thing to happen as now, I never keep anything, I sell everything and wear whatever is my latest design. It’s quite funny, now….

What inspires you when making a new piece?
Many things, some of my designs come to me in my dreams, I wake up with a mental picture of what I’m going to create.
Materials I am working with also inspire, I love shopping for materials, that’s when you get a good picture in your mind as to what you could create.
I get all excited when I have new colors, beads and materials to play around with. Being a musician I get inspired by other musicians and their fashion, I like to design things that I think, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Stevie Nicks or Johnny Depp might like to wear, chances are other people who like their style would like to wear them to.

Paua-shell-Headpiece (2)

Why use feathers…?
I come from a Maori background, which is native to New Zealand, feathers were worn to show status in the tribe as well as a spiritual purpose, much like Native American’s. Also growing up in the country in Perth, Western Australia, I had my own horse, I was always collecting fallen feathers and braiding them into my horses hair or in my own….
I had no idea that it would lead me to braiding and working with feathers everyday of my life, whilst building a successful fashion label.

Where can people find you?
My workshop has been based in Twickenham for the last 5 years, which is just outside of London in the UK. There are 4 of us in my home workshop hand making everything to keep up with the demand.
My husband runs our Camden Stall at Camden Lock Market, he is there every Weekend and some days during the week. I trade at the famous Portobello Market every Saturday, which is where I first started when I first moved to London. This is my one-day out of the workshop, so it’s quite a social day for me, I have lots of friends there.
Nearly all our U.S. customers, have found us on ETSY, also our online store is VERABLACK.COM. I am also available to do custom designs for whatever the occasion.


Janaïna Milheiro Feather Textile Arts

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 2, 2016


Artisan Janaïna Milheiros feather textile arts and designs are truly one of a kind!  From the large scale feather art installations and window dressing to delicate couture feather floral crowns, Janaïna Milheiros work could be seen dressing the windows of Cartier or at the Hermès boutique in Miami to the runways of the Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2016 and Valentino pre-Collection Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 shows.

Janaïna Milheiro Feather Textile Arts Collage

“She does not consider feather as an ornament, as a feather worker would, but she treats it as a weaver, an embroiderer or even a sewer would, by cutting the edges, assembling them as if they were beads or ribbons…”-

Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 30, 2016


Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions from her S/S 2017 runway are among our favorite feather trends this year. Ostrich feathers and fringe always seems to be the most popular of feathers among fashion designers! Luxurious white, black and olive ostrich fringe, sheer fabrics and sparkling embellishments dominate this party-ready collection.

“As always, LaPointe delivered it all with a dose of sex appeal, from feather-embroidered bustiers to a body-hugging pink cashmere dress. On the more casual side, her black and white high-waisted denim styles, which laced all the way up the front of the leg, will be a surefire hit.”-

Sally LaPointe Frothy Feather FashionsSally LaPointe Frothy Feather Fashions

A look at Prada’s S/S 2017 Feather Details

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 18, 2016


Here’s an upclose look at Prada’s S/S 2017 Feather Details with almost every single piece having a delicate trail of Ostrich Feather trim or boas. Creamy Ivory, Mint, Blue Jean, Lemon, Dusty Rose and Cinnamon feather fringe adorn a patchwork of elegantly tailored fabrics. Miuccia Prada said backstage …

“I decided I wanted to…do something much more simple [than the recent past collections], and kind of trying to find a new way of elegance,” she said backstage. “Elegance sounds [like] an old-fashioned word, but also [stands] for something meaningful, cultivated….We need at this moment something personal, intimate, real, more sensitive somehow.” –

A look at Prada's S/S 2017 Feather Detailsprada-ss2017-collage2prada-ss2017-collage3prada-ss2017-collage4

S/S 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 8, 2016


Here are our favorite S/S 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends straight from the Fall’s runway shows. Proenza Schouler S/S 17 collection was reminiscent of one of the greatest painters and leading abstract artist of the 20th century Piet Mondrian. With bold geometric patterns woven from leather and lined with ostrich feather fringe, designers McCollough and Hernandez …

” said they went to Paris to visit “almost defunct” couture ateliers, and brought back some of the techniques they picked up there.” –

Spring 2017 Ready To Wear Feather Trends

Paris up-and-comer Christelle Kocher also pulled inspiration from Maison Lemarié, the Chanel owned couture atelier specializing in feathers where she has been artistic director since 2010, and merged her streetwear styles with soft tresses of feathers.


No. 21 RTW Spring 2017 Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s lavishly layered creations with simple ostrich feather details.