The National Gallery of Victoria fashion retrospective will be bringing together more than 120 designs including this luxurious Couture Restoration of a 1960’s blue Ostrich feathered Gown. Take an in depth look at the process needed to restore this gown to it’s original glory.

Couture Restoration of an Ostrich feathered Gown

The conservation team has worked on the dress for more than 100 hours.

“With this gown in particular a lot of the feathers were missing from the hip line and the hem,” said Bronwyn Cosgrove, the NGV’s senior conservator of textiles.

“I’d say it was probably about 90 per cent complete. Some original feathers were still present but had come apart or had come away from the under dress and that’s just a matter of securing those back in place and looking for original anchoring points through stitch marks and things like that.”

One of the main challenges the conservation team faced was finding the right shades of blue needed to restore the dress to its original glory. – 

Couture Restoration of an Ostrich feathered GownCouture Restoration of an Ostrich feathered GownOne of the main challenges the conservation team faced was finding the right shades of blue needed to restore the dress.7208090-3x4-700x9337208308-3x2-940x627

The Hunger Games Exhibition

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 23, 2015


The Hunger Games Exhibition

Experience Panem at The Hunger Games Exhibition with over 1,000 props and 46 costumes that were used in the movies. Interactive games and maps allow fans to take a step inside Panem and learn more about each district. Fans can even get an up close look into Cinna’s design studio and sketchbooks.

The Hunger Games Exhibition Hunger+Games+Exhibition+Opening+Day+4WvPT8u27utl

Most impressive are Katniss’s costumes which are truly a work of art! Cinna’s “people” spent time with us here at The Feather Place Los Angeles to source and get inspiration as to what feather types they wanted to use on the costumes. We are so lucky to have behind the scenes “feather” knowledge on several blockbuster hits like this one!


New Yorkers, Make sure you see it before it’s gone! It’s closing January 3rd and traveling to San Francisco where it will open on February 13th 2016. Advanced tickets purchase is strongly recommended – This show is sure to sell out!

 “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Royal Hawaiian Featherwork

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 4, 2015


cape_9670-a-19_croppedRoyal Hawaiian Featherwork : Nā Hulu Ali‘i

August 29, 2015February 28, 2016

Explore the distinctive art, culture, and history of Hawai‘i with the first exhibition of Hawaiian featherwork on the U.S. mainland, developed in partnership with the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu. Presented in San Francisco, which is considered to be the gateway to the Pacific, the exhibition will feature approximately 75 rare and stunning examples of the finest featherwork capes and cloaks in existence, as well as royal staffs of feathers (kāhili), feather lei (lei hulu manu), helmets (mahiole), feathered god images (akua hulu manu), and related eighteenth- and nineteenth-century paintings and works on paper.

Handcrafted of plant fiber and rare feathers from endemic birds of the islands, the cloaks (‘ahu‘ula) and capes provided spiritual protection to Hawaiian chiefs, proclaiming their identity and status. The abstract patterns and compositions of royal feathers (nā hulu ali‘i) are both beautiful and full of cultural meaning. While the arrangements of their forms—crescents, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, and lines—and fields of color appear contemporary, they are ancient. Symbols of the power and status of Hawai‘i’s monarchs at home and abroad, these vibrantly colored treasures of the Hawaiian people endure today as masterpieces of unparalleled artistry, technical skill, and cultural pride.

cape_9670-b-20 cape_b.07236-a-15_cropped cape_c.00208-a-29_cropped cloak_1969cloak_11094-b-44_cropped cloak_11094-h-54 kahili_10245-a-10 lei_10386-a-8 lei_d lei447

Naturally Artful | Beautiful Photography by Thomas Lohr

This week, we’re pleased to highlight the new 2015 book Birds by German photographer Thomas Lohr which showcases birds in their naturally artful state. In Birds, Lohr focuses his lens on the details that make bird feathers around the world so unique. Spotlighting seldom considered spots like where feather meets fold or where wing meets body, Lohr captures not only the beauty of feathers, but also their inherent grace and functionality.

“Birds – I worked on a personal project studying a variety of birds, capturing their textures and colors…”- Thomas Lohr

Naturally Artful

Seeing birds of different colors, stripes, and sizes can be an everyday experience depending on what part of the world you live. Even when you can’t see them, their birdsong is there to let you know that they are there, perched on a branch or windowsill somewhere just outside your view. Birds flaunt their elegant and beautiful feathers with abandon, and they don’t need your approval for any of it!

Naturally Artful

Those of us living in a city like New York have the privilege of being among flocks of birds everyday. Yes, they are just pigeons, and yes, their wanton pigeon waddle can be a source of great frustration when you’re trying to catch the train that will surely get you to work on time. Whatever your opinion of our feathered friends, including dopey pigeons, if you take just a moment to consider their feathery layers, you’ll find it hard to deny them their natural beauty.

Naturally Artful

Feeling inspired by the Naturally Artful and Beautiful Photography by Thomas Lhor and want to shop for or see feathers up close and personal? Stop in at The Feather Place New York or Los Angeles Showrooms where you can shop for feathers similar to the ones seen in these photos! Not in NY or LA? Check out our full line of products available online — The Feather Place.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 20, 2015


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Stars flocked to the Savage Beauty Gala opening at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last week, strutting their stuff in McQueens most iconic feathered couture . We love that FKA Twigs chose to wear the birds of Paradise McQueen couture gown , Naomi Campbell in black Ostrich Feathers and Annabelle Neilson in Black and White Lady Amherst Plumage Feathered couture gown!

McQueenA sort of homecoming for the late McQueen, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is a re-staging of his wildly popular 2011 NYC retrospective which showcases 244 designs created during his 18 year career.

This must see exhibition sold out it’s advance 30,000 tickets in record breaking time eventually releasing another 50,000 pre sale tickets with another 200 first come, first serve basis at the door! We wish we could jump on over the pond to see this spectacular show!

Savage Beauty at the V&A is the largest and most ambitious fashion exhibition the museum has ever staged,” said curator Claire Wilcox at a press preview.

alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (3)

“McQueen was an artist whose medium of expression was fashion.” – Kate Bethune, Victoria and Albert Museum


alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (2)

alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (1)

Alexander McQueen Savage BeautyAlexander McQueen: Savage Beauty runs from March 14 – August 2, 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. For more information, visit


by The Feather Place NYC on March 6, 2015



This week we would like to introduce you to artwork by UK-based artist Marcela Tršová. Interested in the connections and differences between our inner and outer experiences, Tršová creates artworks that are flush with symbolism – web gallery. Her 2011 work titled “Messengers” hopes to capture the freedom inherent in the flight of our feathered friends. Tršová used crow feathers, copper wires and magpie feathers to create magnificent avian structures that capture the essence of flight.

“Flight has always represented freedom from the physical restrictions of earthbound life and the ascent of the soul to the goods [sic] either through a mystical experience or through death.”

“Birds share something of the same symbolic meaning, but because they come from the skies they can also assume the role of messengers from higher powers[…], whether for good or ill.”- Marcela Tršová


Feathered Flying Jackets

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 16, 2015


Feathered Flying Jackets by artist Jane Edden

Using various feathers like Pheasant and Rooster plumage, Jane Edden has created a collection of Feathered “Flying Jackets”.

These plumed mini’s are about the size of a humming bird and are displayed …”using the method traditional to the way animals are collected, classified and catalogued with scientific systems and nomenclature.” “… Each sculpture is assembled from hundreds of tiny feathers to build a collection that explores an intersection between avian and human…while also inspecting the tribal, sacred use of feathers that is internationally recognized.” – Jane Edden

Feathered Flying Jackets - jane-edden-ornithomorph

jane_edden13v2 jane_edden12v2 jane_edden11v2

jane_edden10v2 jane_edden09v2 jane_edden08v2 jane_edden07v2 Feathered Flying Jackets- jane_edden06v2 Feathered Flying Jackets- jane_edden05v2 jane_edden04v2 jane_edden03v2 jane_edden02v2 Feathered Flying Jackets jane_edden01v2

 Images © Jane Edden, courtesy Flowers Gallery, London

Futuristic Feathers

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 9, 2015


Futuristic Feathers

graphic visualizations of 'birdy' military accessories

Dynamic Duo – Meriç Canatan and Fatosh Erhuy are London and Cologne based designers who use feathers to create wearable fashion pieces. Together they have worked to create the ready to wear “birdy” accessory line which includes pheasant feather fascinators, headbands, guinea feather bowties and plumed scarfs.

“…’birdy’, a set of adornments for individuals to supplement their outfits. from epaulets and bowties, to fascinators and headbands, Canatan and Erhuy employ feathers as their chosen medium in which to question gender norms, referencing the way in which birds and other fowl use their plumage to display body language.” – 


They kick it up a notch with their avant garde collection “birdy 2214”. This collection showcased at the 2014 istanbul design biennial & takes us to the year 2214 with futuristic militant feathered designs. Covered in a variety of Pheasant and Turkey Plumage; Gas Masks, Grenades and Helmets have never been so fashionable!

“…for the 2014 istanbul design biennial, the duo elaborate on this work with ‘birdy 2214′, in which the wearables transform delicate feathers into garments of protection. it is comprised of experimental relics, military accessories such as gas masks, helmets and knee pads, that speak of a future time. precisely the year 2214, where civilians have adapted to constant military occupation and where the associated attire and gear has become commonplace and fashionable, customized for everyday use.”- 





From Betsey Johnson’s flirty feathered runway looks to the loss of comedian Joan Rivers and fashion icon Oscar De La Renta, 2014 sure did have it’s noteworthy feathered fashion moments.  Looking back at 2014, Here are some of the top trending feathered moments.

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibits His Love for Feathers-Brooklyn Museum Retrospective

BROOKLYN MUSEUM RETROSPECTIVE – Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibits His Love for Feathers at the Brooklyn Museum.

This Marchesa collection is for the romantic woman, featuring lightly feathered looks fit for queens.

NY FASHION WEEK – This Marchesa 2014 collection is for the romantic woman, featuring lightly feathered looks fit for queens.


MARDI GRAS 2014 – Who let the dogs out…!? Even mans best friend reveled at the 2014 Barkus Mardi Gras parade! Check out how cute they look in their feathered mask and parade float! FYI :  Mardi Gras 2015 comes early next year on Tuesday, February 17th… Plan for 2015 fat Tuesday celebration costumes in advance and SHOP at The Feather Place for all of your feathered needs! 


NYC FIT “Fowl Play” – The Feather Place has proudly collaborated with FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, to bring a wonderful feathered exhibit created by Visual Presentation students. Named “Fowl Play”, the exhibition explores ornithology (the study of birds) and how nature inspires fashion. All of the feathers used in this exhibit were supplied by The Feather Place and can all be purchased right here at


CARNIVAL SAN FRANCISCO 2014 – Hundreds of thousands of residents, tourist and revelers hit the streets of San Francisco Memorial Day weekend to help celebrate it’s 36th anniversary! What we love the most about this event is the variety of cultures represented in the parades contingent! Included are feathered representatives from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad, Cuba and islands throughout the Caribbean !


BURNING MAN 2014 – Feathers make a come back at Burning Man! The Burning Man Official Blog announces that “…if you want to wear feathers, that’s fine … but make sure they’re attached in ways that won’t fail, and if you can’t then don’t wear them, because it’s on YOU if they become MOOP. (And that goes for anything you bring to Black Rock City.)”


FASHION WEEK NYC – Betsey Johnson’s SS15 feathered collection was front and center and in true Betsey Johnson form; an Over the top, ultra girly “Love and Marriage” themed extravaganza!

A Feathered Farewell to Joan Rivers - Joan Rivers 1933-2014

SAYING GOODBYE TO JOAN RIVERS – We are certainly going to miss Joan Rivers ruffling everyone’s feathers on the red carpet and in her E Entertainment TV series  “Fashion Police“!

oscarA FEATHERED FAREWELL TO OSCAR DE LA RENTA – The fashion industry lost one of it’s greatest fashion icons this October. “I don’t really know how to do casual clothes.”- Oscar de la Renta


BIRDS OF PARADISE EXHIBITION – Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion ; The exhibition runs from October 25 until 19 April 2015. We wish we could travel across the pond to see this spectacular show.

VictoriaSecret2014LondonVICTORIA’S SECRET 2014 FASHION SHOW – Last but not least the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show in London. Karlie Kloss and her handcrafted 18kt gold gilded feather angel wings stole the show! The Feather Place is lucky to have an inside scoop on the creation of these spectacular feather wings every year when we help handcraft these towering beauties!

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2015.



Plumed Piranha

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 21, 2014


Plumed Piranha

Plumed Piranha by French artist Julien Salaud 3This Plumed Piranha by French artist Julien Salaud uniquely combines a well preserved taxidermic pirahna with beautiful moulted bird plumage!

“…carefully arranging the plumage to reflect the original patterning along the fish…Salaud has created the quintessential frankenfish!” –

Plumed Piranha by French artist Julien SalaudNo doubt, this is the quintessential Frankenfish – Artfully strange and mystical in the same breath! For more information about this artist and to see more of his feather art, press this link.

“…In the artist’s own words, each of his works offers “a different point of view regarding what an animal can be (that of the Cartesian or the geneticist, the predator or the prey, the sorcerer or the mystic)”. –

Plumed Piranha by French artist Julien Salaud 2