Celebrate the Holidays with Feathers

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 12, 2014


Celebrate the Holidays with Feathers

Celebrate the Holidays with Feathers.“Tis the season for Holiday & Home Decor! With many feather trends on the rise, why not incorporate feathered Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments and garlands into your decorative designs this holiday season. From glittery white feather trees to modern jewel toned feathered wreaths, Here are some festive ideas from across the web to get you inspired!

Celebrate the Holidays with Feathers

Available is many different colors and styles, These feather wreaths are great for the Winter Holidays (they dress up any doorway, and can be used to frame candle holders or vases for floral display). They also look great on Holiday window and door displays. Click on the image below to see the available styles.

Celebrate with Feathers

Celebrate the Holidays with Feathers


24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on November 14, 2014


24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, Here are 24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces! We especially love the rich colors and textures autumn brings. This fall is the perfect time to be inspired by the warm golden hues of natural feathers. Using an assortment of Rooster, Guinea, TurkeyPheasant , Feather Ornaments and Wreaths, these centerpieces are sure the make a statement at this years dinner table. Come see as at The Feather Place so we can help you incorporate feathers into your holiday decor!

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces5

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces3

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces1

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces7

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces6

24 Feather Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpieces4

HappyMothersDayFeathers_LRWith Mother’s Day quickly approaching many may be wondering, what do you get for Mom last minute? We have it all for Mother’s Day Feather Gift Ideas! Flowers are  everyone’s go-to gift but this year why not try an arrangement with feathers? Use our Feather Picks and Stems with wire for an easy addition to any arrangement, or forgo the flowers and create a fully feathered bouquet.

Mini Feather Picks

Mother's Day Feather Gift Ideas!Feather Picks and Stems 

floral stems blogFor all the fashionable moms out there we recommend our Feather Pins & Clips, which can be added to the hair, headbands, even gift wrapping… the possibilities are endless! Or show her you care with a unique piece such as a feather shawl or collar for special events, or even just for a fun day of dress up.

Feather Pins and Clips

Mother's Day Feather Gift Ideas!

 Shawls, Shrugs and Collars

mothers day blog 4

Is your Mom into home decor and interior design? A colorful feather wreath or garland is perfect for springtime and brightens any home.

Feather Garlands and Wreaths

mothers day blog 5Don’t forget to visit Featherplace.com for great gift ideas and more!


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Get a head start on springtime weddings with our floral mini picks and stems, perfect for any arrangement! These versatile Feather Mini Picks come on wire for an easy way to attach them to practically anything! Not only are they a romantic addition to bouquets and arrangements, but you can make a beautiful bouquet alternative by attaching them to a styrofoam ball and adding ribbon!

Shop 15% off Feather Mini Picks both online and in our showrooms for Bridal Season and check out some arrangements we put together below to inspire you.



Want more DIY ideas? See our NEW Idea Gallery here!

Bridal Season is Upon Us!

by The Feather Place NYC on May 3, 2013


Feather Floral Picks from The Feather Place

Looking for something to add an extra touch of excitement at your wedding? Look no further! We are excited to share our adorable new floral picks that are so versatile you could add them to almost any part of your wedding look! These new  picks can be used on hair and headband accessories, as gift packaging, or even on your favorite scarf or piece of jewelry!

Above left are our Goose Coquille with Biots floral picks in Amethyst, and on the right are our Ostrich Feathers with Pearls floral picks in Champagne. We love how these soft colors and textures can add romance to any arrangement!

Below left are our Goose Coquille with Biots floral picks in Champagne and on the right are our Peacock Eye floral picks with some extra Peacock Swords that we added to make this bouquet truly special for your special day!

Feather Floral Picks from The Feather Place

Feather Floral Picks from The Feather PlaceLast but not least, above left you can see our Ostrich, Guinea and Goose Biot feather floral pick which has wispy white ostrich and white goose biots mixed with the gorgeous natural black and white spots of guinea feathers. On the right is a wonderful creation we made with our Goose Coquille and Biot floral picks in white. The possibilities are endless with our new mini floral pick line!