Bridal Bouquet With Feathers

by Zandrah on December 21, 2010


So nice to see feathers as flowers!  This lovely bridal bouquet can be found on Etsy.com


Fujiko’s Floral  designs of Los Angles are unbelievably unique and vibrant in color!  I especially love seeing feathers used in men’s wedding boutonniere’s.  Although some say it’s bad luck to use only one peacock eye when decorating or designing, this peacock themed wedding had plenty of feathers embellishing hand held floral bouquet’s and decorations to make it uniquely a special occasion!   I’ve never seen such a gorgeous array of colors used in a wedding theme such as this one.

Fujiko’s Flowers is also listed under websites we love!


Feather Holiday Decor

Feather Holiday Decor

Decorating with feathers for the holiday is especially eye catching.  In this photo, our friends Alton and Andre use a selection of bleached peacock, ringneck and golden pheasant, beautiful lady amherst and  venery pheasant tails to decorate the fireplace mantle.

Bridal Bouquets with Feathers

by Zandrah on November 3, 2010


Love, Love, Love the work of Fujiko’s Floral designs!  Incorporating red dyed strung chinchilla rooster and black ostrich from The Feather Place Los Angeles.

Bridal Bouquet by Fujiko's Flowers

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Based in Concord, New Hampshire, this photojournalism-turned-documentary wedding photography team take the time to capture the essence of your day by photographing natural, candid moments and the little details of your wedding that you’ve put so much work into.  This fun and talented couple are in highly demand in the New England area.

We especially love their shots of Wedding Florals accented with Feathers.  Bouquets, hair accessories and bouttonieres are just a few places to add that elegant touch to a special arrangement.

For more of Katie Barnes and  Max Bittle’s incredible work, check out their website: www.dreamlovephotography.com

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