We’ve grouped a few fun and simple inspirational Mardi Gras Feather Headdresses for you. Let’s us help you get parade ready… Fat Tuesday is on February 9th!!!

Inspirational Mardi Gras Feather Headdresses

Let’s start by showing you a few simple ways to dress up a simple headband. You can mix and use ostrich, rooster coque tails, goose biots and peacock if you like. The Feather Place carries a great selection of package feathers for you to get your creative juices going.  You’ll need a handy glue gun and a plastic headband and feathers. You may also add a Fleur D Lis embellishment.

Mardi Gras Feather Headdresses

Here are some of our Mardi Gras DIY inspired headdresses using some of our Natural and Dyed Headdresses. We loved using bright Ostrich Plumes and dyed Pheasant Zebra Tail Feathers in addition to all natural Peacock and Rooster Feathers! All you need is one of our already made headdresses. You will be parade ready in no time at all!Headdress Inspiration Collage 4 -The Feather PlaceHeaddress Inspiration Collage 2 -The Feather PlaceHeaddress Inspiration Collage 3 -The Feather PlaceMardi Gras Feather Headdresses

California Millinery Supply Co.

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on August 17, 2015


Open in Downtown Los Angeles since 1939, California Millinery Supply Co. is a treasure trove and your only go to hat and millinery supply store in California, or perhaps one of the last still open in the nation?  Truly a diamond in the rough – and one of DTLA’s best kept secrets in the Fashion District! At California Millinery you’ll find owner Irene Arroyo, a former stage and costume designer, offering great insight into the trends of hat making as well as the ever evolving neighborhood culture.   Not only does she supply quality buckram and pre-made hat forms in all shapes & sizes, she has an amazing collection of vintage hat trims, straw braid, unique and rare Russian and French birdcage veil (netting) and – you can even learn how to make your own hat block!California Millinery  Vintage Straw BraidThough using straw braid to make hats is becoming a bit of a lost art form, Irene has an inspiring collection available in several colors and styles. California Millinery Supply  Vintage Birdcage VeilI really can’t say enough about the collection of birdcage veil at California Millinery!  They just don’t make it like they used to!  The stock Irene has is truly precious and priceless!California Millinery Hat FormsCalifornia Millinery Netted Bridal Hat FormsIrene makes just about any style of hat you can think of – from the ol’ fashion pill box, to pointy witch hats, mini-top hats, to fascinator forms & crowns.  She can even make custom forms depending on your specific needs.
California Millinery Hat Fascinator FormsCalifornia Millinery  Vintage FeathersI love the rare and unique feather bird embellishments, pearl and rhinestone apliques, vintage flowers and fruit.
California Millinery  Vintage Hat Flowers FruitNot to mention… the collection of vintage silk and velvet ribbons…California Millinery Supply Vintage Ribbons… and oodles of piping and trims in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
California Millinery  Vintage Hat TrimsCalifornia Millinery  Vintage PipingSo next time you are visiting us at The Feather Place Los Angeles Showroom and have gotten all of your feather supplies, don’t forget to stop in and visit our friend and neighbor just a few blocks away at California Millinery located at 721 South Spring Street (Near 7th Street, next to the CVS) Los Angeles, CA 90014. You can also contact Irene to place orders by calling (213) 622-8746.

Tell her The Feather Place sent you!

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on May 15, 2015


Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Aside from world class horse races, The Kentucky Derby is also known for world class feathered millinery. Celebrities and commoners alike, flock to the grounds at Churchill Downs going all out wearing the most fashionable attire paired with the best feathered hats and fascinators.  From wild and outrageous to flirty and feminine, Here are some of our favorite Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015 !

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Get inspired with these bold feathered beauties! We love the abundance of Rooster, Pheasant, Peacock and Ostrich feathers that is used to create these amazing hats!

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015Don’t worry if  you missed the Kentucky Derby this year…you still have the chance to strut your stuff at the races this summer in Del MarSanta Anita or at the Breeders Cup this October.

Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015Kentucky Derby Feather Hat Trends 2015

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Father’s day is just a little over a month away and we are always wondering what on earth is a good gift for dad?  Of course we had to think about how feathers fit into the equation, so naturally we went straight for the hat.  Even if you think your dad isn’t the type who wears hats, you may be surprised to learn just how much men actually love to wear this accessory!

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Throughout history, hats have been an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.  Worn not only for stylistic and practical purposes, hats were often indicators of social status depending on the various style, shape and even color.  And while there are many hat designs that are long out dated, there are particular styles of hats made from the 1800’s through the 1940’s that still have a place in fashion today. So think about what kind of hat would look best on your dad and what will it say about his character?

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

We think the Fedora is probably one of the most debonaire and timeless styles of all men’s hats.  Though the Fedora became widely associated with the gangster since it was most popular during the Prohibition and used in Hollywood films to fit this character throughout the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Regardless, just about every gentleman owned at least one of these hats as styles of dressing became more casual.  The Fedora’s low profile and compact size was better weathered and made traveling more comfortable.  Today the Fedora is still very stylish and looks great worn by both men and women no matter if you’re a hipster, Don Draper, or just aiming to make dad look good.

The Pork PieMen’s Hat Styles and Feather TrimsThe Bowler

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

“The bowler hat, also called derby in the United States, was designed in 1849. Like the top hat, it quickly became a classic wardrobe item and a quintessential badge of Englishness. Named after John and William Bowler, hatters from Stockport, an industrial city in the north of England, it was to become the first mass-produced hat in history.” We find the bowler fits very specific personalities, but definitely has a place in fashion today.

The Panama

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Of course all hats are “Better with a Feather”! Feathers always add color and a stylish flare to just about any hat.   Whether you’re sporting our favorite Fedora, the Pork Pie, Derby or Bowler, these hats are traditionally embellished with feather trims.  And we can tell you the best types of feathers to use for hat trims are usually combinations of plumage including Turkey flats or marabou, guinea, duck and varieties of pheasant or rooster.  You can get really nice feather hat trims at The Feather Place!


Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Men’s Hat Styles and Feather Trims

Here is a couple of websites we found that have a great selection of mens hats. Check out Goorin Bros or to find a hat that fits your dads sense of style.

Futuristic Feathers

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 9, 2015


Futuristic Feathers

graphic visualizations of 'birdy' military accessories

Dynamic Duo – Meriç Canatan and Fatosh Erhuy are London and Cologne based designers who use feathers to create wearable fashion pieces. Together they have worked to create the ready to wear “birdy” accessory line which includes pheasant feather fascinators, headbands, guinea feather bowties and plumed scarfs.

“…’birdy’, a set of adornments for individuals to supplement their outfits. from epaulets and bowties, to fascinators and headbands, Canatan and Erhuy employ feathers as their chosen medium in which to question gender norms, referencing the way in which birds and other fowl use their plumage to display body language.” – 


They kick it up a notch with their avant garde collection “birdy 2214”. This collection showcased at the 2014 istanbul design biennial & takes us to the year 2214 with futuristic militant feathered designs. Covered in a variety of Pheasant and Turkey Plumage; Gas Masks, Grenades and Helmets have never been so fashionable!

“…for the 2014 istanbul design biennial, the duo elaborate on this work with ‘birdy 2214′, in which the wearables transform delicate feathers into garments of protection. it is comprised of experimental relics, military accessories such as gas masks, helmets and knee pads, that speak of a future time. precisely the year 2214, where civilians have adapted to constant military occupation and where the associated attire and gear has become commonplace and fashionable, customized for everyday use.”- 



Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion

Featuring Plumed designs from fashion powerhouses like McQueen, Gucci, Prada, Dries Van Noten and more, the Bowes Museum will be the only place to see these Birds of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion ; The exhibition runs from October 25 until 19 April 2015. We wish we could travel across the pond to see this spectacular show. WATCH the full report from

Installation view of "Birds of Paradise - Plumes & Feathers in Fashion" at MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

It will also demonstrate that thanks to design houses such as Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten feathers are firmly back on the fashion agenda and once again featuring strongly on the catwalk.– JOANNA HASHAGEN

Thierry Mugler, Haute Couture Collection Spring Summer 1997

Whereas in the past, feathers were generally appreciated for their value and refinement, contemporary designers now see them as an expression of freedom and spirituality.– BOWES MUSEUM’S KEEPER OF TEXTILES, JOANNA HASHAGEN

Rochas by Olivier Theskens, Fall-Winter 2004-2005

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion - Roger VivierFeeling inspired and need to get your hands on some feathers…? Come visit us at The Feather Place Los Angeles and NYC ; let us help you realize your feathered fashion dreams!

Nifty Balloons is making a statement with Feathers

The Feather Place is pleased to announce our Featured Artists and Designers program; Showcasing the highest quality artistry and designs created with our feather products. Up first are our friends over at Nifty Balloons! From bracelets to tiaras, jet packs and motorcycles, David and Shayna have a knack for bringing a fresh new style to the world of balloon art and often use our ostrich feathers for their designs.Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers

Nifty Balloons is redefining children’s event entertainment! Husband and wife duo David and Shayna Brenion fill celebrations with fancy, whimsical, wearable fun! Working at high-class events in Los Angeles, the couple wanted to bring an extra element of elegance to their work, and The Feather Place’s ostrich plumes have been an enormous hit, bringing their balloon fascinators to the next level! Party guests are amazed, and event pictures are filled with smiles and color. Live, interactive, customized and unique! This is world-class Balloon Art!

Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers

David and Shana Brenion live and work in the Los Angeles area. If you need entertainment, balloon twisting, or face painting for a party in LA, Ventura, Santa Monica, give Nifty Balloons a call! 805-665-7791

Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
Nifty Balloons making a statement with FeathersNifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
Nifty Balloons making a statement with Feathers
 Photo Credits : David Brenion

Become a Featured Artist/Designer with The Feather Place & Zucker Feather Products and show the world how you express yourself with feathers. We are committed to showcasing the highest quality designs that can be created with our feather products. If you are interested in being a Featured Artists/Designer, please contact us at 

The Seven - CR Fashion Book

Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book !

At The Feather Place NYC we recently worked with the stylists at CR Fashion Book to help create this fashionable and artful editorial.  Venery Pheasant Tails, Silver Pheasant Tails, Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers and Goose Biots were used to create this artistic interpretation of the modern day woman who does it all!

Part Work by Day Mom, part Contemporary Snow White, she makes for a magical and magnetic vision of motherhood. – The Seven | CR Fashion Book

Make sure to check out the full spread at CR Fashion Book – The Seven.

Feathers by The Feather Place

tumblr_n7dpcaFbxb1rf4nooo5_1280 Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book Feather Place, featured in CR Fashion Book

Burning Man MOOP ; Feathers Yay or Nay?

Dancer at Sunrise, 2013. Photo by Paulius Musteikis. So…What the heck is MOOP and how does it pertain to feathers at Burning Man?  

“MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally OF the land on which our event (Burning Man) takes place. So everything that wasn’t originally ON or OF the Black Rock Desert, no matter how small, is considered MOOP, and is to be removed as part of our Leave No Trace efforts.”

Year after year The Feather Place gets many requests for feathers that will be worn by revelers attending Burning Man. We usually tell our clients that feathers are not Burning Man friendly and explain the “Leave no Trace” efforts at Burning Man. This year has been no different except that we recently came across the Burning Man Official Blog  Feathers are MOOP, Right? Well, That Depends on YOU...  It was brought to our attention that feathers might be making a comeback at Burning Man keeping in mind that…

“…if you want to wear feathers, that’s fine … but make sure they’re attached in ways that won’t fail, and if you can’t then don’t wear them, because it’s on YOU if they become MOOP. (And that goes for anything you bring to Black Rock City.)”

So there you have it. Exciting feathered news! Be smart when it comes to your feathered frocks and make sure to keep them well maintained! The ban on feathers had been intended to address poorly made costumes that leave trails of feathers behind. Use good judgment and be careful about what you wear on the playa. Remember that certain Feather Boas are still a BIG FAT No No!  If you are planning to attend Burning Man we recommend checking out the websites  Survival Guide  for more information and to see a full list of do’s and don’ts .

Burning Man is from August 25 – September 1 … Burn responsibly 🙂

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on July 18, 2014


20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack kicked off its 75th season this week in California with it’s 20th Annual Hat Contest! The contest featured categories like:

Best Racing Theme, Funniest/Most Outrageous, Most Glamorous, Best Flowers/All Others, and Best Fascinator — a wool, lace or feather alternative to a hat.

And the winners are :

Hat Contest Winner D Grand Prize 360

The Funniest/Most Outrageous category went to Belinda Berry. Berry wore an oversize wide-brimmed navy blue polka dot hat trimmed with ostrich feathers and matching dress themed “GO Navy”!

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Most Glamorous catagory went to Natalie Spaans with a stunning off-white hat dramatically trimmed with feathers and flowers trailing down her shoulders and back. Her dress featured a beaded bodice.

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

The Best Flowers category was won by fan favorite Lori Shelton. Lori Shelton’s large red feathered and flowered hat featured photos of the 18 hats she had entered in previous years.

20th Annual Hat Contest at Del Mar Racetrack

Best Fascinator went to Melissa Cheng who won first prize with a dramatic feathered fascinator she purchased in New York.

First place winner in each category received $300 and a $100 certificate to Studio Savvy in Rancho Santa Fe. Second-place winners receive $200 and third-place winners receive $100.