Feather Fashion Trends for 2018

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 12, 2018


Feather fashion trends have sure come a long way and are no longer just associated with Las Vegas Showgirls and Burlesque stage acts. Here are some of our favorite Feather Fashion Trends for 2018 that you can incorporate into you outfit of the day.

Feather Fashion Trends for 2018

Add texture to your #ootd with a Marabou Feather trimmed shoulder bag like this one from Topshop. You can also easily DIY the look for a fraction of the cost with Marabou Feather Boas from The Feather Place and an outdated bag you already own. Simply stitch the feather boas across and voilà…

Feather Fashion Trends for 2018

You can never go wrong in Ostrich Feather Fringe Skirt! Pair it with a chunky sweater or tights, you can wear this feather fashion trend through the changing seasons! Like the marabou feather trimmed bag and all of the trends shown in the blog, You can DIY this feather trend with feathers from The Feather Place.

Feather Fashion Trends for 2018

“No evening gown required. We prefer these statement sandals with jeans and a t-shirt. The ostrich feathers and kid suede give them incomparable softness and the mid heel height means you can walk/dance all night.” CharlotteStone

Check out that touch of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet in the above feather sandals from Charlotte Stone!

Feather Fashion Trends for 2018

Whoever said wearing feathers is too fussy never saw these Cropped Ostrich Feather Trimmed Hoodies. They are fancy but most importantly comfortable and totally functional with removable feather fringe details .

Feather Fashion Trends for 2018


“Founded in 2008, The New York City-Based label Tuleste is widely recognized for its eye catching collection of pom pom earrings, statement necklaces, rings and bracelets. ” Tuleste

We love these feather pom pom earrings from Tuleste! They are the PERFECT way to accessorize with small feather details… Made in the USA, you can’t go wrong!

Peace Love Music Feathers ; Interview with London based artist, songstress and friend Vera Black – Fashion for the Free 🖤


Please tell us about the “First” feather accessory you made, where were you and where is that piece now?
I remember it was back in 2010 I just finished my first tour across the US, my husband Luke & I played 8 shows in 5 states. We started in New York and ended in LA, those 3 months on the road travelling through the states, really inspired me, it gave me a lot of ideas of how I wanted to visually look like on stage.
I couldn’t find what I was looking for to create that look, so I decided to have a go at making my own accessories and outfits….
I made a trip to the Feather Place in Downtown LA and met Cristina, it was her first day there and she is still there to this day.
She showed me through the whole range and I bought a load of feathers, at this stage not really knowing what I was going to do with them.
When I got back home to Sydney, I started to experiment. I discovered you could create incredible patterns by layering feathers on top of one another and I became obsessed..
The first thing I made was a beaded feather hair clip, they look very different to when I first started, they are a lot more detailed now.
I wore those same feathers everyday for about 4 years, until one day my Mum was helping organize my workshop and I walked in to see her taking apart my prized possession, the first feather clip I ever made. I was like “OMG! What are you doing??” She screamed and threw it in the air, “I thought this was just some old thing, it doesn’t look like anything you would have made.” I told her how it was sentimental and it was the first thing I made…She felt so bad…but it was actually the best thing to happen as now, I never keep anything, I sell everything and wear whatever is my latest design. It’s quite funny, now….

What inspires you when making a new piece?
Many things, some of my designs come to me in my dreams, I wake up with a mental picture of what I’m going to create.
Materials I am working with also inspire, I love shopping for materials, that’s when you get a good picture in your mind as to what you could create.
I get all excited when I have new colors, beads and materials to play around with. Being a musician I get inspired by other musicians and their fashion, I like to design things that I think, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Stevie Nicks or Johnny Depp might like to wear, chances are other people who like their style would like to wear them to.

Paua-shell-Headpiece (2)

Why use feathers…?
I come from a Maori background, which is native to New Zealand, feathers were worn to show status in the tribe as well as a spiritual purpose, much like Native American’s. Also growing up in the country in Perth, Western Australia, I had my own horse, I was always collecting fallen feathers and braiding them into my horses hair or in my own….
I had no idea that it would lead me to braiding and working with feathers everyday of my life, whilst building a successful fashion label.

Where can people find you?
My workshop has been based in Twickenham for the last 5 years, which is just outside of London in the UK. There are 4 of us in my home workshop hand making everything to keep up with the demand.
My husband runs our Camden Stall at Camden Lock Market, he is there every Weekend and some days during the week. I trade at the famous Portobello Market every Saturday, which is where I first started when I first moved to London. This is my one-day out of the workshop, so it’s quite a social day for me, I have lots of friends there.
Nearly all our U.S. customers, have found us on ETSY, also our online store is VERABLACK.COM. I am also available to do custom designs for whatever the occasion.


New York based jewelry company Deepa Gurnani has just rolled out their new Spring/Summer jewelry collection, and it should be obvious why we here at The Feather Place are in love! Don’t know?…one word: Feathers!

Deepa Gurnani | Feather Jewelry and Accessories

The husband and wife partnership of the two principal designers, Deepa and Jay Lakhani, has blossomed into a fully-realized jewelry company due to their fresh and elegant hand-embroidered designs. They’ve made such a statement recently, that they were one of five fashion designers who live outside of India invited to appear and participate in the Lakmè fashion show during Mumbai Fashion Week.

Deepa Gurnani Feather Jewelry and Accessories Collage

Celebrated for their carefully crafted, hand-embroidered accessories, Deepa Gurnani offers a line of unique and extraordinary pieces, each hand-beaded and stitched with the magnificent colors of India. Over 200 embroiderers and their families are able to sustain through this work.  The creativity and care that goes into making each and every piece is exceptional and unparalleled.

Deepa Gurnani | Feather Jewelry and Accessories

“We are honored to have been invited by Lakmé to participate in this esteemed event in Indian fashion,” said Jay Lakhani, co-founder of Deepa Gurnani.  “While our focus at Deepa Gurnani remains in accessories, we are thrilled to have the chance to design clothing that pairs with them. We are proud to have our work featured in such a prominent fashion show in our home country.”

Handmade Feather Accessories

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on December 23, 2015


Handmade Feather Accessories

We are showcasing our favorite top three Esty shops and designers that have caught our eye with their stunning feather pieces. So many to choose from, we had a hard time deciding who to list! Here’s our favorite handmade feather accessories that we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Handmade Feather Accessories - MayflyJewelry

Let’s start with Mayfly Jewelry from Portland Oregon; Designer Sonya has wonderfully crafted the true beauty of the Pacific Northwest in her collection of delicate feather earrings all priced reasonably.  She uses rooster saddle, rooster schlappen, turkey quills and Lady Amherst pheasant tippets in her collection.

Handmade Feather Accessories - VelvetandSlate

VelvetandSlate “Each piece is hand crafted with special attention paid to the finishing details. The feathers are real, and each is unique and organic in nature, making every piece of jewelry one of a kind. Every item is made in the USA”  Karisa Perrone.

Karisa uses Lady Amherst, peacock plumage, silver pheasant and wild turkey feathers in her collection, Visit her Esty shop to explore her handcrafted feather jewelry. We love the guinea feather gold painted necklace! Did I mention she does custom orders.

Handmade Feather Accessories - Noemiah

Based out of Montreal, Canada; Noémie is the designer behind the brand Noemiah. Her feather jewelry line is unique and stunning. You will be amazed with her selection accessories, there is something for everyone in her collection. My favorite is her  Dusty Mint Statement necklace is beautiful using ostrich feathers, if your looking for something more simple her Minimalist Modern Brass Jewelry Arrowhead Feather necklace is a must have! Noemie uses ostrich, rooster hackle, guinea and pheasant in her jewelry collection. If you’re looking for something custom, you may request for a custom order.


Festival Fashion with Feathers

From Coachella to Burning Man, festival fashion just wouldn’t be the same without feathers adorning someone along the way.  Whether you’re tapping into your inner hippie, gypsy, or rocker, there really are endless ways to uniquely stand out and personalize your look with feather accessories.

Festival Fashion with FeathersDepending on the style, size, or level of drama you are willing to commit to, there are literally 100’s of feather combinations that can be used for adorning headdresses, mohawks, earrings, necklaces, wristbands, shoe clips, ear cuffs, hair extensions, epaulets, and belts just to name a few.  And though feather trends will come and go, they always seem to have a place in festival fashion., or Spirit Tribe on etsy for feather headbands, earrings or ear cuffs.  Or get inspired and DIY with the largest variety of feather quills, pheasant tails, peacock, and rooster feathers available at The Feather Place.

Festival Fashion with Feathers

Festival Fashion with FeathersFor the more adventurous and fearless, tap into your inner warrior with a feather headdress, mohawk or crown. This natural red chinchilla feather mohawk from Feathers by Phoneix can be made to order if you find yourself out of time, or just not the type to DIY.  Regardless, wearing crowns and headdresses makes a bold statement about your style.

Festival Fashion with FeathersNecklaces, purses and charms are among my personal favorite feather accessories. There’s just something casual, yet chic and eye catching if your looking to add a little drama to your style.  These feather accessories usually go with everything – no matter what outfit you end up wearing!

Festival Fashion with Feathers

Festival Fashion with Feathers

DIY Feather Ear Cuff with our tutorial this festival season. You can also checkout other fabulous feather DIY instructions on our FASHION & JEWELRY PROJECTS DIY Page.


Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion

Featuring Plumed designs from fashion powerhouses like McQueen, Gucci, Prada, Dries Van Noten and more, the Bowes Museum will be the only place to see these Birds of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion ; The exhibition runs from October 25 until 19 April 2015. We wish we could travel across the pond to see this spectacular show. WATCH the full report from

Installation view of "Birds of Paradise - Plumes & Feathers in Fashion" at MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

It will also demonstrate that thanks to design houses such as Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten feathers are firmly back on the fashion agenda and once again featuring strongly on the catwalk.– JOANNA HASHAGEN

Thierry Mugler, Haute Couture Collection Spring Summer 1997

Whereas in the past, feathers were generally appreciated for their value and refinement, contemporary designers now see them as an expression of freedom and spirituality.– BOWES MUSEUM’S KEEPER OF TEXTILES, JOANNA HASHAGEN

Rochas by Olivier Theskens, Fall-Winter 2004-2005

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion - Roger VivierFeeling inspired and need to get your hands on some feathers…? Come visit us at The Feather Place Los Angeles and NYC ; let us help you realize your feathered fashion dreams!

DIY Feather Ear Cuff

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on August 15, 2014


flared-feather-ear-cuff-cover (1)


As summers rolls to an end, we hope you are spending plenty of time out enjoying the beautiful weather. Whether you’re rocking out at an outdoor concert or strolling through a festival or street market, today’s DIY Feather Ear Cuff project will add the right amount of  flare to your look. With these powerful natural feathers, the cuff is earthy, but still dramatic. Let’s get started!


Feather Materials 

Feather Green Circle  Ear Cuff Pattern (Download Here)

Feather Green Circle  Metal Ear Cuff Finding (we found ours HERE)

Feather Green Circle   Feathers (some good options would be PHEASANT, ROOSTER, and DUCK)

Feather Green Circle  Fabric Glue 

Feather Green Circle  Felt 

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue 

Feather Directions 

Step 1.  Print out the ear cuff pattern and cut it out from felt. Pick a felt color that will match your chosen feathers. On this cuff we have used a variety of natural-colored feathers. You can find links to the feathers we used in the Products Used section below. Any type or color of feather will work.

felt-cuff-3 (1)


Step 2. Begin to arrange the feathers along the edge of the felt piece. Leave about an inch of felt at the bottom for securing onto the metal finding. You could mark a line onto the felt to remind yourself or simply eyeball it.

felt-cuff-1 (2)


Step 3. Once your cuff is fully feathered, it can be attached to the metal finding. Wrap the excess felt around the finding and up and over to the feather bottoms. Hot glue the felt into place.


felt-cuff-2 (1)


Step 4.  Hook the cuff onto your ear! Wouldn’t this be the perfect accessory for an end summer music festival? This dramatic cuff will make a statement wherever you choose to rock it! 



For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog The Feather Girl! 

Rainbow Loom Feather Charms

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 25, 2014


All the cool kids know that Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage. But did you know that they could be even cooler? Feather charms add a lot of sass and movement to these popular bracelets. Up your Rainbow Loom game with today’s totally trendy project, Rainbow Loom Feather Charms!




Fold-over jewelry fastener

Jumper rings

Rainbow Loom bracelet 


STEP 1. Choose a handful (about 8-10) of small feathers. Strip the feathers of the fuzzier bottom part, leaving about an inch of stripped quill. There are many different kinds of feathers that will work well for this project, find the links below in Step 7.


STEP 2. Place the stripped quill in the center of the fold-over crimp piece. Gently push the folds down, securing the feather quill. Trim any left over quill.


STEP 3. Repeat step 2 on as many feathers as you’d like to adorn your bracelet.


STEP 4. Slip a jump ring around a loop on the bracelet, and then onto the feathered crimp piece. Squeeze the ring closed.


STEP 5. Continue attaching the charms until you have filled the bracelet to your liking.


STEP 6. Your bracelet is ready to wear!


STEP 7. There are so many feather options for this project! Try some small peacock eyes, goose satinettes, guinea, or pheasant plumage. With so many colors and shapes, you will never run out of beautiful bracelet options.


For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog! 

Feathered Bridal Bliss

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 20, 2013


If you are incorporating feathers into your wedding, this is how to do it. Ethereal and Romantic touches of feathers graced the runways at the Spring and Fall Bridal Market Fashion Shows. Here are some of our favorites from designers Theia, Reem Acra, Tadashi Shoji, Carolina Herrera and Ines Di Santo. DIY with 2ply Ostrich Boas or our 5Yd Bolt of Ostrich Fringe!

A wedding destination by Carolina Herrera. Fall 2014Ines Di Santo Collection Spring 2014 Wedding Dresses1 Ines Di Santo Collection Spring 2014 Wedding Dresses2 Flora- Back ivory duchess satin mermaid wedding dress, back skirt embroidered with blush silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Flora- ivory duchess satin mermaid wedding dress, back skirt embroidered with blush silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers.Theia - Spring 2014 Viola- blush cocktail wedding dress embroidered with silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Viola- Back blush cocktail wedding dress embroidered with silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Tadashi Shoji - Spring 2014 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-1 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-2 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-3

DIY Dramatic Feather Necklace!

by The Feather Place NYC on July 26, 2013



We love checking out to keep up with local trends, street styles, and fun DIY ideas! While we were perusing this great site we came across a super simple and easy to follow do-it-yourself video to create a stunning feather necklace. The supplies are minimal but the reward is dramatic- all you need is a metal chain, strip of leather, feathers of your choice, wire cutters, scissors and a glue gun!

The gals at Refinery 29 used black rooster coque tails and ringneck pheasant almond plumage but feel free to get creative! We recommend our packaged pheasant feathers, goose satinettes, and goose biots. You can also use our items by the yard like rooster schlappens, rooster coque tails, or even our bright dyed grey chinchilla schlappens for a pop of color! Check out the video above for detailed DIY directions!