Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion

Featuring Plumed designs from fashion powerhouses like McQueen, Gucci, Prada, Dries Van Noten and more, the Bowes Museum will be the only place to see these Birds of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion ; The exhibition runs from October 25 until 19 April 2015. We wish we could travel across the pond to see this spectacular show. WATCH the full report from

Installation view of "Birds of Paradise - Plumes & Feathers in Fashion" at MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

It will also demonstrate that thanks to design houses such as Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten feathers are firmly back on the fashion agenda and once again featuring strongly on the catwalk.– JOANNA HASHAGEN

Thierry Mugler, Haute Couture Collection Spring Summer 1997

Whereas in the past, feathers were generally appreciated for their value and refinement, contemporary designers now see them as an expression of freedom and spirituality.– BOWES MUSEUM’S KEEPER OF TEXTILES, JOANNA HASHAGEN

Rochas by Olivier Theskens, Fall-Winter 2004-2005

Birds of Paradise – Plumes and Feathers in Fashion - Roger VivierFeeling inspired and need to get your hands on some feathers…? Come visit us at The Feather Place Los Angeles and NYC ; let us help you realize your feathered fashion dreams!

DIY Feather Ear Cuff

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on August 15, 2014


flared-feather-ear-cuff-cover (1)


As summers rolls to an end, we hope you are spending plenty of time out enjoying the beautiful weather. Whether you’re rocking out at an outdoor concert or strolling through a festival or street market, today’s DIY Feather Ear Cuff project will add the right amount of  flare to your look. With these powerful natural feathers, the cuff is earthy, but still dramatic. Let’s get started!


Feather Materials 

Feather Green Circle  Ear Cuff Pattern (Download Here)

Feather Green Circle  Metal Ear Cuff Finding (we found ours HERE)

Feather Green Circle   Feathers (some good options would be PHEASANT, ROOSTER, and DUCK)

Feather Green Circle  Fabric Glue 

Feather Green Circle  Felt 

Feather Green Circle  Hot Glue 

Feather Directions 

Step 1.  Print out the ear cuff pattern and cut it out from felt. Pick a felt color that will match your chosen feathers. On this cuff we have used a variety of natural-colored feathers. You can find links to the feathers we used in the Products Used section below. Any type or color of feather will work.

felt-cuff-3 (1)


Step 2. Begin to arrange the feathers along the edge of the felt piece. Leave about an inch of felt at the bottom for securing onto the metal finding. You could mark a line onto the felt to remind yourself or simply eyeball it.

felt-cuff-1 (2)


Step 3. Once your cuff is fully feathered, it can be attached to the metal finding. Wrap the excess felt around the finding and up and over to the feather bottoms. Hot glue the felt into place.


felt-cuff-2 (1)


Step 4.  Hook the cuff onto your ear! Wouldn’t this be the perfect accessory for an end summer music festival? This dramatic cuff will make a statement wherever you choose to rock it! 



For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog The Feather Girl! 

Rainbow Loom Feather Charms

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on April 25, 2014


All the cool kids know that Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage. But did you know that they could be even cooler? Feather charms add a lot of sass and movement to these popular bracelets. Up your Rainbow Loom game with today’s totally trendy project, Rainbow Loom Feather Charms!




Fold-over jewelry fastener

Jumper rings

Rainbow Loom bracelet 


STEP 1. Choose a handful (about 8-10) of small feathers. Strip the feathers of the fuzzier bottom part, leaving about an inch of stripped quill. There are many different kinds of feathers that will work well for this project, find the links below in Step 7.


STEP 2. Place the stripped quill in the center of the fold-over crimp piece. Gently push the folds down, securing the feather quill. Trim any left over quill.


STEP 3. Repeat step 2 on as many feathers as you’d like to adorn your bracelet.


STEP 4. Slip a jump ring around a loop on the bracelet, and then onto the feathered crimp piece. Squeeze the ring closed.


STEP 5. Continue attaching the charms until you have filled the bracelet to your liking.


STEP 6. Your bracelet is ready to wear!


STEP 7. There are so many feather options for this project! Try some small peacock eyes, goose satinettes, guinea, or pheasant plumage. With so many colors and shapes, you will never run out of beautiful bracelet options.


For more DIY feather crafts please visit our HOW TO page on our Blog! 

Feathered Bridal Bliss

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 20, 2013


If you are incorporating feathers into your wedding, this is how to do it. Ethereal and Romantic touches of feathers graced the runways at the Spring and Fall Bridal Market Fashion Shows. Here are some of our favorites from designers Theia, Reem Acra, Tadashi Shoji, Carolina Herrera and Ines Di Santo. DIY with 2ply Ostrich Boas or our 5Yd Bolt of Ostrich Fringe!

A wedding destination by Carolina Herrera. Fall 2014Ines Di Santo Collection Spring 2014 Wedding Dresses1 Ines Di Santo Collection Spring 2014 Wedding Dresses2 Flora- Back ivory duchess satin mermaid wedding dress, back skirt embroidered with blush silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Flora- ivory duchess satin mermaid wedding dress, back skirt embroidered with blush silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers.Theia - Spring 2014 Viola- blush cocktail wedding dress embroidered with silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Viola- Back blush cocktail wedding dress embroidered with silk organza flowers and ostrich feathers. Theia - Spring 2014 Tadashi Shoji - Spring 2014 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-1 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-2 Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-Birds of a Feather Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2014-3

DIY Dramatic Feather Necklace!

by The Feather Place NYC on July 26, 2013



We love checking out to keep up with local trends, street styles, and fun DIY ideas! While we were perusing this great site we came across a super simple and easy to follow do-it-yourself video to create a stunning feather necklace. The supplies are minimal but the reward is dramatic- all you need is a metal chain, strip of leather, feathers of your choice, wire cutters, scissors and a glue gun!

The gals at Refinery 29 used black rooster coque tails and ringneck pheasant almond plumage but feel free to get creative! We recommend our packaged pheasant feathers, goose satinettes, and goose biots. You can also use our items by the yard like rooster schlappens, rooster coque tails, or even our bright dyed grey chinchilla schlappens for a pop of color! Check out the video above for detailed DIY directions!