Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

NYC is heating up and here at The Feather Place we are always looking for ways to incorporate feathers into our evolving seasonal style! We recently discovered designer Tess Johnson, who graduated from NYC’s Parson’s The New School of Design, and her stunning collection that features – you guessed it – feathers!!! She used some of the most unique feathers that we carry, Venery Pheasant Tails, in a variety of innovative ways. Check out her remarkable dresses, cuffs and jacket that feature these wonderful feathers. Don’t miss her sky high heels with Bleached and Dyed Rooster Coque Tails, or her Goose Biot Cuffs!

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Dress

Tess Johnson Venery Pheasant Cuff

Tess Johnson Rooster Coque Tail Heels

Tess Johnson Rooster Coque Tail Heels & Goose Biot CuffsDo you love these looks? You can DIY and make some warm weather accessories featuring feathers, just visit for all your feather needs!

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Every year Pantone comes out with a “color of the year” and we always find them to be spot on! Their influential color for 2013 is Emerald 17-5641, a healthy lush green that makes us think of both royalty and nature! This new Emerald is a sharp turn away from 2012’s Tangerine Tango, which was a juicy citrus color with warmth. 2013’s Emerald shows us that the world is moving in a more refreshing direction, with abundant health and harmony expressed through this jewel-toned color choice.

We here at The Feather Place have loved Emerald Green for a long time so we are happy to start seeing more of it on and off the runways! The Feather Place has our very own color called Emerald as well, and you can get your hands on these green feathers at! Some colors that really complement Emerald Green are Lime, Kelly, Teal, Dark Turquoise and Royal Blue.

Check out our Emerald inspiration board below for some fun DIY ideas for your next project!



The 1920s Flapper has always been a popular Halloween costume, but this year we are seeing a resurgence in this style from movies, fashion and even hot off the runways!

The HBO show Boardwalk Empire brought the Golden Age back into the spotlight with its fantastic costume and set design. Feathers adorn headdresses, clothing, fans and even party decor. This December stay tuned for the new release of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan who take this classic story to the next level.

The flapper style is one of our favorites since we can DIY with, of course, feathers! You can get inspiration from popular culture, runway shows or even going to and using your imagination! We recommend using peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, and a variety of fringes and boas to create the perfect look.

Below, we leave you with a couple of styles from Ralph Lauren’s collection that we previously wrote about- the designer’s uncanny ability to channel the Flapper style is truly inspiring!

This Fall Season’s Favorite Accessory- Feathers!

by The Feather Place NYC on August 23, 2012


We love NYC in the summer, but we love fall fashion even more! Feathers fit in just right with our fall wardrobes, and Harper’s Bazaar has featured this season’s hottest designer dresses and accessories. Above on the left is a rooster hackle filled Dolce & Gabbana coat, with a mixed feather headpiece by Nina Ricci, and on the right is a rooster coque jacket by Giles and an ostrich feather purse by Valentino.

Below on the left is a grey chinchilla rooster schlappen feather purse by Salvatore Ferragamo and cut turkey pointer feather fascinator by Stephen Jones Millinery. To the right is a rooster feather embellished coat by Prada and an ostrich clutch by Roger Vivier.

Above left is a Giles dress with pheasant tails, turkey marabou Louis Vuitton bracelet, and feather hat by Stephen Jones Millinery. On the right the hat is by Stephen Jones Millinery and feathered slingbacks by Dior.

Not ready to break the bank on these luxury feather items? DIY by clicking on each link above or by going to and try using our feathers to add a little bit of feather fun to your fall looks!

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Anna Dello Russo: Feather Girl Extraordinaire!

by The Feather Place NYC on August 16, 2012


The ultimate trend setter, Anna Dello Russo, is not known to be shy with her style. A self-professed lover of feathers and fur the Vogue Japan fashion editor can be seen with up to 5 outfit changes per day, many including feathered dresses and fascinators! She has been described by the legendary photographer Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac”, and we simply love her style! It’s whimsical, luxurious, and best of all- full of feathers!

Check out some of Anna Dello Russo’s signature feather looks below:

Love Anna’s style? DIY with help from or get her look with by adding her favorite feathers, Ostrich, to any outfit!

Luxury Chick!

by The Feather Place NYC on July 27, 2012


This amusing, yet beautifully shot, spread in Marie Claire really tickled our fancy!

Photographer Peter Lippman captured different types  of chickens and roosters to produce this whimsical luxury jewelry shoot. The jewlery designers include Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, Piaget, and Boucheron. We love the juxtaposition of our favorite fashion accessory, jewelry, with the natural beauty of these birds! Check out all the pictures from Marie Claire below:

Check out for your own project, whether it be photography, fashion or whatever tickles your fancy!

The Real Housewives LOVE Feathers!

by The Feather Place NYC on July 19, 2012


So we all know them, and love to hate them. It seems like The Real Housewives have taken the country by storm with shows in New York City, New Jersey, Orange Country, Beverly Hills, Atlanta and Miami! There’s no denying that these ladies love dressing up, and we keep seeing them in our favorite look, Feathers!!

Whether it’s jewelry, hair accessories, dresses, shoes or even just for a fun dress up moment these women are constantly filmed in feathers. Check out Sonja Morgan’s gorgeous teal rooster saddle dress above, and next to her Teresa Guidice spices up her look with chinchilla rooster schlappen sleeves. Sonja has another feather moment below while trying on a white turkey ruff boa.

We love how peacock feather earrings can add a boho vibe to Taylor Armstrong’s black tie event, or how fluffy white ostrich feathers can make  jersey girl Melissa Gorga go glam!  Kandi Burruss wears a sleek black ostrich feather dress, and Ramona Singer has fun with her style in a chandelle boa and black rooster coque skirt!

All these looks can easily be DIY, so head over to for all of your feather needs!

Fashions tend to get wilder and freer while the warm weather is out, and we have been seeing fun, bright Neons everywhere! From jeans to jewelry to costumes, we love the “pop” that a neon color gives to your style. The Feather Place NYC has customers from every background, and we have found that these bright beauties are a perfect addition to dresses, jewelry, and even carnival costume headpieces.

Above is our warm and juicy color palette, with a lighter grapefruit pink to balance out the bold neon orange and berry colors. Below are our cooler neons, with a blue-cast grey that holds down the energy coming from the neon chartreuse, apple green and the eye-catching turquoise.

Check out our inspiration below for some ideas on how to add feathery neons to your summer wardrobe! For some fun DIY projects, try our Rooster Hackle, Rooster Coque Tails, Hackle Pads, and Ostrich, all of which we offer in a variety of bright and neon colors. Check out to browse through our feathers that are sure to meet your every need!




Us feather girls are always looking for innovative ways to incorporate feathers into our style, so when we spotted this new Premier Feathers watch collection by Harry Winston we were very excited to see a company doing something new!

Harry Winston is a luxury jewelry company that originated in New York City in the 1930s. They are famous for their work with diamonds and rare stones , and for their ability to make celebrities shine on the red carpet. They have created many bird inspired pieces, but the items that we love right now are their feather watches. They have meticulously placed pheasant and peacock feathers on the faces of these watches to combine nature with luxury to create truly one-of-a-kind timepiece. The watches above incorporate Peacock Plumage, while the ones below are Silver Pheasant feathers.




Pheasant Tails and Plumage - Left : Arturo Rios Designs

Distinctive and Sleek, Pheasant Feathers and Plumage are a sure way to showcase nature. They are used in a variety of applications including costume, headdresses, home decor and more recently in bridal accents, high fashion and accessories.

Pheasant Fashion & Accessory Trends

The smaller plumage and tail feathers come in a variety of shades including natural/irid, gold, red, brown and often have specks of white throughout. They are a popular addition to boutonnieres and bridal bouquettes, and are ideal when enhancing fedoras, floppy hats, beautiful jewelry and decorative hair clips. Save time while crafting and purchase pre-made Pheasant Feather Hat Bands, Pads and Accents from The Feather Place.

Pheasant Bridal Boutineer Bliss

Pheasant Bridal Bouquet Bliss

The larger Pheasant tail feathers dyed-over-natural make a stunning statement when constructing custom headdresses and costumes for Carnival, Mardi Gras and Halloween. Check out this design using Dyed-over Natural Silver Pheasant from this year Carnival in Brazil! Amazing custom dyed colors are available from The Feather Place; just make sure you give yourself enough time to order in advance…custom orders can take up to 3-4 weeks before shipment.

CARNIVAL ! Dyed-over Natural Silver Pheasant