Happy Holidays from the NYC Feather Girls!

by The Feather Place NYC on December 2, 2011



New York City is a spectacular place to be during the holidays, from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting to the shopping to the (hopefully not too much) snow! We here at The Feather Place NYC are getting into the spirit with, you guessed it, feathers! Our showroom mannequin is decked out in Christmas attire and our feather wreaths, trees and more are giving off that warm fuzzy feeling.

Stop by for all your holiday needs, from feather wreaths, garlands, trees, ornaments, and so much more!

Dinosaur Feathers Found in 70 Million Year Old Amber

by The Feather Place NYC on September 23, 2011


Scientists have discovered that perhaps Dinosaurs were not the drab creatures they are usually portrayed as, but fluffy and feathered!

Last week in Alberta, Canada paleontologists discovered 70 million year old amber with perfectly preserved dinosaur feathers inside. Different kinds of feathers were found – from the most simple meant for insulation to complex colorful plumage . The amber preserved the feathers so well that they are actually able to discern the color of the feathers which will bring us closer to understanding the way Dinosaurs looked.

Article and photos via news.nationalgeographic.com

Fashion Week NYC: Peter Som Fancies Feathers!

by The Feather Place NYC on September 14, 2011


Fashion Week shows that designers love feathers just as much as we do!

Peter Som’s upbeat and colorful show featured Ostrich Fringe on dresses and skirts that will be simply perfect for next spring! His royal blue and shocking pink feathered frocks are just a clue as to what colors are in store for next year.

Like this look? You can DIY by sewing our Ostrich Fringe onto the bottom of any skirt or dress!

Wedding Decor With Feathers ~ Very Sweet!

by Zandrah on August 30, 2011


Peacock feathers add a little something extra special to this wedding decor.  It nice to see how a little imagination and creativity with feathers can enhance a table set up, a boutinaire or flower bouquet.   What a sweet presentation!

~ Thank you Matthew for sharing your photographs with us!  Did you catch the garter……?

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by Cristina Muñoz Brown on August 18, 2011


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