by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 24, 2011


Make your own Black Swan Halloween costume with these simple tips (See List Below) or WATCH this quick tutorial found on You Tube! Become a beautiful, but evil, swan for one night!


Costumes can be pretty expensive to buy, but are pretty easy to make yourself with the help of a few essential items.

Things you will need:

  1. black leotard
  2. tutu (or black tulle if you want to make your own)
  3. sheer, black tights
  4. ballet slippers (or black flats)
  5. Black Ostrich feathers from The Feather Place
  6. Black Chandelle boas from The Feather Place
  7. ballerina tiara
  8. red colored contacts (optional)
  9. makeup


1. Dress in your sheer tights and a leotard. Buy a tutu (or make your own) to wear over the leotard. Strategically tie black ribbon and tulle at random intervals around the skirt. Ballerina slippers or plain black flats will complete the outfit part of your costume. PS…if you want to make a feathered skirt that you can wear again, check out this tutorial on

2. Attach black Feathers to your costume. Glue or stitch them to your leotard around the bust line and around your waist on to your tutu . Get creative and be unique!

3. Pull your Hair into a tight, stylish bun. For those of you with shorter locks, slick them back with hair gel, or pin your hair back as much as you can. A ballerina tiara is optional; if you prefer, you can pin a few black ostrich feathers to your updo instead.

4. Apply white foundation Makeup to your entire face. Don’t go too much lighter than your natural skin tone, or you will look silly. For people with darker skin, just go a couple shades lighter. Wear red contacts to get an evil gleam in your eye. Liberally apply dark, sparkly makeup around your eyes, winging it out past the outside corners, and line them with black eyeliner. Finish up with a heavy coat of mascara.

To make the non-evil, White Swan Halloween costume, substitute everything black with white and apply pretty, colored makeup around your eyes.


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