Feather Art by Emily Valentine

by The Feather Place NYC on August 4, 2011


Feathers are used as a source of inspiration for many, so it came as no surprise to us when we discovered the ultimate feather artist, Emily Valentine!















Emily uses found feathers to create unique pieces of art, ranging from dog sculptures to feathered planes to jewelry. Her dogs are what first attracted us to this work because they are lifelike yet seem like mystical creatures.















Her work has won numerable awards and has toured around the world. She wants to bring attention to the way society sees and wears feathers, and how we perceive their value.














You can learn more about this artist and check out her work at http://emilyvalentine.com.au/.

If you want to experiment with your own feather art you can find all your feather supplies on our website http://www.featherplace.com/.



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