Feathered Flying Jackets

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on January 16, 2015


Feathered Flying Jackets by artist Jane Edden

Using various feathers like Pheasant and Rooster plumage, Jane Edden has created a collection of Feathered “Flying Jackets”.

These plumed mini’s are about the size of a humming bird and are displayed …”using the method traditional to the way animals are collected, classified and catalogued with scientific systems and nomenclature.” “… Each sculpture is assembled from hundreds of tiny feathers to build a collection that explores an intersection between avian and human…while also inspecting the tribal, sacred use of feathers that is internationally recognized.” – Jane Edden

Feathered Flying Jackets - jane-edden-ornithomorph

jane_edden13v2 jane_edden12v2 jane_edden11v2

jane_edden10v2 jane_edden09v2 jane_edden08v2 jane_edden07v2 Feathered Flying Jackets- jane_edden06v2 Feathered Flying Jackets- jane_edden05v2 jane_edden04v2 jane_edden03v2 jane_edden02v2 Feathered Flying Jackets jane_edden01v2

 Images © Jane Edden, courtesy Flowers Gallery, London

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