Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on October 21, 2015


DIY a pair of Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes with Feathers from The Feather Place. Super easy to make, Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes are the perfect accessory for this year’s fall gatherings…it even lends itself for a quick Halloween costume accent! Feathers, Fabric, Glue and your favorite appliques are all you need…MrKate_Blog_FeatherShoulders_HighRes-35-of-46-682x1024

Use an assortment of creamy colored feathers for feminine flair like these DIY Feather Shoulder Accessory found on www.mrkate.com ! We also love how www.nzgirl.co.nz incorporates tulle, sequin appliques and turkey feathers into her design!

DIY Feather and Sequin Epaulettes

Need something a bit more dark? Here are some ideas using Rooster Coque Feathers, Goose Satinettes, Marabou and more.

“For a chic alternative to a full-on costume, clip these fanciful accessories onto almost any outfit…”

Buy It or DIY It: Chic Feather Epaulets for Halloween



Handcrafted Fall Feather Epaulettes

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