Marabou is on the Move

by Feather Place on July 8, 2016


Marabou is on the move! From Winter through Summer, adding tufts of feathers to clothing and accessories is hot hot hot right now! Everyday we have new customers who are purchasing marabou boas, trims and fringes to add to heels, flats, sandals, rings, necklaces, earrings & purses as well.

Take a look and find inspiration with the images below and there’s a cute tutorial linked as well! MARABOU FLATS RIHANNA

Celebrities like Rihanna have embraced this feathered shoe trend. Here she is wearing a pair of Simone Rocha leather mules adorned with feathers!

Rihanna x Stance also put out their very own line of marabou trimmed socks and hosiery this past holiday season.  If you can’t find stores now, they are super easy to DIY with feather boas from The Feather Place!Rhinna Marabou Stockings

We can also thank Rihanna for starting a new trend spun off from her furry Fenty Puma Slides. We’ve seen this idea transform from faux fur to using fluffy marabou boas to achieve this funky fun look.

Rhianna Fenty Fluffy Slides

We found DIY tutorials on the web using Nike and Puma athletic slide sandals and gluing your own custom color to the top of the shoe.  Or you can save yourself some time and find them ready made on etsy!

So for marabou on the move Spring & Summer feather trends, we especially love how Simone Rocha and Brother Vellies use marabou on their hand crafted flats and sandals. Brother Vellies suggest pairing them with comfy jeans and t-shirt.


Or if you’re more in the mood for high-stepping heels, from sophisticated to just plain cute, here we have found marabou feathered pumps and sandals that are definitely making a statement this Summer!

Check out these sassy colorful heels trimmed with marabou feather by Sophia Webster (above). Or these unique and striking satin lined heels by Marco de Vincenzo  (below).


We also found these hot little numbers below on  for $160.00.  SOLD OUT for now! So if you can’t wait to add a little fluffy flair to your summer sandals, just visit and look for the hot mix marabou boa for just $5 … you can DIY!


And if you don’t have time to DIY, these inexpensive shoe clips can be attached to any pair of shoes or sandals for only $1.85 at The Feather Place – WOW practically free!

assorted-marabou-feather-shoe-clips-SCMM28--HOT-ALT3But if you’re not feeling the fluffy feather shoe trends, maybe rings and earrings are more your style?  This Marabou Pleasure Puff Ring by Betony Vernon can be found on for a whopping $$$… I don’t even want to say how much!  Nicely done though!  It certainly tickles my fancy!feather ringsHere we have fluffy marabou pom pom earrings found on for $195.00 a pair.  I hope those drop chains are made of gold!  We do love them though!

tulste marabou earringsBut if your pockets are not so deep, … I’m sure you could find some funky fresh marabou pom pom earrings on etsy or just DIY and customize to your color of choice.  The Feather Place has over 35 stock colors and 26 mixed colors and styles! pastel feather pom pom earrings

We hope you find marabou on the move as much fun as we have.

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