Page Turning Peacock Bookmark

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on September 12, 2014



With school starting up there are lots of books being cracked open. Sometimes the pages are drudged through, and sometimes joyously consumed; whether you’re stumbling along a dense chemistry textbook, or absorbing the details of your favorite author’s new novel, today’s DIY project has your back. This Page Turning Peacock Bookmark will diligently mark your progress in pretty peacock style!

Feather Materials
Feather Green Circle  Felt

Feather Green Circle  Embroidery Thread

Feather Green Circle  Peacock Feathers

Feather Green Circle  Needle & Thread

Feather Green Circle  Beads (optional)

Feather Green Circle  Peacock Pattern (PDF HERE)

Feather Directions

STEP 1. Cut the bookmark shapes out of felt. Pattern HERE.


STEP 2. Braid the embroidery thread. You’ll need 4 braided strands about 15 inches long.


STEP 3. Tie a peacock feather onto your first strand. Used a simple square knot around the quill of the feather.


STEP 4. Continue tying square knots (this will make a spiral shape) around the quill until secure. Trim any extra thread. If you’d like to embellish with beads, slip those on now.


STEP 5. Now we’ll sew together the peacock body. Stack the felt pieces as pictured, placing the four braided and feathered strands in between the two main body pieces. Pin everything in place and sew around the perimeter.


STEP 6. Add any final touches, such as extra stitching, jewels, or extra feathers. Here we’ve added a little plumage feather to the head and a jeweled eye. You can leave your braided strands free, or go ahead and braid those together as well for a tighter bookmark.


STEP 7. Here is the most important step; grab a cup of warm tea, snuggle up in a comfy chair, and read a good book. Take a break between chapters to admire your elegant new bookmark.

bookmark-step-7Looking for more back-to-school DIYs? Check out this colorful new project: Dramatic Doodler: DIY Feather Topped Pencils

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