Pepsi X Momotaro

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on July 17, 2015


The Feather Place in collaboration with Los Angeles costume designer extraordinaire Ami Goodheart and PEPSI ; is proud to present the Pepsi X Momotaro Forever Challenge Ep.3. Instead of going with the traditional route of generic beverage commercials, Pepsi reinvents Japan’s oldest folktale of Momotaro and gives us the Pepsi X Momotaro Forever Challenge commercial series!

“Pepsi reinvents the popular Japanese folktale of Momotaro (aka Peach Boy) in this series of commercials, featuring a host of fantastic costume designs, CG and cinematography…”

The accompanying text of Ep. Zero written in Japanese translates to this backstory…

Long, long ago, a legion of oni (demons) invaded a village. They were far too powerful, and the villagers could do nothing to stand against them…Hearing news of their plight, Momotaro enlisted the help of a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, and set out for the Onigashima Island, the monsters’ home…” 

And that’s where Ami Goodheart and The Feather Place come into play! With months and months of planning, friend and award winning costume designer Ami Goodheart worked closely with us at The Feather Place Los Angeles to secure all of the best feathers and feather goods needed to create these handmade custom costumes! From Pheasant, Rooster and Goose Feathers to Feather Wings and Feather Garments, There was practically no Feather Type or Feather Product that went unused!

Watch the making of the PEPSI X Momotaro Forever Challenge Ep.3 below and be on the lookout for Pepsi’s next installment featuring the Monkey! Now lets go drink some Pepsi!!!!

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