Say Hello to Yellow!

by The Feather Place NYC on January 27, 2012


Our days are getting brighter, our moods are lifting and coincidentally we are seeing that YELLOW is going to be huge for Spring!

Yellow is showing up in a multitude of shades, from canary to goldenrod and we are feeling the impact of this powerful color. The acid yellow colors from last fall have moved to a canary yellow and the strong mustards are moving to goldenrod and marigold.

Interior and furniture companies are using them for furniture and accessories, and Crate & Barrel has named Yellow the “it” color for Spring. Also, Pantone has predicted it’s yellow called Solar Power as a top color for Spring.


Check out our new color Marigold (Pantone 14-0951), available in many different sizes of Ostrich Feathers. You can’t go wrong with our tried and true Yellow or Gold colors available in Turkey, Goose, Rooster, Pheasant and Ostrich feathers!

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