Swedish Easter Traditions : Feathered Birch Branches

by Cristina Muñoz Brown on March 18, 2013



Here at The Feather Place we are always looking for fun, unique and easy DIY projects to share. Luckily and just in time for Spring and Easter Holiday, we found this Swedish Easter Tradition which involves decorating birch tree branches with of course our favorite crafting item… Feathers !

 “& the Swedes lay claim to the coolest Easter tradition of all: Påskris, better known as Easter feather trees. The custom goes back hundreds of years and involves tying colorful feathers to the ends of birch twigs as a way to encourage the branches to sprout green leaves…


All you need for this fun project are Pre-Packaged Turkey Flats from The Feather Place. These come in 3 different color assortments ; Carnival, Neon and Assorted Vibrant! You could even use Pre-Packaged Guinea Plumage available in an Vibrant Assortment! Birch branches are available at your local Flower Mart, but I can imagine that you could use what ever kind of tree branch that is available to you from your own back or front yard! Traditionally you would also decorate  the tree branches with colorful painted egg ornaments, paper roosters and chicks as well!  But don’t  stop there… Take this tradition to the outdoors and decorate the whole neighborhood! ~ I know what I will be doing this weekend… Decorating with Feathers!

Påskris ; Outdoors


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